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Panjim, Goa, 2015:
Few girls are celebrating one of the girl’s baby shower. One of the girls tries to stop the pregnant lady from cutting the cake. You should not touch knife today. She still goes ahead and her finger gets hurt. Her husband calls. She jokes about the coincidences. I am going to die. It is lunar eclipse today. Plus I used a knife. Just then the lunar eclipse occurs. A lady emerges behind her. The pregnant lady screams out in shock.

Gulbarga, Karnataka, 2015:
A nikaah happens. Rafique comes to his first wife’s (Ayesha’s) room. His wife reasons that he has married Nafisa. She too has an equal right on you. Maybe she can give you a baby. Rafique replies that he too might have some complication. It isn’t that you are at fault for us not having a baby. Abba forced

me so I married Nafisa. Ayesha is happy for he has married a widow. You have to take care of her too now.

Rafique’s Abbu stops Nafisa from doing any work. You are going to give us our heir. He instead asks Ayesha to do the work. Ayesha intentionally pretends that she has pain in her feet. Rafique’s Abbu tells Ayesha to massage Nafisa’s feet. Rafique loves Ayesha very much. He feels bad yet he is helpless before his Abbu. Nafisa asks Ayesha about her marriage. You were married for 4 years yet you have no kid. You must be feeling bad. Now I am here too. Ayesha replies that 4 marriages are allowed in Islam for a good reason. A kid is a good enough reason. Nafisa is surprised. My first husband was about to leave me for someone else. He died before he could do something about it. I cannot share my love with anyone. I am feeling better now. There is just a small pain now which will go away really soon.

Rafique talks sweetly to Ayesha when there is no one else around. Ayesha begins to go when she faints. Doc checks Ayesha and shares the good news with everyone. She is pregnant. Everyone is thrilled except Nafisa. Rafique’s Abbu wants to celebrate it asap as the lunar eclipse is day after tomorrow. He gives Nafisa the responsibility of taking care of Ayesha. Nafisa is fuming.

Everyone gets their pic clicked with the mom to be. The doc too comes. Rafique goes to bring the gift for her. Nafisa follows him inside. I want my right. You have married me. You have to keep me happy. He pushes her. She is angry as everyone’s attention is focused on Ayesha. Rafique makes it clear to her that he loves Ayesha. She is my wife. Nafisa counters that he married her as well. He agrees to talk to her once this celebration is done. Nafisa wipes her tears. She takes out a book from the cupboard.

At night, Rafique and Ayesha talk about their baby. Rafique wants a girl. They are equally capable as boys. Ayesha feels glad after hearing his thoughts. You should take care of Nafisa too as she is also your responsibility. She is your wife after all. Rafique agrees.

Rafique comes to talk to Nafisa. I shouldn’t have spoken to you like that. I married you on Abbu’s insistence but I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life because of me. I know you are my wife, my responsibility. I will give you all your rights and love you as much as I love Ayesha. But it isn’t as easy for me. I may be able to spend good time with you once the baby is born. Please try to understand. His Abbu sends him out for some work. Rafique leaves reluctantly. Nafisa picks up a knife.

Nafisa goes to give milk to Ayesha. She is hiding something under her dupatta. Ayesha apologizes to her. I understand that many problems have surfaced in your life because of me. Nafisa acts all modest. The light goes off. Ayesha tells her to check outside. Nafisa lies that she is scared of the dark. It will only take two minutes. Ayesha is concerned about the lunar eclipse but still goes out. Meanwhile, Nafisa cuts her finger and wipes the blood using Ayesha’s dupatta. Ayesha is outside. She is still trying to put the switch correctly. The lunar eclipse occurs. Nafisa calls out for the evil spirit to kill Ayesha for her. Ayesha is looking at the sky / moon. A lady’s shadow appears next to Nafisa. She orders the lady to kill Ayesha for her. Follow my orders. The lady kills Nafisa first of all. Ayesha returns to her room and notices the scene. She faints. Her FIL catches hold of her. He too has seen that lady.

2 weeks later:
Police is at Rafique’s house. His Abbu talks about the lady that he had seen that night. Inspector shares that Nafisa’s husband too had died under similar circumstances. She was from Bijapur. We don’t believe in such stories but you must take care of Ayesha in case it is true. Maybe that spirit will come back to kill her. He leaves. Rafique’s Abbu tells Rafique to go somewhere tomorrow morning itself.

Rafique removes the duvet from over Ayesha’s face. She is all shaken up. She hugs him and notices that lady standing right behind them. She points out to Rafique but by the time he turns there is no one. She hugs him again in fear.

Ayesha had seen that spirit. Nafisa’s curse had fallen on Ayesha.

Rafique comes to a mosque. He has come to meet Maulana Sahab but meets his son Wasim instead. Rafique asks him about lunar eclipse. Wasim shares that black magic happens on that night. He checks the paper that was found with Nafisa. Wasim instantly recognizes that he will have to go to Bijpaur to find out about the mystery of 60 graves of Fazal Khan’s wives. They decide to leave tomorrow morning itself.

Rafique returns to his room. He thinks that it is Ayesha is still sitting under the duvet. He removes it but just then Ayesha comes there from outside. She is having cramps in her stomach. His Abbu too reaches there. Rafique shares that the spirit is after Ayesha now. His ABbu is more concerned about the baby but Rafique wants both Ayesha and their baby to be all fine.

Bijapur, Karnataka:
Rafique, Ayesha and Wasim reach the cemetery where the 60 graves are. Ayesha is a little uncomfortable but they have to go there for the safety of her and her baby. They see 60 graves of there. Ayesha is all scared. I want to go from here. Just then a Peer Baba comes there. You wont find here anything except hatred and ill omens. He tells them about a lady who can tell them about Fazal Khan and his 60 wives.

Zulekha Bano, Professor, Bijapur:
Zulekha Bano tells them that Fazal Khan wanted a baby. He married 59 wives for the same wish but in vain. He married for the 60th time. Samira Bano got pregnant. Unfortunately, he killed her as well in a fit of rage. Fazal Khan could not become a father as he was impotent. Fazal Khan’s 60th wife met their royal magician. They eventually fell in love. Halam told Fazal Khan that one of his wives will kill the baby inside his 60th wife. Fazal Khan killed all of them. It was actually Halam’s plot. He was a Mughal, a spy. He had come to weaken Fazal Khan from inside. He later told everyone the truth that Samira was pregnant with his child. Fazal Khan killed Samira for the very same reason. The couple ask her for a solution. She takes them to her sister.

Zulekha Bano’s sister looks at them and she also notices Fazal Khan’s 60th wife standing right behind them. Take them away. She will kill her. The couple request her for help. She says it is black magic. Many books have been written over it. It is also mentioned that whoever gives her blood to black magic to invoke any evil spirit can make her kill anyone but it can also kill them. Rafique realises that Nafisa might have used her blood in place of using Ayesha’s blood. Zulekha Bano’s sister says I was in royal palace at that time when I got a book. I tried to break the vicious circle of black magic but in vain. I thought that we will have to give a sacrifice to cancel the curse. I brought my Fufi outside on a lunar eclipse night. She was pregnant. I used that book to invoke the spirit. I tried to break the curse but I saw Samira Bano’s spirit killing my Fufi right before my eyes.

Both Fazal and Halam cheated Samira Bano. Samira Bano wanted her baby safe but Fazal Khan killed her. It was a lunar eclipse night. She gave a curse that she wont spare any pregnant lady if she goes out on a lunar eclipse night. She will kill everyone. If we get the book and stick the dagger across it maybe then only can you be free of the curse. We buried everything in Samira Bano’s grave with her. You will have to do it asap or she wont spare you.

At night, Rafique digs the grave. He finds only Fazal’s dagger. He resumes digging so he can find Halam’s book too. Ayesha starts feeling pain in her stomach as Samira Bano’s spirit comes near her. Peer Baba senses her presence. I will stop her. he tells Rafique to resume digging. Rafique gets back to his work. Samira’s spirit is trying hard to attack the Peer Baba first as he is holding a hold thread. Rafique finds the book and puts dagger across it. Ayesha feels pain again. They look back and notice Samira heading towards them. Peer Baba tells Rafique to do something to the dagger too. Samira Bano kills the Peer Baba using her powers. Rafique cuts her hand with the dagger and stands before Samira Bano. He begs her to spare his wife’s life. Spare my wife and kid. Take my life instead. Samira Bano’s spirit retreats. Rafique hugs Ayesha with relief.

No spirirt ever troubled Ayesa afterwards though she is still scared to go out of her house on a lunar eclipse night. But why Samira left them alive that night? Maybe she is still looking for that love or that kid whom Fazal had snatched from her!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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