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Many questions are being raised regarding the safety of women in our country. A guy is shown lying unconscious in his house. But this case took a new turn today when the lawyer of the accused (boy) gave this statement – my client is innocent; that girl was a call girl.

Some guys try to misbehave with a girl. She rushes to her home and cries. A guy tries to wipe his face clean from the ink mark but fails. He is disturbed by what all has been spoken in the media about him. I only wanted to help her but media said so much about her. It’s entirely fault. He slashes his wrist.

Why do the women of our society feel so unsafe? Why are they only blamed if anything wrong happens with them? They are given a lot many instructions of what to do, where to go, what to wear, etc. What’s the use

of a life where there is nothing but insult? How right is it to give them such a life and ultimately push them to death?

October 2014, Santacruz, Mumbai:
A guy is staring blankly. He recalls the incident. 3 guys try to misbehave with a girl on road. He thinks of what all the lawyer or the media has said about the girl. He has set the recorder on in his phone, takes out a cutter and slashes his wrist. His parents come home and are shocked to see him thus.

At the hospital, a nurse gives Dr. Prashant Bhaskar’s number to Chintan’s parents. He will surely help you. They thank her.

Ashima and Prashant reach hospital. Chintan’s father tells them that Chintan was working in a good company in Mumbai. One day I received a call from the landlord.

Few days ago:
Landlord finds Chintan unconscious in his bed. A sorry note is kept on the side table. he survives. Chintan clearly tells them that he doesn’t want to live. His parents decide to reach Mumbai asap. But please don’t do anything wrong to yourself. We wont be able to live without you.

Present: Ashima wants to know why Chintan tried to commit suicide earlier as well. Chintan’s parents too are clueless. We came in the morning only. We tried to find out from him but he kept mum. He promised us that he will never do anything wrong. Please find out anyhow what has happened to him. There is no history of clinical depression. Everything was fine a week ago. He is a very jolly guy. This time we were going to take him with us only. Luckily, we reached his home on time or we might have lost him. He was not upset with his job. He dint even have to work. Our business is doing well. He wanted to become a software engineer and we too never stopped him. he had a girlfriend when he was in college. They were very serious about each other. They broke up a few months back but the reason is unknown. Would he have tried to kill himself because of that girl?

They all go inside to meet Chintan. His father tells Chintan to speak out everything that is troubling him. They (Prashant and Ashima) will help you. They assure him that he can say anything that he wants to. You are just 24 years old. Your whole life is in front of you. Chintan agrees. But what about that person whose! He stops midsentence. I don’t want to talk about it. please leave. Ashima tries to say something but Prashant stops her.

Prashant dint want to put any kind of pressure on Chintan right now as he is still mentally disturbed. Ashima suggests meeting his friends. He looked very familiar though. I don’t remember where I saw him. Prashant is surprised.

Riddhima (Chintan’s ex-girlfriend) comes to Life 24×7’s office. Riddhima tells them that they had a breakup 3 months ago only. Chintan chose that option as our lives were going in different directions. I am going to US after a few months while he wanted to stay in Mumbai. We are not in a relationship anymore but we are still good friends. I know him since school time. He is a very good friend of mine. He is not upset over our breakup. We often meet. Prashant decides to meet Chintan’s office colleague next.

Chills Cafe, Santacruz (West):
Chintan’s friends talk well about him. They are proud of what Chintan did for a girl in the past days. He had tried to help a girl. The guy shows them the online video.

Chintan was hiding at a distance and filming the incident when the guys were molesting a girl. One of the guy spots him. He slaps Chintan and then goes back to the girl. A car passes by so the guys run to another corner. A girl boards an auto and escapes from there. CHintan pleads people (whoever gets to see the video) to help him in making this video clip reach police. That girl needs help and these guys should be punished. Please help.

Chintan’s friend says that in such cases, the one who tries to help often gets framed. Prashant reads the rubbish (cheap) comments below the video. You are bound to get depressed after reading such negative stuff. Media even tracked down his house.

Flashback: Media journalists are waiting outside Chintan’s house. They ask all kinds of questions to Chintan. Meanwhile, a guy comes on his bike and throws ink on Chintan’s face. You should die. Such incidents happen because of people like you only. Media hypes this as well. Chintan gets a call and rushes back inside his house.

Present: Prashant is curious about the guy on the bike. Chintan’s friends have no idea about it. But all this has affected Chintan a lot.

Flashback: Chintan comes inside and thinks of that guy’s words. He notices his face and tries to clean the ink but it only gets smeared on his entire face.

Present: Prashant and Ashima thank Chintan’s friends after which they leave. Ashima notices how Chintan went all calm as soon as he got that call. Who would have called him? Prashant is sure there is some connection of Chintan’s suicide with that phone call. Get his phone.

Santacruz Police Station:
Prashant gives Chintan’s phone to the ACP to find out about the caller. ACP dials the number but it rings nearby only. It is Sub-Inspector’s (SI) number. He is called inside. He tells his senior that he called the guy to inform him that he will have to come to station to give his statement. We had taken his statement on the day of that incident only but the victim had tried to commit suicide so we called him. She drank poison 3 days ago. She is in a very critical state and might not survive.

Mandarkar Government Hospital, Andheri (East):
The girl is lying unconscious when Prashant and Ashima reach there. They come out. Ashima notices the same red bike outside the hospital. It looks familiar. They cross check the video. This is the same bike (of the guy who had thrown ink on Chintan). What is that guy doing here? A guy (Rohit) comes out and sits on the bike. Prashant and Ashima ask him if they can talk to him. it is a matter of life and death.

Prashant, Ashima and Rohit are sitting outside. You are Rasika’s brother? Why did you throw ink on Chintan that day? He was only helping your sister. Rohit denies. He is responsible for my sister’s condition. Do you even know what she has been through? Ashima wants to hear his side of the story first.

Rohit says, we are lower middle class people. Nothing is greater for us than our respect. My sister knew this.

On the night of the incident:
Rasika reaches her home in a dishevelled condition. Her mother is concerned but she doesn’t share anything with her. She goes inside her room and cries badly. She shouts in anguish.

Rasika’s House, Andheri (East):
Rohit calls out for his sister. He switches on the tv and they all are shocked to see the video. Rasika declines that she is not the girl in the video but Rohit points out at her clothes. Rohit wants to know who those guys are but Rasika leaves for her work. Her boss too stares at her for a second when she enters the shop. Few ladies come to buy sarees. They notice Rasika and start gossiping about the video clip. They even blame Rasika for it. Rasika leaves for home. She recalls how everyone has started staring at her or has even started gossiping about her. She receives a call from the same SI. We have tracked down a guy from the video. He is a street thug. He told me that you had a setting with him already. Rasika denies. I am from a very good family. I don’t even know those guys. He tells her not to worry. Just give your statement and then go home.

Present: Rohit says I had never thought that people will talk like this about my sister. We are lower middle class people. Our life whole life gets spoiled if anything goes wrong. Ashima talks about the cruelty of the society. Your sister quietly faced everything. Rohit says we broke completely when media aggravated the news. They called my sister a call girl.

Flashback: Many questions are being raised regarding the safety of women in our country. But this case took a new turn today when the lawyer of the accused (boy) gave this statement – my client is innocent; that girl was a call girl. There was certainly a fight between the guys and that girl because she was a call girl. Rasika’s family is shattered by the news. Everyone in the news blame the girl for everything.

Rasika’s mother breaks down. Rohit goes to call the doc. People mock / taunt him as he is Rasika’s brother. They too blame Rasika for working late till night. She must have done something. Rohit gets into a fight but the mother of one of the guys interrupts them. she too supports her son only. They believe in the news more than in the person. Your sister is a call girl!

Present: Rohit had lost his father when he was 13 years old. Mom only has raised us and then Rasika but that day. He gets a call so he walks out abruptly. Prashant and Rohit finds out that his mom has gone in coma. That day it was not just Rasika who had tried to kill herself.

Flashback: Rasika’s mother feeds poison laced kheer to Rasika and eats it herself as well. Rasika is not aware of it. Her mother shares how happy her husband was when Rasika was born. He was a postman. He shared his happiness with everyone that day by giving sweets. He used to say that you are his respect but now that respect is gone. Rasika asks her what her fault in this is. Rasika’s mother agrees with her. But only we three people know it. Outsiders feel that you have stained our respect. We both will sleep after eating this kheer. I have mixed poison in it. Rasika is shocked. What did you do? What about Rohit? Her mother is sure Rohit will take care of himself as he is a guy. We women don’t know how to take care of ourselves. Rasika cries but then starts eating the kheer willingly. She hugs her mother.

Present: Ashima tells Rohit to be strong. Your sister and mother will be fine very soon. Prashant adds that Chintan too blames himself for it all. He too is in hospital. He too tried to commit suicide. Rohit is shocked. I know your sister has been through a lot but that guy is not responsible for it. Nurse comes to tell Rohit that his sister is conscious. She is still serious but you can meet her.

Ashima encourages Rasika not to give up. You have to fight. Rasika looks away so Prashant gestures Ashima to give her time. This one incident has shaken 3 lives. Those who should have been arrested are roaming around freely. This will change!

Prashant is with Chintan. I know why you are upset. You think that that girl tried to commit suicide because of you, your video. Chintan only wanted to help her. Media journalists said all the wrong things about her in the news. I was there. I saw what all those cheapsters did to her. I only wanted to help her but her reputation got maligned. I am responsible for it. its all my fault. Prashant denies. It is neither yours nor Rasika’s fault but people will think you are wrong if you try to kill yourself again and again. You both are the victims here. You will have to become survivors now. Learn the importance of life first of all. Face your problems. I will take you to meet someone once you get discharged.

Prashant, Ashima, Chintan, and the ACP come to meet Rasika. She is recovering and will be completely fit real soon. Rasika talks negatively but Prashant motivates her. He tells her about the man who has saved her life (Chintan) but Rohit is angry with Chintan. He has actually ruined my sister’s life. He should not have come here at all. Prashant makes it clear to him that Chintan has actually saved Rasika’s life. ACP affirms. All those guys were serial offenders. They have done the same with 4-5 other girls too. We found out about it from their phones. There were video films of those girls in their phones. You were lucky. Anything could have happened with you that night. Prashant adds that anything could have happened. Rasika might have become their 5th rape victim. Chintan stood to his ground very strongly that day. Chintan says I had no wrong intentions behind making that video. That night, I was very scared when those guys started following you. I only wanted to help you. there was no one else around. I made that video so I could help you somehow. I felt that they might kill me. I only wanted the world to find out what has happened whether I would survive or not. I was only asking for help from the world. I was very scared. Prashant calls it his presence of mind. This is why you both are alive here.

Rasika cries thinking about her and her mother’s situation. What about those guys? ACP says we have arrested them yesterday. We will file a charge sheet after which the case will be put on fast track mode. He too gives credit to Chintan. All those guys will stay in the jail for their entire life. Rasika thanks Chintan for saving her life. I am really sorry that you had to go through all this because of me. Chintan too apologizes for not fighting with those guys that night. Prashant agrees that they both should be actually sorry. Life is not a game. There will be ups and downs in life. This war is won with strength. Rasika says it is easy to say so but I have to live in this society where people call me a call girl. She cries. Prashant has a solution for it too.

Prashant comes to the locality where Rasika lives (Govind Nagar) along with some constables. There was news that the guys of this locality are drug addicts. All the residents deny. Prashant explains Rasika’’s situation to them. it isn’t a girl’s fault. It is us men who talk cheaply about girls. The residents realise their mistake and apologize to Rasika. Prashant tells Rasika not to give up. He turns to Chintan now. You should be proud of yourself. You saved our (men’s) reputation. Never give up on your courage.

All those 3 guys are arrested and charged under section 351, 351A and 351B for molesting her. Rasika and Chintan started afresh and Life 24×7 gave them their full support.

Chintan was definitely scared that night but he dint give up. Rasika’s life got saved because of his courage only. Society may or may not understand it but it was very important for Chintan to understand it. we do good work for ourselves, and not for the society. Rasika and Chintan’s hopes broke for some time but eventually they both came on the right track. If you or any of your loved one is upset with his / her life and has given up in life then please contact the below mentioned numbers. This is one such organization which helps people who are mentally disturbed. Maybe your one initiative can help someone.

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline): 1860 266 2345
Official FB Page – Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foundation

Update Credit to: Pooja

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