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Apnon ne thukraya, kothe ne apnaya (Loved Ones Disown You, Brothel Welcomes You)

Gulab performs on a song while sitting as she cannot walk. She uses crutches. One man (Bhushan) taunts her as no customer sticks by her side. Bhushan tells Tara Bai about a man who is downstairs. He wont give more than 1k though. Tara Bai agrees even though people pay 2k for one girl. The guy realises that Gulab only has one leg. She scolds / beats that man. Tara Bai eventually pays him his money back. Bhushan is miffed because of Gulab. Tara Bai knows how to take care of Gulab. Bhushan gets a call from someone. I will keep the material ready. Tara Bai questions Gulab. Gulab asks her why she sends her such customers. Tell them the truth. Tara Bai reasons that no one takes what is half. Gulab thinks of

her childhood. Tara Bai advises her to keep the customers happy so she can earn. Give the customers what they want and you will flourish. Gulab wipes her tears. She hugs her eunuch friend.

Police station, Banaras:
Inspector tells Kabir of his recent raid from where he has rescued 6 girls. I had done it in the past too. Kabir nods. He excuses himself to meet another Inspector, Inspector Avasthi. Kabir talks sweetly to him. I need your interview. I know you guys are the main people who do all the work. They go outside to talk.

Kabir knows that there were approx 50-60 girls in the brothel. Inspector Avasthi shares that these girls come from every state and are sent out of India. Biggies are involved in this. One name surfaces time and again – Rao Sahib. Kabir is shocked. Kabir goes into flashback. Sakshi had taken rao Sahib’s name before dying. He asks Inspector Avasthi about Rao Sahib. He has no clue but has heard big officers talking about him. I only know that he is a big guy. Kabir realises that Anwar must be included too then.

Anwar is at the brothel. He looks at the girls. I only need young girls. He asks for 200 girls more. bhushan assures him that he will get the best girls. What’s the work? Anwar says we will send them for a foreign tour. You will earn more than what you will earn in 10 years! Kabir reaches the brothel to find clue about Rao Sahib or Anwar. Anwar asks for 12-14 year old girls and that too 200 in number. Kabir reaches there but Bhushan takes him to the other side. Kabir misses seeing Rao Sahib.

Gulab gives another performance. Kabir is sitting there too. Kabir is looking at her keenly. Gulab asks him if he liked her. I will just break your heart. She calls out for her eunuch friend Papiha. She brings her crutches. Kabir is taken aback to see them.

Papiha brings Kabir to Gulab’s room. Kabir compliments her on her voice. He is uncomfortable while she keeps on talking to him. He replies that he got sympathetic to her. Outside, Papiha holds her ears as she hears some noises from Gulab’s room. She lost her cool again! She begs Kabir to stop. Please don’t say anything to Tara Bai. Gulab has a very good heart. She is very hot headed as everyone taunts her. Please don’t say anything to anyone.

Sakshi asks Kabir if Gulab dint like it when he was sympathetic to her. Maybe you hurt her self-respect by using that word. She would have been through so much. She too might be fighting an inner battle just like you. If you really want to be her friend then give her a new life, win her trust, and help her heal her wounds. Apologize to her. Maybe she will help you reach your destination. She dint lost her self-respect even after staying in a place like this. She can fight for herself and with everyone. Help her. Kabir nods.

Kabir comes next day as well. He wants to take her out. Bhushan makes him call him on his number so they can have his number. The girl should be back in 2 hours.

Kabir says sorry to Gulab for yesterday. I dint know you will feel this bad. You used to throw things at people since childhood? She shakes her head. I get angry when I hear such words. I hate such people. He has witnessed it. She tells him to ask her what she wants to. He wants to know how she reached here. Everyone has a different story of reaching brothel. She shares that she is from Allahabad.

9 years ago:
Gulab practises dancing and dances very beautifully. My father died when I was 14 years old. Gulab’s step father keeps trying to touch Gulab. I thought he loved me like his daughter but his intentions were wrong. He brought me to Banaras and tried to force himself on me. Gulab fights with him and runs out. he too runs after her. She meets with an accident and that’s how she loses her leg. Her step father left her there.

I would have died if Tara Madam hadn’t seen me here. I am very happy here as I got a new life. Kabir asks her if she never tried to go out. Gulab says I am happy here. I get food and shelter. This is my life. Kabir cannot believe what he is hearing. Tara Madam is only concerned about the money she can get from you. Gulab reasons that he too has paid for her. She warns him not to act sympathetic to her again. I am happy here. Who are you to think of all this? Are you from police? He tells her the truth. I have come to help girls like you. She retorts that no one will accept girls like her. my mother too dint care to take me back.

Gulab’s mother tells Tara Bai to keep her daughter as people will talk against her. Gulab has lived in the brothel. Gulab is shocked to hear her mother’s words. Papiha comforts Gulab.

My own mother left me. What will I do by going back? He suggests her to use her voice as her strength. She calls brothel her home. He keeps on talking to her against the life in brothel. You die here slowly. Have you seen an old wrinkled woman in brothel? That will be your future too. I want to help you and other girls like you. Will you help me? She out rightly refuses to help him. Don’t come back ever to meet me.

A young girl is dragged in the brothel. Gulab thinks of Kabir’s words and the circumstances because of which she ended up here. Bhushan talks about completing the target. Papiha curses him. he will rot in hell.

Kabir receives a call from Gulab. I will help you. 200 girls are going to be taken to some place tomorrow. Come and save us if you can. She ends the call but finds Papiha there. Papiha tells her against it as Tara bai wont spare her. No one got out of here ever. Gulab has faith in Kabir. He is a good guy. He will save us all.

Kabir comes to brothel again. This time it is some other girl who sits in place of Gulab. Tara bai acts all innocent. There is no girl named Gulab here. Kabir asks specifically for Gulab who has lost her one leg. Tara bai and Bhushan decline. Kabir sternly asks for Gulab. Bhushan tries to show him the door but Kabir calls Inspector upstairs. Kabir wants the police team to check the brothel to find Gulab. She must be here only. Tara Bai tries to dissuade the Inspector. Kabir notices Papiha. Papiha too acts that there is no girl named Gulab here. Police checks the brothel. They find no such girl there. Kabir goes downstairs but then gets a message from Gulab. Bhushan is sending 200 girls in the evening. I will send you the address soon.

Kabir gets the message from Gulab. The address and Anwar’s name is mentioned in the message. Police gets ready for the raid. Kabir too joins them.

Police reach brothel again. they take Tara Bai and Bhushan outside. Police team searches again but find no one there. Kabir notices a wall where there is another hidden door. Kabir goes inside along with the team. Kabir goes to other room to look for Gulab. Police team rescues the girls that they could find in the godown. Kabir finds Anwar in one of the rooms. Anwar shoots at him but Kabir ducks. Kabir beats him badly. He thinks of his sister and Sakshi’s deaths. He picks up a gun to shoot Anwar for killing so many people but then recalls Sakshi’s words. They can reach the main guy through Anwar who is running the nexus. He screams out in anguish. Police arrest Anwar. Anwar calls Kabir impotent. You were a man till you were with me. I would have shot you dead if I had that gun. Don’t think that you have won. I will come back for sure!

Kabir calls back on Gulab’s number. Papiha has her phone. She tells Kabir that Gulab isn’t here. Flashback shows Tara bai and Bhushan overhearing their past convo. Tara bai beats Gulab and sends her with Bhushan. Papiha tells Kabir that these people will kill GUlab. Please save her.

Inspector asks Tara Bai and Bhushan about Gulab. Inspector Avasthi has to beat them to get them talking. Anwar had told Bhushan to kill Gulab. She was in the car that just left from here. Police rescues Gulab.

Gulab saved 200 girls along with Papiha. Girls are forced into prostitution not just by people like Tara, Anwar or Bhushan but also by parents. Gulab’s life took a turn for good. She started giving music tuitions to the girls.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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