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Sakshi talks about dreams. I too had a dream to get admitted in a very good college. Study well and make my own identity. But now I feel that it will just remain a dream of mine. I had come here to study but now I feel like killing myself. Her inner self says, there is no problem which cannot be solved. Talk to someone if you have any problem. Sakshi wonders who she can talk to. I have no friends here in the college. I feel they all are my enemies. Mummy and daddy have done so much for me. How will they feel when they will find out that I don’t want to live here anymore? I have no other option now!

Dr. Prashant Bhaskar (Life 24×7) receives a call on his landline. A girl tells him that she is going to commit suicide. I can see no other option in front of me. No one can stop me from

walking on this path. Prashant tries to ask her who she is or from where she is calling but the girl has disconnected the call by then. Ashima asks him about the call.

The girl covers the windows of her room and picks up phenyl from the bathroom. She thinks of her father’s words. You know how much I had to bear to send you here. If you leave your education now then all my dreams will break. She recalls her mom telling her that her father has done more that what he could do, for her. you have to fulfil his dreams. Study well. Will you be able to live here by yourself? She thinks of her Principal feeling proud that she has joined their college. I am sure you will make our college proud too, like you have done previously. Shikha is in tears.

2 months ago:
The girl (Shikha Vyas) comes to the college for the first time with her parents. Her mother tells her that her father has done more that what he could do, for her. you have to fulfil his dreams. Study well. Will you be able to live here by yourself? Shikha nods.

Seniors are ragging juniors. They spot Shikha. Vicky calls out for her as Batli (nickname for short heighted people). Shikha wins the challenge that they give her and also gives them back a fitting reply. She asks them a simple question but they are unable to reply. She heads to meet the Principal (Mrs. Reena) next.

Principal is proud to have her in her college. I am sure you will make our college proud too, like you have done previously. Shikha nods. Principal gives her her documents. Submit them in the Registrar office and find out your room number from there itself. Shikha thanks her for her wishes.

Shikha gets Room No. 17, Bed No. 3. Peon is shocked when he reads it.

Back to present, Shikha looks at her bed no. and then the bottle in her hand. Shikha is about to drink it when her phone rings. She keeps the bottle down. It is from an unknown number.

Ashima paces anxiously as she waits for Shikha to answer the call. Prashant is hearing Shikha’s last call again. Ashima tells him that Shikha is not receiving any of her calls. Caller ID indicates that the number is of Karjat but we wont be able to get her location till she picks the call. Prashant tells Sachin to play the last line again. Sachin obliges. Prashant deduces that this girl is challenging us. She is hinting at us to find a way out for her. she wants to live but she is unable to find any reason for her to live. This is why she is challenging us. Maybe we will find out some reason for her to live. Send her a sms. Write, you are not that strong that you can take your life. You challenge someone only when you know that the other person can accept it. She has called us before taking any wrong step. There is still some hope inside her. we have to save her.

Shikha picks the bottle once again. her phone beeps this time when she is about to drink it. she drops the bottle by mistake. She even gets hurt because of the broken glass. Shikha reads the text and gets angry. They talk about my strength? What do they know about me? I know how I have spent 2 months in this room. What would they know what all I have been through! She cries.

Shikha meets a girl outside her allotted room. The girl walks away in disbelief after knowing that Shikha will be staying in this room. SHikha walks inside confusedly. She notices the empty bed. There are some pictures and cards around the bed. She feels hot. She tries to switch on the fan above her bed but its not working. A girl (Mauli) walks inside and screams seeing her. Shikha is taken aback. She then gives her intro. I have been allotted this bed. Another girl comes inside and asks Mauli to come for the class. mauli leaves with her.

Presnt: Shikha looks at the fan (above bed no. 3). It is working. She takes out a cutter from the shelf. Her phone beeps again. I told you, you aren’t that strong. Shikha calls back on the number.

Prashant picks up the call. Shikha questions him on his messages. What do you know about me? I am topper from Karjat district. I have scored 97.5% and you are saying I am not strong? Do you even know what I have been through? I know how I have spent these past 2 months in this room! If it was someone else in my place then that person would have given up long back. You say I am not strong! Prashant is not able to believe that such an intelligent girl can give up this easily. What is your name? Shikha disconnects the line angrily.

Ashima tells him about the current location (Panvel). Prashant deduces that the girl is somewhere around 20-21 years old. Find out all the details about the girls who have topped from Karjat with 97.5% marks in the past 5 years.

Shikha throws the cutter away as she is unable to use it. she notices the red dupatta, a diary (with a letter A on the top) on the bed and caresses it.

Flashback: A diary falls on Shikha’s head while she is setting her bed. She picks it up and reads the name written inside (Aarti Gupta). She reads the first page. First day in college. I am so excited. Next college, new world, new people! It will be a new start of my life from today where I will get to learn something new from the new people. Shikha continues reading the diary. Aarti talks about the infrastructure of the college. But I found out a truth about the college on the first day only. I thought it is a college where talent is respected but all my happiness was over because of one thing that I lacked.

Aarti used to stammer. Vicky and his gang are shown to be ragging her and teasing her about the same.

Shikha continues to read the diary until the next morning. Aarti writes, seniors came in our class with sticks. They made us all stand in a line. Mauli comes to call Shikha for the first class of the first semester. Shikha keeps the diary under her pillow and goes to change.

Present: Ashima and Prashant are on their way to Panvel. Ashima talks to someone about the details of girls from Karjat who have scored 97.5% in the last 5 years. She tells her sir that this will take 4-5 days. Prashant tells her to check online instead as they don’t have that much time.

Flashback: Shikha comes to her class and takes a seat. She is surprised to find the initial A on the desk as well. She touches it but gets hurt in the process. She recalls the same initial mark at the diary that she had found in her room. A few seniors come there shouting and banging sticks. They make all the juniors stand in a line. They send everyone outside except Shikha and Mauli. They give them heels to wear. Put some books on your head and do catwalk. Mauli loses he balance and falls, followed by Shikha. Next the girls take Shikha and her friend to another room and give them bikini to wear. They forcefully make Mauli wear the swimsuit. Two other girls pour water on Shikha. They catch hold of Shikha. Varun comes to her rescue. Vicky scolds the girls (Monica and Mayuri) when they show that they are irked by his sudden presence here. Shikha leaves from there in tears.

Shikha comes to her room and cries holding the pillow. She picks up the diary and reads it. She realises that everything that was about to happen with her is written in the diary. Thank God, it dint happen with me. She starts crying again. Mauli reaches there, all covered with a dupatta over shorts and a shirt, and breaks down. Shikha comforts her. Mauli’s face is covered with makeup. She picks up her stuff. I don’t want to stay here. Shikha tries to stop her but in vain. Mauli points out to her that she cannot even imagine what all they would have been made to do if Vicky had not come at the right time. Shikha stands there in shock.

Next day, Shikha is sitting alone on a table. Vicky comes there. She gets up to go but he stops her. I am sorry for calling you Batli that day. She thanks him for helping her yesterday. He extends his hand for friendship and she agrees.

Present: Ashima has got Shikha’s details. She is the only girl from Karjat to have scored that much. She dials Shikha’s father’s number but his phone is on vibration so he doesn’t get to know. Prashant tells her to keep trying. Try Shikha’s number too. Someone will pick the call.

Shikha gets Vicky’s call but doesn’t pick it up. No, not even you! You might have saved me from others but you wont be able to save me today (from myself). She holds the diary tightly.

Flashback: Vicky and Shikha become good friends over time. They are talking about the ragging. Thank you for saving me that day. I am hydrophobic too. he jokes that now he cannot invite her to swim with him. they both smile. He is going somewhere for 2 days. The same group of seniors are waiting for her as soon as Vicky is gone.

Present: This time Mr. Vyas picks up Ashima’s call. She tells him about Shikha’s call. She seemed a little worried. Can you tell me where she will be at this moment? He tells her that Shikha will be in college hostel as it is Sunday. He is confused as to why will Shikha call them. who are you people? Ashima calms him down. You can tell me when was the last time when you had a word with her.

Mr. Vyas tells her about his last convo with Shikha. You know I have taken a loan so you can study. How will I be able to pay it back if you leave things in the middle now? Ashima asks him to reach Shikha’s hostel asap. We are on our way only. Mr. Vyas tells his wife to hurry up as they have to leave.

Shikha pulls the red dupatta around the fan. Her phone rings just then. she smiles seeing her papa’s call. Not now Papa! I cannot wait now. You only told me not to return. I wont return.

Flashback: Shikha tells her papa that she wants to come home. I cannot stay here anymore. The atmosphere here is not such that I can focus on my studies. I have been through so much and I don’t know what will happen in the future. Mr. Vyas takes it casually. All this happens. You know I have taken a loan so you can study. How will I be able to pay it back if you leave things in the middle now? Everything will be fine, focus on your studies. The call ends. Shikha decides not to return home. But I wont live in this hell anymore.

The girls had brought Shikha to the washroom. They tried to dip her face in flush but they noticed the Principal nearby so left. They warned Shikha that they will see her tomorrow (Sunday). Shikha runs to her room, locks it from inside and cries badly. I don’t want to be here. I want to go home. Why is not papa taking me home? She takes out Aarti’s diary. Exactly the same things have been written in it.

Present: Shikha steps back in alarm. How can I take it when Aarti couldn’t bear it? She too had hanged herself from this very fan only. She turns and imagines Aarti hanging by the fan. She cries badly.

Prashant, Ashima and Shikha’s parents reach around the same time. Prashant and Ashima ask students if they know Shikha. Some students (including Vicky) take them to Shikha’s room.

Shikha continues to cry badly as she puts the dupatta around her neck and makes a noose. Prashant, Ashima, the students and Shikha’s parents reach there. Prashant breaks open the door just when Shikha pushes the chair from under her feet. Prashant holds SHikha while they all help her in getting free from the fan. Shikha gasps for breath.

Shikha’s parents are concerned for her. Vicky apologizes to her. I never knew that you will take such an extreme step because of me. everyone is confused. Vicky confesses that it all happened because of him. Shikha had no idea about it. but I dint know that Shikha will get this serious and will try to kill herself. I was just trying to break her arrogance. She hurt my ego when she came to college for the first time. I thought she is egoist. I made a plan to take revenge. I only paid the peon and the other students to scare Shikha. I kept that diary in Shikha’s room. I only changed the fan’s control system. That day when Shikha was about to be ragged, we simply told Mauli to shout loudly so Shikha can hear. Mauli supported us. It was just a ragging. We were just kidding. Prashant and everyone looks at him in disbelief / anger. You dint realise that your joke can plan with someone’s life? Where did you get Aarti’s diary from? Vicky confesses that there was no girl named Aarti. I had created that diary and character. Prashant shakes him angrily. You crossed all the limits of your joke! You know everything looks good in a limit only. Your joke forced Shikha to take such an extreme step. You would have regretted it for your whole life if something would have happened to her today. think about the consequences of your jokes in future. Be careful about the other person and how much can that person bear it. Vicky and his friends feel bad about it.

Shikha is crying vigorously. Prashant tells her parents that elders are not always right and also, youngsters are not always wrong. Listen carefully to what your kids say to you. things are not limited to studies, career, job or wedding. This is a relation for life. Kids grow up but they still remain kids for parents. Who will they share their pain and sadness with, if not you? he sits down besides Shikha. You get to live only once. Your loved ones too have a little right on your life. Shikha nods. Don’t take any decision by getting emotional all the time. Think what would have your parents done if something would have happened to you today! Shikha’s mother consoles her. Ashima and Prashant leave.

Sakshi says, life is not a game which you can risk and lose. Neither is it some joke that you can laugh it off. If you have to fight then fight with your problems, don’t fight with life. It is meant to love. it is very dear. You will not be able to gain it back if you lose it once. If you too know someone who has given up in his life then contact the numbers mentioned below. It is one such organization that helps people who are mentally disturbed. Maybe your one gesture can save someone’s life.

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline)
Contact: 1860 26602345

Official FB Page:
Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foudnation

Update Credit to: Pooja

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