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The human mind is getting complex day by day. We find ways to kill one another. NO human is born evil. His world, his people, the atmosphere, it all contributes to turn someone evil.

August 2011
Central Prison, Gulbarga, Karnataka:
At night, a constable drops the keys of the cell near a criminal. The criminal escapes from the jail with the help of the keys. He gets hurt in the process but limp. He has stolen the uniform of police as well. He stops a car that is going out of the jail. He sits inside and elopes.

N.Pillai (Jailor) questions the men who were on duty. He got keys made for himself and escaped? Someone has surely helped him. He looks at the file of Shankar.

4 months ago, April 2011:
At night, Shankar (a truck driver) hires a call girl for the night.

The truck halts near a check post. Shankar suggests the girl to sit in the back of the truck. She does as he tells her to. The truck stops at the check post. Shankar tells the policemen that he is coming from Bengaluru. I had gone there to deliver some stuff. The truck is empty now. They let him go.

Shankar stops the truck at a secluded place and goes in the back. He closes the shutter.

Shankar returns home. A while later Shankar goes to bathe. Some words keep haunting him. He rubs himself clean and cries.

Shankar gives a bangle to his wife. He will be leaving for Mysore tomorrow. It will take a day or two. He goes to see his mother.

Shankar’s mother is very ill. He feels bad to see her in this condition. His hands keep shaking all the time. There is a candle in that room. He heats a rod over the candle and touches it on one of his hands. Many more such marks are already there.

Shankar had two worlds. One was where he was a married man with a wife, two kids and a mother. Second was where he was roaming on the highway to find his preys. What was the connection between his both worlds? What prompted him to do so?

Shankar reads a newspaper article. The report of 11th death of a pr*stitute is reported on the main page.

Present Day, August 2011:
Shankar leaves some money next to the body. He kills then keeps the money next to the body. Why he cuts stomach? It appears that he cuts the stomach even when the person is alive. A constable reports that there are blood marks outside the window from where Shankar might have jumped. Jailor tells him to keep a tab on Shankar’s house and all the places where he can possibly go. We have to find him.

3 months ago, May 2011:
Inspector Renuka is at a dhaba. Shankar stops his truck there but drives off when he notices the police jeep. She follows him. She reports it to her team asking to send back up while she steps down to see it for herself. She knocks at the back shutter. Shankar opens the shutter. He comes down upon her askance. She wants to know what is inside. He asks her to see it for herself. She notices a woman tied in back. Shankar attacks her on her head as she turns.

Inspector Renuka is all tied as she opens her eyes. Shankar is sitting next to her. Why did you have to do it? Why are you troubling me? Did I ask you to follow me? You all are making my life hell.

13 years ago, 1998:
Shankar’s parents are fighting. Shankar’s mother tries to stop her husband when he tries to go to some other woman. Another baby is due. Her husband pushes her. She is in pain. Her husband locks them both. Shankar is a kid so is helpless. She passes out. Blood is coming out from her body. Shankar breaks open the lock. He goes up and kills his father who is sleeping with some other woman. He kills that woman too. He stabs her right at her stomach. He cries for his mother.

Shankar falls sick while trying to revive his mother. I wont let anything happen to you. You wont die. Whoever will behave wrong with you will be killed.

An 11-year old kid heard and saw things that he should never have. That day Shankar’s mind gave birth to another person inside him. His pain sent him to a dark world from where he could never come out.

Shankar was juvenile so he was sent to remand for 11 years.

11 years later, 2009:
Shankar’s term gets over. He comes out and finds a job as a truck driver.

Bengaluru-Mysore Highway:
Shankar stops the truck near a pr*stitute who is waiting for customers on the highway late at night. He thinks of what had happened with his mother. They both get s*xual. He again feels pukish like he had when he had killed his father. She taunts him if it was his first time. He gets angry and then kills her. He takes her locket.

May 2011:
I lose my mind when I see Ma in pain. She is on bed because of one such woman. Inspector Renuka’s team reaches the place but cannot track her. Shankar says you too are one of them. You only changed your clothes. You are the one! I will kill you and you will shout. It will make me really happy. Scream like my mother. Shankar throws both the bodies on road and keeps some change next to them.

Shankar’s truck is stopped at the check post. Police try to reach Inspector Renuka but in vain. They arrest Shankar. Inspector Renuka’s clothes are found in the back of the truck. The jeep stops at a place. Shankar manages to escape.

The senior police officer question the constable because of whom Shankar got a chance to flee. He is about to retire in a month. Senior Inspector talks about his suspension. The guy goes to the washroom and shoots himself.

Shankar comes to a red light area. He asks one of the girls if she will come with him. She says I will come with anyone who pays me money. Shankar’s other side turns out. Will you go to anyone’s house for money? What if that person has a wife, kids? Will you destroy their house? One lady tries to pull Radha but Shankar holds her back. He acts all romantic for a minute but the very next minute he kills her mercilessly.

Shankar had done more than 20 rapes and killings. He was mentally ill. It was very important to get it treated. Earlier his target was only pr*stitutes but now he was attacking any woman who was alone.

A lady is in a secluded area. Shankar tries to hurt her but local people reach on time. They beat Shankar and hand him over to police. Shankar gets death sentence for 28 rapes and killings. He vomits again. Constable pull him out and take him for medical treatment.

Present day, August 2011
Jailor wants an enquiry on the matter. Someone from the inside is involved. Shankar cannot run alone.

Shankar talks to one of the constable who guides him how to escape from the jail.

Jailor says it isn’t very difficult to nab him. Keep an eye on the nearby hospitals. Did you send an informer at his house?

Gopalan comes to Shankar’s house. He tells his wife that he has found a new job for Shankar. He gives 1k advance as well. The work isn’t much. Ask him to come to the temple. I will meet him there only. He knows me.

Shankar comes to meet Gopalan. Shankar catches hold of Gopalan when police turns up at the scene. He kills Gopalan. You too turned out to be like them!

September 2011:
Shankar rubs at one of the marks in his hand. Blood comes out. He pukes one more time.

He is described as mentally unstable. He will now be imprisoned until death.

Many people call it unjustified but human rights says that one who doesn’t know what he is getting punished for, should not be given such punishment. Shankar died in the jail while serving his term.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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    Msg from Team: Code Red doesn’t come on Saturdays anymore.

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