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2003 Nepal:
People are sitting in a bar, playing cards and drinking. Retd Inspector Gurmukh and his team have got a lead. They are keeping an eye on the bar. His informer looks at every one of them. Charles isn’t here. Inspector Gurmukh sends them back inside. He comes and goes in a way that no one anticipates. He notices a man going out of the bar. He follows him. Your game is over Charles!

Charles Gajraj is a serial killer who has killed many innocent people for his greed.

Charles gets arrested. Media asks questions but Inspector Gurmukh dismisses all of them. He goes to talk to Charles. Why did you come to Nepal? You very well know that the government here can give you death penalty. I have spent half of my life catching you. I deserve knowing your story now that I know

you. Charles asks for a cigarette. You will have to live life with Charles Gajraj if you want to know about him. I want some information after which you will get all the info that you need.

What I was before I was a serial killer and what I became after becoming one. I was born on 4 April 1944 in Vietnam. My mother was from Vietnam while my father was from India. They both dint like each other. I had to bear it. They separated when I was 3. My mother married again and went to France. She left me with my father. Then came Monique in my life. We had a daughter named Anita. My wife was from a rich family. She couldn’t live like me. I dint even change her habit. I figured out that you only need money to get happiness in life! I did everything to get money. I can do anything to keep Anita happy. Anything!

Inspector Gurmukh looks at the paper that Charles had given to him. Anita’s name is written on it.

1972, Goa:
Charles and his wife celebrate Anita’s 5th birthday. She does not want to keep shifting cities. I want to live in one city and one house only. Charles agrees. Monique tells Charles that she cannot live with him. My family is calling me back to Paris. I am going back. Charles asks her how he will live without her. She reasons that he is just running away from place to place. This isn’t love. I and Anita miss you. Charles has brought a diamond necklace for her. Time is going to change. Don’t leave me. Anita calls out for her father. Right then police arrest Charles. Anita looks on.

1975, Panjim Jail:
Charles reads Monique’s letter. She has left for Paris and has taken Anita with her. I am sending divorce papers.

This prompted Charles to think that money is the only thing that gives birth to any evil in life.

Charles makes two friends in jail. Chemistry Professor Krishnan was arrested for medical negligence. I will make such a drug that can make anyone unconscious in a go. Satyajit talks about people coming from Turkey and other places that come to their state to look for peace. Heroine is their cure. If we give it to them then we will get lots of money. Charles knows that Krishnan can make this drug inside the jail only. It will all happen.

Charles, Satyajit and Krishnan escape from the jail. Charles brings food for his friends. He had mixed the drug in their food. They both die. I don’t trust anyone. How do I trust you! The basic idea was of Satyajit but I will be implementing it.

I got loads of money for supplying the drug. One day the crimes turned big.

1976, Karnataka:
Charles comes to a club. He meets Teresa there. He lies to her that he is gem trader. They go to a quiet place to talk. Charles tells her about his background. I love my daughter but my wife never lets me meet her. He asks about Teresa. She says she got engaged. She starts feeling dizzy and thinks that he drugged her. She faints. He picks her up and throws her in water.

Hippies roam around looking for peace. I started feeling happy after killing them and looting them. There was only one way to keep it going – kill anyone who got to knew about me. Nobody can stop me.

1976, Nepal:
Teresa’s fiancé registers the case in Inspector Gurmukh’s police station. She couldn’t drown as she was a very good swimmer. She was drugged. There was someone with her who introduced himself to Teresa as a drug trader. Gurmukh connects the previous murders. They were all tourists. SO many people have died in Thailand,

Teresa’s fiancé comes to Goa to look for the gem trader. Charles introduces him to the guy. Teresa’s fiancé lies that he has come to find some gems here. I have heard about a gem trader named Choudhary. Charles agrees to help him. Later, Teresa’s fiancé tells Charles the truth under the alcohol’s influence. Please take me to that murderer. Charles takes him to a far place and kills him. Charles, Choudhary or Janardan, doesn’t matter! Teresa’s fiancé asks him why he killed Teresa. Charles says I am cleaning the society. Teresa and other hippies come here for drugs. They make the society dirty. I have been and will continue to clean the society. He sets the guy on fire.

Charles used the identities of all those he killed. He used to steal their passports and travel in other countries.

1976, Kerala:
Paula, a Canadian girl, is the next target of Charles. She isn’t carrying Indian money so he pays for her. Paula agrees to return the money when she meets him next time. Her passport falls in the process. Charles comes to her room to return it to her. She notices the champagne bottle in his hand. She invites him inside for drinks.

Charles mixes a medicine in one of the cups. They get close. She starts feeling dizzy afterwards. I don’t understand what’s happening. He suffocates her to death. He steals all the cash from her purse. Two people are already waiting for him outside (Satyajit and his girlfriend Claire).

Satyajit survived that day. Charles asks him how he found him. Satyajit asks for his share. It was my idea after all. I want money. Claire, his girlfriend, is also in all this. Charles agrees.

Charles and his friends looted a lot many people around Asia. They used to reach wherever the hippies were. Media named Charles serpent.

1976, Nepal:
Satyajit and Claire welcome a group to the hotel. Monique too is one of them. Charles asks about Anita. She doesn’t share anything. Charles demands to know about his daughter’s whereabouts. Monique has already found someone who can fulfil all the fatherly duties. Stay away from her and us. I am not going to let you go near her.

Charles refuses to leave or forget someone. I will kill all the 70 people. Satyajit calls it risky. We will be caught. I will kill Monique for you. Charles holds his collar. You are so grown up that you will kill her? Do what I say! I don’t mind taking a risk. Claire isn’t ready for the plan. I only wanted money through short cut. I cannot become a murderer like you. I cannot do this mass murder. Charles charges at Claire but Satyajit holds a gun at him. Charles stands there unfazed. There are no bullets in Satyajit’s gun. Charles has already removed them all. You dint even realise it. This is why I am Charles! He kills Satyajit.

Claire agreed to what Charles said but she knew that he was no one’s. She too could meet the same fate. She went to police to save herself. Charles did what he had thought of. He got arrested when he tried to kill Monique and everyone. Charles spent 10 years in jail. He was at his best behaviour there. One day he celebrated his birthday in jail.

1986, Tihar Jail:
Charles distributes cake amongst all the jail members. There were still 2 years of my term there but then I would have been sent to Nepal or Thailand to complete the rest of my term. I would get death penalty be it anywhere. I escaped.

Charles comes to Claire’s home. She is shocked to see him. I got scared. I couldn’t understand what to do! Charles kills her.

2003, Nepal:
Charles thinks of himself to be above this world, obviously law too if it is a part of this world. I went to France before any law could reach me. Gurmukh asks him if he dint regret killing so many people. Charles denies. It felt more like an achievement. I was cleaning the society. The hippies were always drugged and wander around.

Gurmukh is curious. The one who couldn’t stay inside any jail got himself arrested today! Why? What is your plan? Charles wants info on his daughter. He calls on a number. Anita picks up the phone. He introduces himself to her but she doesn’t know anyone by that name. My father is dead. She disconnects the call. Gurmukh understands it from his reaction. You killed so many people for your daughter’s sake and she doesn’t want to talk to you. Hope she never finds a Charles. You might have escaped from many jails in your life but you wont be able to escape from here!

Gurmukh was right. Charles could never run away. He is serving his term in Nepal’s jail. People got justice late but they did get it!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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