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Sakshi thanks a kid. Child labour is illegal. But what’s wrong in giving employment to a kid? Her other self tells that this way we will snatch childhood from that kid. You cannot justify it by saying that you are giving them money so they can eat and survive. It is wrong! It doesn’t stop at work at times. Sometimes they go through such pains that they are never able to recover from. Sakshi reasons that it doesn’t even end at blaming someone. In reality, there are many such kids around us. But how many of us actually raise our voice against it? are we not responsible for it?

A girl is sitting on the floor (of a bathroom) unconscious. Froth is coming out of her mouth and the water is on.

Bandoli, Madhya Pradesh:
The girl’s (Cheeni’s) mother tells her not to do

all this household work as she is still young. Go and play. Cheeni enjoys with her friends. Her parents love her very much though they are very poor. They were having a really hard time surviving.

6 months ago, Mumbai:
Cheeni was about to eat food when a lady calls out for her. She gives some clothes to Cheeni to iron. Her husband (Bhavesh) comes there and talks sweetly to Cheeni. The lady tells Cheeni to eat first. CHeeni takes the clothes with her as she goes out.

The lady tells Bhavesh not to be so sympathetic with Cheeni. He did so as Cheeni is still a little girl. her wife is irked by her neighbour Mrs. Kulkarni as she continuously pokes him with lot many questions about Cheeni. Whose daughter is she? Where is she from? Age and everything! She is interested in everyone’s house except her own. I tried to dismiss it initially then I told her that Cheeni is the daughter of your distant relative. He suggests getting Cheeni admitted in some school (for part time). His wife asks him if he is alright. We have brought her here to do the household work and not to make her some Commissioner. All those responsibilities were of her parents but they instead sold her to a stranger. We are atleast taking care of her, loving her, supporting her and taking up all her responsibilities. Cheeni comes there. She wants to talk to her mother. The lady sternly tells her against it. your mother isn’t worried about you. we are here for you. go and sleep. Cheeni leaves sadly. Bhavesh isn’t happy about all this. why did you have to say all this? she is only a little girl. her wife kind of glares at him so he gives up on her.

Mrs. Kulkarni presses the lift button when she hears someone crying. She goes to check and finds Cheeni sitting at the stairs. She is concerned about the little girl. Cheeni leaves from there without saying anything.

Next morning, Bhavesh smiles seeing Cheeni working. He dials Parmeshwar Chand’s number (the richest man from Cheeni’s village) and makes Cheeni talk to her mother. Cheeni tells her mother that she is missing her. I wont misbehave or demand for anything, not even food but please take me back with you. please tell Baba to take me back. Her mother agrees. There is some network problem so the call disconnects. Cheeni calls Bhavesh Dada (elder brother). You are very good. He too compliments her in a similar manner. She resumes her work now and starts cleaning the grills when she notices a mother taking her daughter to school. She imagines herself in that school dress and her mother going to school with her. the lady calls Cheeni so she rushes inside.

The lady is having a headache. She scolds Cheeni for no reason. go and make ginger tea for me. make lunch afterwards, wash all the clothes and put rat killer in the kitchen. Cheeni continues to think of that lady with her daughter as she does all the work. She gets free almost by the night. She comes to talk to Bhavesh. I saw a girl going to school. Can I go as well? He says they will have to make his wife agree first and then she can certainly go to study. He isn’t hungry so guides her as to how she can prepare a drink for him. She innocently asks him what it is. He replies that it isn’t a thing for kids. You must be tired after doing all the work. Go and sleep now, I will take the food myself when I am hungry. She leaves.

Bhavesh comes to his room and finds his wife still unwell. He starts massaging her head so she can feel better. He tries to make his wife agree but she is against it. we will be in trouble if people get to know that Cheeni is only 12 years old. Right now it is just Mrs. Kulkarni but everyone will be after us after knowing the truth. Do you know what happens with other servants? They get beaten yet they work. We are still paying money to Cheeni after doing so much for her and now you want to send her to school? Bhavesh agrees with her finally. She scolds him for unnecessarily putting his brain in all this.

Present: The lady bangs the bathroom door asking Cheeni to open the door but there is no response. She gets worried. She calls Bhavesh. He opens the door somehow and they are shocked by what they see inside. Bhavesh tells his wife that Cheeni has eaten rat poison. They head out to the hospital while Mrs. Kulkarni tries to talk to them but they just walk off. Mrs. Kulkarni wonders what has happened to Cheeni.

Bhavesh has already briefed Dr. Pradhan. Doc agrees to register the case as food poisoning. He goes inside to check Cheeni.

Mrs. Kulkarni tries to get some info from Bhavesh’s driver (Suresh). He tells her that Cheeni ate rat poison by mistake. Mrs. Kulkarni is unable to believe it. He is about to say something when his phone rings.

Mrs. Kulkarni calls Life 24×7 (Dr. Prashant Bhaskar’s office). She tells them about Cheeni. I find something fishy here. Prashant asks her a few questions about Mehta’s and Cheeni. He agrees to help Cheeni and thanks her for informing them too. Ashima wonders why Cheeni will talk to them when she doesn’t even talk to the lady who lives next to her house (Mrs. Kulkarni). Maybe Mehta’s have scared her into something or maybe she has some helplessness of her own. Prashant is sure there is some solid reason. we will have to win her trust somehow.

Cheeni is back in the house. The lady tells her to take rest. Next she tells Bhavesh to fire Suresh. The poor guy is confused about the whole situation. Bhavesh doesn’t give him any reason and clears his dues.

Mrs. Kulkarni brings Prashant to Mehta’s house. She tells them that Prashant can help Cheeni. Bhavesh lies that Cheeni is resting right now. Mrs. Kulkarni insists. Cheeni too comes out by then. Bhavesh politely tells her to go inside but Prashant stops her. he requests Bhavesh’s permission to talk to Cheeni but Bhavesh sends Cheeni inside. Prashant tells him that if he doesn’t allow him to talk to CHeeni then he will have to go meet her parents. Bhavesh’s wife tells them off curtly and closes the door. Prashant is sure Cheeni wont talk to him in Mehta’s presence. Mrs. Kulkarni decides to keep an eye on them. I will call you whenever they go out. prashant agrees. They notice the driver. Suresh tells them that he has lost his job. I don’t know the reason. he tells them that the Mehta’s took Cheeni to City Hospital that day.

Doc refuses to share any info with Ashima. Ashima reminds him of his duty. Everyone has a right to raise his / her voice against whatever is happening wrong with them. they shouldn’t become a part of it instead. Doc replies that he isn’t a part of anything that’s wrong. Ashima points out that she dint even take his name. You cannot hide the truth by looking away. every second kid in our country goes through something horrible. You too have a daughter. Wont you want it that no one hurts her ever? Kids cannot speak openly with anyone. it can be any kid, please stop differentiating between your and someone else’s kid. Today those people are responsible for the innocent’s kids problems who choose to ignore all their problems. Doc wishes that it never happens with any other kid. He agrees to help her but on one condition that his name shouldn’t be involved in it. He gives her Cheeni’s file.

Ashima tells Prashant that she found something wrong with the report. Food poisoning is mentioned but there is medicine which is given to a particular group of women to clean their infection. Doc also said that her stomach too was cleaned. Prashant tells her to consult a gynaec in this regard. Ashima agrees.

Bhavesh tells his wife to return from the wedding soon. I wont be able to handle Cheeni on my own for long. Mrs. Kulkarni and that doc too are intolerable. She assures him that he will manage everything. Mrs. Kulkarni notices them leaving and calls Prashant.

Mrs. Kulkarni rings the bell. Cheeni thinks for a moment but then gets lured for the laddoos. Mrs. Kulkarni introduces Ashima to her. Ashima offers to help her in going back to her village.

Ashima sits on the floor next to Cheeni. She asks Cheeni if she can call her friend. He will help us in sending you back. Cheeni agrees after thinking for a while. Ashima calls Prashant upstairs.

Prashant makes Cheeni talk about her interests, games, and village. Prasahnt talks about playing a game with her. Didi (Ashima) will show you some pics. If you are able to identify them then you will go to your home. Cheeni nods. Ashima opens a drawing book (wherein there are a few random pics too). there are pictures of a guy getting close to a young girl (implying Bhavesh and Cheeni). Cheeni’s face grows tense as she flips through the pages. Then there is a picture of a girl crying. Cheeni too starts crying. She misses her Amma. Ashima comforts her. what happened with the girl was wrong, right? This guy in the pictures is not a good guy. Has something similar happened with you? Cheeni replies that she made a mistake. Ashima asks her if this is why she ate rat poison. Cheeni looks down. Prashant assures her that she is not wrong here. That guy is wrong. Cheeni hugs Ashima. I want to go to my village, to my parents. Prashant promises to make it happen. For this you will have to come with us. Cheeni nods.

Cheeni is at Life 24×7. Prashant tells her to choose anything that she wants (toys, toffes, etc.). Cheeni eyes the books in his shelf. She even tells them a poem (Macchli jal ki rani hai). Ashima and Prashant can understand the deeper meaning of the poem. Ashima hugs Cheeni.

Ashima and Mrs. Kulkarni are at the police station. Ashima tells the inspector that Cheeni is only 12 years old. A domestic help provider company brought her here. They told her that she will get employment here and her parents will also get money every month.

Flashback: A guy convinces Cheeni’s parents about sending CHeeni to work in the city.

Ashima continues, they are poor people and they fell for it. they think that their kids will get food and shelter while the agents put the kids as a domestic help in houses here. It is illegal. Such people should be punished. They register an FIR for the same.

Prashant gives pencil to Cheeni. Write hindi alphabet series. She starts writing them in a small notebook. Prashant asks her when she came to Mumbai. Where did you used to stay before staying with the Mehta’s? Cheeni replies that she came a lot many days ago. I used to live in a room. There were 4 other girls like me. prashant correctly guides Cheeni as to how to write a particular alphabet. He asks her about her Didi (Bhavesh’s wife). Cheeni keeps quiet. Prashant next asks about Bhavesh. Cheeni looks scared.

Flashback: Bhavesh whispers something almost in Cheeni’s ears. He decides her to send for a small ride with the Suresh till the dairy. His wife objects. Don’t spoil her. Cheeni should know the difference between owner and a servant. Bhavesh still vouches for CHeeni and sends her with Suresh.

Cheeni enjoys her car ride. Suresh treats her with an ice cream. Have you spoken to your parents since you have come here? She denies. He asks for number but she has no idea. I will ask Didi.

Present: Prashant asks Cheeni if he got the number. Cheeni denies. I asked Didi but she dint share it with me. Once Dada had made me talk to my mom. Cheeni has completed her task and shows it to Prashant. Now I will be able to go to school right? Prashant nods. Why wouldn’t they? You could have gotten admitted earlier as well. Cheeni shakes her head. Dada once told me.

Flashback: Bhavesh tells Cheeni that she dint get the admission. One has to clear lots of exams first. All those who get admitted in the school are a little educated but you are an illiterate. It will be a big problem for you. he holds her hand suddenly. Don’t worry though, your Dada will set everything right as he likes CHeeni a lot. He touches Cheeni’s cheek. He gets close with her.

Present: Cheeni cries thinking of that incident. She tears a page and also breaks the tip of the pencil feeling the pain. Prashant understands her situation.

Bhavesh comes home and is immediately arrested. You kept a 12 years old girl at your home as domestic help and have physically tortured her. he denies. that girl must be telling you about the driver. You are mistaken. Prashant declines. there is no misunderstanding. Cheeni has told me everything. Rest the police will take care.

Lady Constable brings Bhavesh’s wife to the police station too. Bhavesh confesses that he broke Cheeni’s trust. Inspector slaps him. She is a 12 years old girl. love doesn’t mean lust for her. it means safety for her. bhavesh’s wife pretends to faint. Lady Constable is in no mood to let go of her though. They nab the agent as well.

Cheeni comes to meet Prashant. They share a hug. He has a surprise for her – new books / notebooks. Ashima adds that she will go to her village first and then to a school. Your scholarship will bear all the charges of your education. Study hard and become your parents support when you grow up. Prashant looks at her sweetly.

Sakshi says, it happens a lot many times when we feel that all the doors are closed. But a new ray of hope pops out of nowhere just then which is enough to brighten our whole life. We only need to stay strong. If you too know someone who has given up in his life then contact the numbers mentioned below. It is one such organization that helps people who are mentally disturbed.

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline)
Contact: 1860 26602345

Official FB Page:
Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foudnation

Update Credit to: Pooja

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