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Bassi village, Punjab, 1991:
It is Karvachauth night. A woman looks at the moon and then looks at her husband. They both come close later on. The man disappears in the night.

Many women keep fast for him on Karvachauth but he is only visible to those who he had married. Who is this Subedar Sangram Singh?

Bassi village, Punjab, 1990:
Preet takes Sangram to a temple. She has also blindfolded him. He trips as soon as he realises where he is heading to. She angrily walks away with the garlands in her hand. He apologizes to her for doing what he did. I slipped and got angry. You had also blindfolded me. Preet is upset as she knows he will never take a step ahead and marry her. My mother told me that it is a very auspicious day today. He talks about completing his mission first. I will

meet your parents next time. She is angry as he only thinks of his mission. He puts the garland around her neck to calm her down. She too follows suit. They share a hug and then go their separate ways.

Preet enters in her room. She is shocked to see Sangram on the bed. What are you doing here? He replies that no one knows that they are married. They consummate their marriage. He promises to come next time asap. She asks him to promise her that he will talk to her family then. He agrees. She touches his back. There is a mark of a wound there. He shares that it was from a wound that he got at border. Someone comes there and by then Sangram Singh disappears.

Sangram and Preet have been married for 2 months. He talks about a baby. She reasons that no one knows about him in this village. You come and go as you please. You only talk about your mission. No one here knows you at all. She is standing before a mirror and freaks out as she only notices her reflection in the mirror.

Preet brings Sangram to the market. She has hired a photographer to click her pics with Sangram.

Next day:
Preet comes to collect the pics. The guy is confused. Why did you ask me to click pics stealthily? She gives him no straight reply and looks at the pics. Why have you taken only my pics? Why did you not take his pic? The tall guy standing next to me, the army man! The guy replies that she was all alone. It sounds like the same story. I have heard a lot about it. Many of the girls of the neighbouring villages call a same man her husband. His name is Subedaar Sangram Singh. No one has seen him except those girls. Preet takes the details of the girls from him.

Preet meets Meghna. Meghna too has no pic of her husband (Sangram Singh). She also meets all the other girls. One of the girls too has married Sangram Singh without telling her family. She too talks about the secret mission. Preet can easily connect the dots. She also travels to meet Parmit in Amritsar.

Sangram finds Preet all lost and quiet. Are you upset with me? Have I made a mistake? She denies. I only wanted to say something. You need a baby right? I was pregnant but I aborted the baby. Sangram is in thoughts. Preet knows that he only wants the baby. Tell me honestly. Who are all those girls and why did you come in my life? You will have to tell me the truth today. Sangram says I only wanted a son, a family in life. What else would a man need? That was my only dream but it did not turn out to be true. I only asked for a boy!

Preet was shocked to realise that her husband was not a real human being. There were a lot many other girls too who considered Sangram their husband. There was obviously something in him which pulled everyone to him. Preet set out to find out the truth as soon as she found out this.

Kallan Village, 1988:
It is Sangram and Rano’s first night. He has to go back to company regiment tomorrow morning itself. She is in tears. He tries to ask her about it but she simply lies down to sleep. Sangram thinks that she must be tired. He doesn’t wake her up.

Army Cantonment:
Sangram is looking at Rano’s photo. His friend teases him. Sangram talks about his love for Rano. My father had left us when I was very young. I don’t know what relation a father and son share. I never got to experience it. I will give my son all the happiness of the world.

Sangram returns home on holidays. He will be home for a month. Rano is not so happy to hear it. Sangram’s mother asks for a grandson. Sangram and Rano consummate their marriage but she is lying all impassive. She is not so comfortable with his touch or him talking lovingly to her. I want a little Sangram. Rano turns to the other side. Sangram is confused but can do nothing.

Sangram had lost his father a long time back. He had been raised only by his mother and they had seen a lot of problems in life. He had seen his mother going through all the hardships to raise him. He wanted to have a family, a son to whom he could give all the love that he had inside him.

Rano is not happy with Sangram planning a lot about their so called baby. He keeps weaving dreams while she quietly walks away all the time. His mother calls him mad for he has started making preps for the kid who isn’t even born yet. Rano’s expression changes as soon as Sangram comes near her. He tries to ask her if she has some problem with him or with anything. She leaves citing some work. He is unable to understand why she always walks away from him. He finds some medicines under her pillow. He is concerned about her health. Sangram shares with his mother that maybe Rano is not keeping well. Her mood keeps changing very often. She sends him to the doc to find out what’s troubling Rano. Doc tells him that it is a contraceptive pill.

Sangram comes to the fields to question Rano. He finds her heading to some corner and follows her. She comes to a hut where someone is already waiting for her. Rano tells him everything about what Sangram and his mother has been asking her to do. I take pills to avoid getting pregnant. Sangram goes away but a few sticks drop when he moves from there. Rano and her boyfriend come out to see who it was.

Late at night, Sangram walks away in the dark thinking about his love for Rano and how she cheated him. His mother comes there to check on him as he is sitting quietly in his room since morning. He has fever. She tells him to bring Rano back home. She came for a while and isn’t home since then. It is too late.

Rano has left a letter for Sangram. I am feeling very guilty at what I have done with you. I want to leave this world. I want to touch your feet and apologize to you before kill myself. Come to the same place where you had seen me in the afternoon so I can apologize to you once!

Sangram rushes to meet Rano. I am ready to forgive you and forget everything. We can start afresh. Just then, Rano’s boyfriend comes there and blocks his way. Meanwhile, Rano stabs him in his back. Rano remarks that he cannot see her dying but she doesn’t mind it. She stabs him again.

1 week later:
Rano and her boyfriend meet again. They talk about how long they will continue this way. She satells him that Bebe is going to put everything in her name after her son’s death. We can marry then. Sangram comes there. You cheated me. You broke my dreams when you killed me. But you will have to leave this world now. He kills Rano and her boyfriend. I will not go from this world till the time I get my baby. You could not give it to me but I will find that love and that family in someone else.

I had only one aim since that day. I wanted my son at any cost. Rano broke all my dreams. She destroyed everything but I still want to follow my dreams. Rano made a joke of my love. Preet asks him what her mistake was. Why did you do this to me? He feels bad to see her in pain. He disappears by the time she looks up. She is in tears.

Sangram’s Talash remained incomplete. He could never get what he wanted more than anything in life. His love cheated him. He got his revenge but he could not have his family. Only a living bring can give birth to a baby. Nature had snatched that right from Sangram forever.

Sangram marries yet again and the girl has not shared it with his family. She questions him on his whereabouts. You are in army yet you are so scared of meeting my family. Now you want a baby? How will I face my family if I get pregnant? Sangram disappears in the dark of the night.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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