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A newly married lady jumps off from the terrace.

Civic Hospital, New Delhi:
The girl’s (Aarti Mehra) family is distraught. The post-mortem has been done. They are allowed to take the body now. Inspector says it is a suicide case. One of the reporters talks about a video clip and shows it to him. Maybe someone shot this video or her husband did it intentionally. Inspector and Kabir were not aware of it.

Rohit plays Aarti’s last recording. Inspector plays some videos of Aarti and Rohit together when they had gone for a vacation. Rohit cries looking at them. Inspector asks Rohit If he has shot that video and had uploaded it. Rohit shakes his head.

5 November 2015, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi:
Aarti and Rohit are going to Goa for their honeymoon. This is where they had met for

the first time. Rohit is very fond of taking videos or selfies.

It is raining in Goa. They reach Hotel Honeymoon Divine, Kalingut, Goa. Viren (Owner) greets them. he has a honeymoon suite reserved for them. Lal Singh takes them to their room. The couple is very happy to be together. They get romantic.

Present: I had no idea that someone was keeping an eye on our private moments. That was the case even in the bathroom. Everything was getting recorded. Someone was watching Aarti. We had no idea who would do this and why. Inspector says you might have made it. Rohit denies.

Flashback: We found out about the video two days after Aarti returned to office. Everyone looks at Aarti differently as she enters office. The men ask her weird questions. One of the girls takes her aside. You shouldn’t have come to office today. Aarti wonders why everyone is looking at her like this. the girl shows her the videos. The news reached home too. The parents of the couple question Rohit but he declines having done anything like that. Aarti breaks down completely. Everyone in the office has seen the video. They are making fun of me. rohit comforts her. don’t cry. We will go to police. His father asks him if he will show this video. Look at Aarti. Police will give the video to media. The news will be aired in prime time. Rohit asks Aarti if she trusts him. she hugs him.

The following two days passed terribly. We received messages from all our friends and acquaintances. Someone uploaded this video on every possible website. Even the neighbour’s start mocking Aarti as she returns home with Rohit one day. He gets into a scuffle with them as they talk badly. Guards and family members have to free them from one another. Aarti applies ointment on Rohit’s wounds. Aarti’s father suggests the couple to leave the house but Rohit’s father is against it. They are embarrassed by what all Aarti has to go through. Aarti’s father is not trusting Rohit anymore. He couldn’t protect his wife. I think he only has made the video. He was very fond of making videos. Rohit’s mother says against it. Rohit will die instead. Aarti’s father doesn’t mind it. It is better to die instead. Rohit’s father calms him down somehow. Rohit and Aarti have overheard their convo.

Present: Aarti had broken down completely. She couldn’t take it anymore. She was fed up people taunting her, eyeing her lustily. She died. I loved her a lot and she too loved me very much. Inspctor asks him if Aarti had spoken to him about it before committing suicide. He plays the voice note. I dint make that video. Please investigate the case once. My family members were worried about our dignity. Inspector remarks that the crime is increasing day by day because of the very same factors. The case will be registered.

Kalingut, Goa:
SP Prakash and his team reach the hotel. He makes the staff close down all the exits. I will check all the rooms. Viren asks him what the matter is. SP Prakash shares that spy cams are fitted here. You make videos of honeymoon couples. Prakash’s team is checking in all the hotel rooms. They find a hold in the set top box. Manager is tight lipped. The team has not found any laptop anywhere that might contain something. Rohit talks about the bell boy Lal Singh. Lal Singh comes there. SP beats him so Lal Singh holds Rohit’s feet. I haven’t done anything. Please save me.

SP, Kabir and Rohit are in the police station. Rohit refuses to pour Aarti’s ashes till the culprit if found. SP and Kabir look at each other.

A month later, Same Hotel:
A new couple comes to celebrate honeymoon. Lal Singh leaves them to their room. The couple stands in the balcony. Everything is getting ready. The girl goes to take shower but the guy tells her to leave for the market first. She agrees. The guy informs at the reception. Send someone from the room service. A guy comes and opens the room in the couple’s absence. He puts everything back in order. He comes out of the room and SP and his men are waiting for him. He had also installed two cameras (in the corridor and in the room) to track down the culprit. The bell boy is shocked. I dint do anything. Police finds something in his pockets. Viren had helped police in tracking down this particular bell boy. You only had gone to Rohit and Aarti’s team when they were here. SP beats the bell boy so he starts speaking up.

Flashback: I fitted the cameras everywhere before the couple came in. I used to give all the videos to our sir then. SP asks him who his boss is. The bell boy takes Viren Son’s Akash’s name. He lives in the compound next to Viren Sir. Akash refuses. One of the officers has found Akash’s laptops and has checked the history. The videos were on this laptop only. Akash still says that he dint do anything but then confesses his crime when SP Prakash moves closer. I knew where all the cameras could be hidden. I uploaded the videos on the website where you get money as per the duration of the video. He shares all the details. It is a pornorphic site (site, upload, duration). Akash has got 1 lacs for that particular video. I don’t know whom it belongs to or about the location. Viren slaps him. Akash is taken away.

SP Prakash and Kabir discuss the case. This site’s domain is registered in Dubai and is operated from there only. The names keep changing. We have registered a cyber complaint but we may not be able to take some strict action. There are a few acts under IT acts which can be levied on Akash but Rohit and Aarti’s family members will have to register a case first if they want us to take some strict action. People should understand it. Kabir agrees to try. They should not think that they are wrong. They were actually the victim. You motivate such criminals by keeping quiet. One must raise their voices so this isn’t repeated in the future.

Aarti’s father is still against police complaint but his wife and Rohit decide to take a stand. Why should we stay quiet? I have lost my daughter. She was not at fault. She had gone for her honeymoon. This can happen with anyone. we should do something so this never repeats with anyone else. Both the families decide to get Aarti her lost dignity back.

Police files a charge sheet against Akash and his accomplices. The operation of that website hasn’t been tracked yet. The video was taken down by the cyber cell but it got uploaded again somehow. They are still looking for a permanent solution.

Aarti’s family and Rohit pours Aarti’s ashes in the holy river.

Some people don’t mind peeking in some people’s private times / moments and make it public. Technology is advancing. One must be aware. When you go in a hotel, you should first check in the room if there is a hidden camera there. Raise your voice against it. You should also raise your voice against it in case you stumble upon such things. Instead of circulating such things, file a complaint. Another Aarti may give up on life just because you chose to keep quiet!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Married couples r nt evn safe,,,the greed for earning money thro short cut has lead these scoundrels to do such heinous deeds….technology thus can take life too…

  2. seriously m so afraid … how t]should we keep our sisters, daughters safe in such world.?

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