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Pune, Maharashtra, January 2014:
Anamika Bungalow, No. 22, Kothrud:
Two girls (Shweta and Payal) are getting ready. A girl’s boyfriend calls them to hurry up. They have recently shifted. The girls decide to take a selfie when they notice something in the background. They decide to take another selfie and this time the thing is in the front. The lights start flickering suddenly. The girls get scared. Payal goes to see the main switch when Shweta notices someone passing by from there. She calls out for Payal. They both scream out in shock as they see a spirit.

6 months later, July 2014:
A couple checks out Anamika Bungalow. They want a home cum office for their work. The property dealer shows them the house. They ask Patel as to why the owner is selling it in such low rates. This

is so huge. Patel replies that the owner shifted in abroad some years ago. The couple likes it so they close the deal.

Pravesh and Bharti got married a few months ago. They were architects and partners in business. They needed place for their work as it was expanding. They were starting their life with new hopes. Ramesh and Bharti settle down in the Bungalow.

1 week later:
Pravesh and Bharti are sleeping. Bharti wakes up. She hears someone murmuring “Ram Nam Satya Hai”. She asks Pravesh if he can hear anything. He too can hear it. Maybe someone died and a dead body is being taken to the cemetery. She can hear it real close but he tells her to sleep. I am very sleepy. She is feeling scared so he holds her tight. Close your eyes and sleep.

Next morning, Bharti asks Pravesh if he dint find it weird yester night. He tells her to focus on the work. They are waiting for Taneja’s call. He calls just then but it disconnects. He calls back but is unable to talk. The battery is dead the very next second. He calls from Bharti’s mobile but the network problem continues. He tries the landline but the phone is dead. He loses his cool. She tells him to calm down. What if it would have hit me? He is angry as their hard work is going down the drain. She scolds him for buying this Bungalow. He blames her instead. She taunts him that everyone told her not to marry him. I dint listen to anyone and I only will have to bear it for life now.

At night, Pravesh apologizes to Bharti and so does she. She is happy that she listened to her heart and married him. They get close. Later, Bharti wakes up at night. She switches on the light and notices light coming from outside. Pravesh is fast asleep so she goes out to check. She removes the curtain and locks the window. She notices a woman calling out for help from the opposite house. She rushes to wake Pravesh. I saw someone in that house. The house is all dark though. There is no one there. She insists that someone needs help. Let us go there and check once. I am sure someone is there. They go downstairs. They head towards the other Bungalow together but it is locked and completely dark. He tells her that she might have seen a dream or it might be her illusion. She feels very uncomfortable here. There is something here. They head back to their house.

Next morning, the door bell rings. Pravesh goes to see who it is. There is no one outside when he opens the door. Bharti too wakes up by then. They both wonder as to who rang the bell if no one was outside. She wonders if this house is possessed. So many weird things are happening here. I don’t understand what the reason behind it is. the door bell rings again. It is the milkman. He tells them that they came out late. I went to give milk to the other house. I give milk in the houses nearby. I thought to come here too. Bharti asks him why this house is empty. He replies that this house never accepts people. All those who have lived here have said that they hear weird noises at night. Have you? They dismiss him.

Pravesh scolds Bharti for sending wrong quote to the client. They lose a 50 lacs contract. They fight over it as she reasons that she dint send it. Everything is going wrong since the time we have shifted here. This house was a big mistake. They bicker over their partnership. Pravesh loses his calm. She calmly tells him to think of how they are changing since they have come here. Please try to understand it. He tells her to think of the problem that they have to face because of losing the contract. She replies that she doesn’t want to live with him.

The same noise echoes at night. Bharti wakes up and walks out of the Bungalow in trance. She comes outside the very same house (opposite theirs) and starts banding her head at the door. Pravesh wakes up and gets tensed when he doesn’t find her in the room. He looks out from the window and is shocked to see what Bharti is doing. He rushes outside and stops her. She is bleeding from the head. He has to shake her to bring her back to the reality. She has no idea how she came here or got wounded. I don’t know what’s happening to me. I will go mad. I have no idea how I came here. He makes her look at him. I wont let anything happen to you. He hugs her. They go back inside the house.

Next morning, Pravesh stops the milk man but then doesn’t ask him anything. Milk man asks him if he heard anything. I had told you about the noises. There is a cemetery nearby. Be a little alert and meet a Pandit that lives near the cemetery. He leaves.

Few hours later:
Pravesh returns home. He shares that he went to the cemetery to find some answers. I met a priest there. In Hindu dharma, no one takes a dead body to the cemetery at night. I told him about the voices. He said that it is a message from someone. Some evil spirits are there around us. They are trying to say something to us. Bharti gets scared. He has requested the priest to come and help them somehow. Now he only can do something.

Next day:
The priest comes to Anamika Bungalow. He looks around the house. He goes upstairs and then walks out of the house. He points out at the opposite house. They all start heading towards it. Priest stops them at a distance. He next tells Pravesh to break the lock. Pravesh obliges. All three of them go inside the house. It is in complete mess. They hear the same voices again. A fridge is kept there. Priest points out at it. Pravesh moves forward. He opens the fridge and Bharti screams out in shock. There is a dead body kept inside.

Pravesh and Bharti tell the Inspector about their property dealer. The owner lives in abroad. Inspector tells a constable to find out everything. They track down Anand through Interpol.

Anand shares with Inspector that he got married to Neha 2.5 years ago. Her name was Neha. She was also from Aurangabad.

2.5 years ago:
Neha complains to Anand about marrying her when he loved someone else. He tells her to leave him if he is not happy with the house, the property, etc. She cannot go anywhere else as she doesn’t have anyone. Her loneliness was killing her. I overlooked everything. I returned home one day and found her lying unconscious on the bed. She had taken sleeping pills. He calls doc. Doc tells Anand to take care of Neha. She is out of danger but you must be careful.

Anand scolds Neha for doing a drama. He tells her to return to Aurangabad once she is fine. Go anywhere but spare me. Anand goes out for a few days. He tells Kishore to take care of Neha. Kishore used to look after Neha when I wasn’t home. They became close in that time and fell for each other. I was shocked to see them together when I came back home. I lost my mind. I couldn’t control myself and shot them both.

Present: I dint want to kill them. I got scared when I saw their dead bodies. I dint want police to find out. I did what I felt was right. I cut their bodies with my hand and hid them in freezer so no one finds out. I had thought to dispose them off but I couldn’t do it. I was scared of getting caught. no one found anything till a few days. I left the house. I had no idea that people can share their stories even if they are dead.

Pravesh and Bharti light fire to Neha and Kishore’s body. Everyone else is present there as well. As per Hindu dharma, the body should be disposed off (burnt / buried) as soon as the person dies. The sounds stopped afterwards. Pravesh and Bharti’s life came back on happy track. They are happy now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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