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15 September, Karol Bagh, New Delhi:
A girl comes to a hotel. They sit down to have lunch first. Police raids the hotel. The girl and the guy are found in a compromising position. The girl tells them that this man was trying to force himself on her.

The girl’s parents are in the police station. Inspector doesn’t believe her. she is in this business. She shows him the call. I was called for an interview. That man offered me lunch and then! She starts crying. Her lawyer gives her anticipatory bail. Inspector tells them to get her medical done first.

4 months later:
Moga District, Punjab:
The girl is unwell. Doc suggests her parents to take her to Delhi or Chandigarh. The problem is serious. Don’t ignore.

30 January 2015, City Hospital, Janakpuri, New Delhi:

girl (Neha) is diagnosed HIV positive. AIDS is the second stage. Neha’s parents break down. A guy talks about that incident. Police got that guy’s medical done. The guy was all fine. Inspector spoke about the fact that she is in this business. How else can she get it? Think how she got all that money to buy a new phone, a new house. The lawyer tries to explain but the guy tells him off. We will handle it. it is our family matter. Neha’s father is in thoughts.

Neha wakes up. She asks for her parents from the nurse but they are not here. She tries to get up and is about to fall when Kabir supports her. Lawyer has brought him here. He tells Neha that her uncle told her parents to leave her as she is HIV positive. Neha breaks down. Kabir says you can live a normal life if you take proper medications. She says I don’t deserve to live. They are right. I am very bad. I have done bad things. They were always with me.

Moga, Punjab:
Neha wears jeans and tshirt and shows it off to her friends. I do whatever I like. My mom doesn’t mind it and I don’t wear it before my father. I just want to go out of town. She has big dreams. She runs inside the house when she notices her father returning home. She collides with her aunt but she talks against girls wearing western clothes. Neha changes clothes and comes out. She talks about going out of town for further studies. Let’s go to Delhi. There is nothing here. No fashion sense, no good colleges. Her father agrees. Kabir decides to find out how all this happened with Neha.

13 June, D.K.P.D. College, 2014:
No one could stop me from coming to Delhi. I reached Delhi with my parents. Neha looks at a girl sitting next to her. she is wearing knee length dress. She fills the form herself. A girl asks about Law Faculty. Neha has no idea. She replies in broken English. The girl laughs and leaves. Neha tells her mother that she wont wear these clothes from tomorrow.

Paresh’s House, Gurunanakpura, New Delhi:
Neha will be staying with them. She doesn’t want to stay there as it is a very small house. Her mother tells her to adjust.

Neha comes to college in jeans. A girl spots her and calls out for her. She talks to Neha in English but Neha doesn’t understand. She is very nervous. Neha lies that she is from Chandigarh but the girl has already read her files. The girl (Vinni Verma) shakes her hand with Neha. We will be good friends. One the girls joke about her dress. Vinni asks her what she is doing after the class. Will you meet us after the class? neha nods. The girls leave in a car.

Neha cannot sleep at night. Vinni had asked her to be ready tomorrow as they will be goind to pub. Neha checks her bag. She doesn’t have proper clothes to go to club. I will have to shop. She holds the fees. It was for her next semester’s fees. Neha goes shopping with Vinni next day. She appreciates her choice. Vinni talks about how Delhi is for forward girls. I know you will rock.

In the evening, Neha goes out of the house. She lies to her uncle that she is going to take notes from a friend. She changes clothes in a local bathroom and goes to the club. The girls drink in the club. Neha gulps it down in one sip. She notices the big phones in everyone’s hand. She goes all embarrassed when her small phone rings. Vinni observes her. She tells Neha to pick her phone. Neha lies that her friend from Chandigarh is calling. What is the cost of your phone? Vinni says 30k. A guy approaches Vinni but Vinni tells him off. Neha wants to be rich, famour and glamorous. Vinni again boosts her. I know you will do something. The girls take another drink. Neha excuses herself. She calls her father. She lies that she was in a class. please send me 30k. He gets tensed. She says I want to buy a smart phone. My phone it worst. I feel ashamed to take it out from my bag. Send me the money! He later tells his wife about Neha’s wish. He decides to do something about it. Neha dances along with her girl friends.

Neha shows her new phone to her friends. The girls make another plan for some day. They are doing in the evening. Shopping and then movie! Neha doesn’t have money to pay her share of the bill. Vinni pays the bill. Neha feels bad. Neha picks up Vinni’s call after long. She tries to cancel the plan but Vinni insists. I told you no one will back out from the plan. Vinni drops everyone at their homes afterwards. She then asks Neha what’s troubling her. Don’t hide anything from me. I know you are short of money. Neha declines. I am not in a mood today. Vinni shares that she too is from a middle class family. it was my dream to come to Delhi and live on my terms, for myself. Money is the biggest factor. Nothing can happen without it. the style and fashion goes waste without money. One only has to use their brains to live it your way. Are you daring enough? You will get lots of money then. You can do anything, buy anything. She shows her an ad about escort services. This line is very good. The people come from abroad. They give any amount that you can name. This is just for few hours. There is nothing wrong in giving happiness to people. People do it all for themselves. Vrinda, malini, Jyoti, Tina do it also. What do you think where they are when they don’t come to the class? This is Delhi. Neha asks her to drop her to her home. Vinni starts the car. You can let me know if you change your mind.

Vinni’s words echo in Neha’s mind at night. She thinks through. Is it all so easy? College girls do it? I couldn’t understand anything but I knew one thing, my wallet was empty. She calls Vinni.

Neha comes to a hotel next day. She regrets doing it later but its done now. I felt as if someone poured mud on me. What did I do! Vinni is waiting for her outside. Cry your heart out. you feel that ways in the beginning. I too had done so but it is of no use. Why do you think God has given us this body! She pays 20k to Neha. Neha wants to go home. I am not feeling good. It is paining. Vinni still takes her to the pub.

Shulu Pub, CP, New Delhi:
The girls enjoy drinks. Vinni points out to a guy (Mr. Sharma) sitting at the bar. She tells Neha that he has a crush on you. He will give 30k for the day. Neha agrees. Alcohol makes one forget everything. Everything started feeling good. I forgot everything. My outlook changed. Vinni had taught me a new way of living. I changed my path.

Neha leaves from her class to attend to a client. She doesn’t hate it now. Neha’s uncle and aunt were shocked by the change in Neha’s dressing sense. They couldn’t take it anymore. I took a house on rent where no one could stop me. Neha’s father talks to Neha about a guy but she doesn’t want to get married. Neha’s mother says the guy is coming to meet you tomorrow. Neha stays put. I don’t want to get married. Don’t trouble me like this. Neha’s mother requests her to meet the guy once but Neha disconnects the call. Her parents get worried.

Neha doesn’t want to leave Delhi because of some guy. I don’t want to marry him. Vinni tells her to relax. We will handle him. Neha asks the guy if he smokes or drinks. Neha drinks in front of him. I have never cooked food in my life. Can you? She insults the guy.

Next day, Neha’s parents come home. Her father questions her on her dressing sense. Why did Gupta’s son returned just like that? He slaps her. she retorts that she is not asking them for money. I have got a job in a law firm as a trainee. Her chachu asks her which firm pays a trainee so much. Neha’s mother asks her to return home with her. I will eat poison. Neha refuses to go back with them. You can do anything that you like. Her parents are stunned by her attitude.

Vinni tells her not to go to Moga. The person who leaves once never returns. Neha agrees to return in a week’s time. Vinni suggests her to meet this one client first before leaving. I have taken advance. She gives her advance. Don’t change clothes. Go directly. This client is very important.

Hotel Magnomin, Karol bagh, New Delhi:
Neha reaches hotel (it is the same client that she had met in the first scene). The raid happens and Neha refuses to accept it that she is an escort.

I lied to police. I had understood that I was caught. I only had one way out – to blame that guy. I did that only but God dint forgive me. I got punished. Kabir advises her to tell everything to the police so people can be careful not to fall prey to such girls like Vinni. I will try to talk to your parents. Neha gives her statement to police. The racket of college going call girls was exposed. Neha, Vinni and her friends were charged under different sections of IPC. Kabir speaks to Neha’s father. Kids make mistakes but parents forgive their kids. Neha regrets everything. She has an incurable disease but she can live with your support. Neha’s father is upset that he dint leave any stone unturned to bring up Neha. Kabir tells him to think about the future. He calls out for Neha. She comes there dresses in a suit. Her mother rushes to hug her. her father too follows suit when Kabir prods him to.

Kabir writes, Neha had to pay a heavy price to come back to the right path. Neha’s problem was her wrong thinking. But honestly speaking, her change of heart was also not done because of the right reason.

Every feeling / emotion is nowadays compared to money but not every shining thing is gold. If your destination is good then the path to reach there also has to be good.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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