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Khoon Pishach

A man is dragging a dead body to a desolated area. There is another man who is sitting there. He looks at the scene in shock. The hoodie man throws the dead body far away. The other man runs away in scare.

Dari Mohalla, Gorakhpur, UP:
The guy tells Lady Inspector about what he has witnessed last night. So many similar incidents have been reported in the past.

City Hospital, Gorakhpur:
Doc tells Kabir that they found no marks on any of the bodies till date. There have been only 2 marks of probably teeth on the body. Maybe someone has drunk their blood. Kabir talks to the police team who is investigating the case. She tells him about the Khoon Pishach which people believe is after these deaths. They are most labour class people from different cities. Most of

the people have been identified. Kabir thinks of going to the crime scene.

Sakshi tells Kabir that as per statistics approx 37k dead unidentified bodies are found I our country. Someone must be looking for them. Kabir does not believe in Khoon Pishach or stuff like that but whoever is the culprit is playing with innocent and poor people’s lives. She too urges him to find out the truth.

1 week later:
Few more dead bodies have been found near a river. Kabir is boggled. One of the girls is alive. She is immediately rushed to City Hospital. Doc gives the girl injection and checks her. He later tells Kabir and Inspector that the girl is not in a condition to talk. We are injecting blood in her. How did she survive! Inspector and Kabir want to save this girl at any cost to get any clue from the girl regarding the killer. The security has been tightened up.

At night, the girl is sleeping when the same guy pulls her down on the floor. Constable rushes to her. The girl has gained conscious. Inspector and Kabir ask her who it was. She replies that it was Khoon Pishach. Constable says maybe she fell in her sleep. The girl (Usha, from Nepal) tells them that her father has cancer. We are from a very poor family.

Usha’s father vomits blood. He requests his family to let him go. So much money is required for an operation. Usha says I will get money. I will take up a job. A guy suggest going to India (Kanpur, Lucknow, etc) where Usha can find a job. Usha’s father tells him against it. My daughter will not go anywhere. He cannot talk much because of his illness.

At night, Usha requests that guy to help her find a job. My father is very ill. I cannot see him thus. He agrees but clearly tells her that she will have to go out of Nepal. She nods. I will get money for my father’s operation. Please get me a job! He tells her to be ready tomorrow afternoon. Bring all your stuff.

Next day, Usha and the guy leave from Nepal. Meanwhile, he offers her biscuits. They are 20kms away from Maharaj Ganj. Usha sleeps after eating the biscuits.

Usha wakes up and finds herself in a bed. There are a few more people on the beds nearby. They are all chained. The attacker walks inside the room. He grabs one guy and drags him out of the room. Usha asks another guy who the man is. He tells her that it is Khoon Pishach. Usha later wakes up to find her hands chained too. There is a needle injected in her hand too. someone is drinking blood. She tries to get up and request the guy to let her go but he hits her on the head.

We all were chained up all the time. They all had turned white like dead bodies. The Pishach used to come every night, drink their blood and take out anyone who died. I knew one night that it was my time too. I thought I was dead.

He was too huge like a devil. He used to drink blood every day and night. Kabir and Inspector ask her about the guy who had brought her to that place but Usha has no clue. They ask her about the place. She shares that it was very dark. There was one little Hanuman temple next to a huge tree on a corner. She cannot recall anything else. Please tell my parents about me. I left from home on last Tuesday, 10th January. Kabir points out that its been 3 months. Today is 12th April.

A few days later, Gorakhpur Police Station:
Kabir is sure it is some psychopath, mass murderer. Lady Inspector calls it that girl’s hallucinations. Kabir refuses to buy this theory. The bloodless bodies, the marks on the bodies. We are missing out on something.

Usha’s condition is serious. She needs blood. Her blood group is A-. There is scarcity of this blood group in our hospital too. I have asked from other hospitals too. Kabir tries to call Pooja (Lady Inspector) but cannot reach her. Kabir calls a local journalist but it is tough. A guy overhears his convo. It is a rare blood group. You will get it if you are ready to spend money. I will take 6k per unit. Kabir gives in. The guy calls someone who asks for 6.5k per unit. Kabir has no option but to agree. He leaves with the guy to meet Bhaiya ji. The guy asks him if he is a reporter. Kabir lies to him.

Sambhu Chowk, Gorakhpur:
Bhaiya ji comes. He has brought blood with him. There is nothing written over the units so the guy pastes a tag over it. Kabir pays him money. Bhaiya ji leaves. Kabir asks the guy if it is right. The guy suggests him to save that girl’s life instead.

Pooja calls Kabir. He tells her about the requirement. She is shocked to know the price of one unit. He has something in his mind. Can we meet right now? She will not be back before tomorrow as she is going out of town for some case.

Kabir thinks of all the instances from the start to the end. We cannot get blood inside the hospital but outside freely and without even testing it. I will have to go to Sambhu Chowk to look for a clue.

Sambhu Chowk:
Kabir finds the temple as per Usha’s description. He also notices Bhaiya ji there. He is talking to the guy who had brought Usha. Kabir walks around stealthily to get some more info. He reaches a barren building whose windows have been shielded with big strong cardboard boxes. He makes a hole in one of them and peeks inside. He recalls what Usha has told him. He calls Pooja but before he can tell her anything, someone hits him on the head. Pooja updates Lucknow IT Cell to track down Kabir’s location and get him.

Bhaiya ji realises that Kabir is a reporter. The other guy looks at Kabir’s ID Card. Bhaiya ji returns with a tall guy who is the so called Khoon Pishach. The guy is holding a big gardening scissor and pushes it around Kabir’s shoulder. Kabir screams out in pain.

Pooja finds out about Kabir’s location. She sends a team to that area.

Kabir is being dragged to an isolate place when Pooja shoots the killer. He dies. Pooja rushes to Kabir’s side. He asks her to save the other people. She rescues everyone with her team. Raju (ward boy) too was involved in this plan. He only had pulled Usha off her bed that night. I got money to do it.

Usha’s parents come to hospital to meet Usha. She is still weak. Kabir is relieved to see them together. Usha’s father thanks him through his eyes.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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