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Love is something which is very hard to define. It is equally difficult to cage it in some bondage or in the name of some traditions. It never motivates us to hate / discriminate amongst one another but yes, you cannot stop it because of any tradition or society. But yes, the seed is sown in the hearts of people many times. You don’t even need to say it out loud. It says everything by keeping quiet.

A guy and a girl share some happy cute moments together. The guy sings an old romantic song for her. It is getting late so the girl signals him that they should leave now. He starts the bike.

October 2014, Pathanwadi, Mumbai:
A lady is doing namaz. A few images flash before her while she prays.

Amena is looking at a photo album. She hides it when her husband comes there. He

asks about Rukhsar. She tells him that she is home. She goes to make tea for him. Fahim calls the guy. He tells Fahim that he wont be able to do it tonight. I have just returned home and I am dead tired. He ends the call. He notices the album and flips through the photos. He too is in tears while he caresses the pics of his kids. Amena brings tea for him. he asks her about the album. I had told you not to keep anything in the house that can remind us of him. I cannot see this again and again. She tells him that she cannot forget the fact that he was her son. He says no one has forgotten it, not even me. but now we have only one child, Rukshar. She knows it too but the heir of the house is lost. He replies that no one could do anything for him. But I am proud of my daughter. She is pretty and a good person. She will find a good guy. I will get her married in a grand manner the day we find the perfect match for her. She too hopes for the same.

Rukhsar refuses to look at the photo of her would be husband. Her mother (Amena) keeps the photo on the bedside table and leaves. Rukhsar tears the photo without even so much as looking at it. Rukhsar slashes her wrist with a knife.

Ameen Rehman Hospital, Goregaon (West), Mumbai:
Rukhsar gains conscious. Amena informs the nurse about the same.

Dr. Bhaskar and Ashima reach hospital. They go to meet Dr. Bhandarkar. He has informed them about Rukhsar. She is very weak. She has tried to kill herself twice in last 2 days. She is safe for now. I have called you so she doesn’t repeat it in future. Dr. Bhaskar asks for details. Doc tells him that it was an emergency case. Rukhsar Mohammad was brought to the hospital for she had slit her wrist. She tried to do it again yesterday as well.

Ashima comes to meet Rukhsar. She gives her intro to Rukhsar. Ashima tells her a story of two saints. They helped a girl in crossing the river. She thanks them and leaves. One of the saints asked the other if what they did was not a sin as they have vowed never to touch a lady. The other saint smiles. I left that lady at the river side only but seems like you are still carrying her on your shoulder. Burden should be taken off your heart. Try it and you too will feel better.

Rukhsar’s father tells Dr. Bhaskar and Ashima about their background. Dr. Bhaskar asks him what could have prompted Rukhsar to slit her wrist. Rukhsar’s father doesn’t want to think about it. Ashima asks them if Rukhsar is their only child. He asks her if they have come to help Rukhsar or take their exam. Rukhsar is the apple of my eyes. You aren’t doing anything but blaming us for no reason. You might eventually blame us for pushing Rukhsar towards this extreme step. You know it well that Rukhsar cannot talk so she cannot say anything in her Abbu’s defence. You can blame us for anything then. Ashima explains it calmly to him. we wont be able to help her if you don’t help us.

Rukhsar’s father tells them about Rukhsar. She is a very simple and good girl. Years ago, my son Rashid was shot down in the riots. That is the same day when Rukhsar lost her voice. Little rukhsar runs out on the streets after seeing her brother’s dead body. Her father runs after her, trying to stop her but in vain. She meets with an accident. Doc told us that her vocal cord has been affected because of the injury in her brain. Rukhsar is quiet since then. we are dying to hear her voice. We feel as if she will call out to us any moment of the day. Dr. Bhaskar asks him if he has witnessed any change in Rukhsar’s behaviour in the past days. Rukhsar’s Abbu denies. She used to go to her friend Nafisa’s house thrice in a week. She had gone there that day as well. Rukhsar is very fond of sewing. I was about to greet her while leaving for work but I noticed her happy expressions. I left quietly from there. 4 hours later my wife called me to inform about Rukhsar’s condition. Ashima wonders if Rukhsar will never talk again. He replies that they haven’t heard Rukhsar’s voice since 22 years now. We were supposed to go to Bangalore to a doc. He had given us hope that Rukhsar will start speaking eventually but now we cannot take her there in this condition. He is a close friend. Please do something so that Rukhsar is well. We will immediately take her to Bangalore then. Dr. Bhaskar promises to do everything that he can to help Rukhsar.

At hospital, Ashima is sitting with Rukhsar’s mother. She laments at the fact that both her kids’ lives were destroyed on the same day. One was taken away by God while the other one is no better than a dead person. The whole city was on fire in 1993. My son had gone out for some work but got killed instead. What was his mistake? Ashima comforts her. Ashima finds out that Rukhsar is fond of making dupattas, sewing. Ashima gets an idea. Can you please give me the clothes that Rukhsar was working on?

Dr, Bhaskar and Ashima discuss about the case. They find everything right yet they wonder as to why Rukhsar tried to kill herself. Ashima had gone to Rukhsar along with the clothes that she was making. Rukhsar got angry upon seeing them. The colour of the attire (lehenga) was red and golden. Such clothes are made at the time of weddings. She wants to marry but maybe she is not getting a good proposal because of her. Maybe she is scared of the fact that her dreams remain dream only. Sometimes such things break people like anything. They decide to go deep in the matter and find out what’s troubling Rukhsar. Contact Nafisa!

Nafisa tells them about Aman Deshpande. Aman and Rukhsar met at my home for the first time. They hit it off instantly and became very good friends. They dint realise when their friendship turned into love (in over 2 years time). He is the only one who can read Rukhsar’s eyes. He understands everything without her saying it.

Flashback: Aman agrees to find a way out for them. Give me two days time. I will talk to Naved and Nafisa. We will find a solution. You wont marry anyone else. She finally smiles. Aman sings a romantic song for her in the market only.

Present: Nafisa says Aman dint need words to talk to Rukhsar. You don’t get to see such genuine / chaste love in today’s time. Dr. Bhaskar wants to know what could have happened recently that Rukhsar tried to end her life. Nafisa replies that Rukhsar was being pressurized for wedding. She in turn pressurized Aman to do something before things go wrong. He had a word with Naved Bhai.

Flashback: Naved tells Aman to think through as the road is not easy from here. The outcome can be dangerous too. Aman is going to Nasik to talk to his parents. It all depends on their reaction. Naved suggests him to talk to Rukhsar’s Abbu too. Aman agrees. But first I will talk to my parents. I will talk to him once I am back from Nasik. Till then please tell Rukhsar to wait for me. Naved nods.

Present: Aman went to Nasik but dint return. Rukhsar kept on waiting for him. Her family has fixed her alliance. Rukhsar broke down completely and tried to kill herself. Naved tells them that he doesn’t want to hear the name of that guy in this house who has cheated Rukhsar. He might have married a girl of his parent’s choice by now. Rukhsar is very loyal for him. Maybe he couldn’t understand it. I hate him for ditching Rukhsar like this.

Ashima feels they should tell everything to Rukhsar’s parents. Dr. Bhaskar wants to wait till Rukhsar gets her treatment done in Bangalore. Maybe her voice will come back and she will tell everyone everything. Ashima checks all the names of ENT Surgeons of Chennai on internet. She doesn’t find anyone listed by the name of Abdul Qazi. Dr. Bhaskar gets a call from Dr. Bhandarkar.

They reach hospital. Doc tells them that Rukhsar’s parents wants to take her home. She is not in a condition right now. She should stay here for better recovery. Dr. Bhaskar talks to Amena. Why do you want to take Rukhsar home when you know that she is not fit enough to do it? She replies that they feel Rukhsar will recover fast at home. She loves firni. Ashima takes firni for Rukhsar but instead she pushes the bowl away. she signals something to Ashima.

Later on, Dr. Bhaskar calls Dr. Bhandarkar. Please don’t discharge Rukhsar for a few days anyhow. There is certainly some problem between her and her parents. We cannot let go of her till we find out the truth.

Dr. Bhaskar comes to meet Rukhsar’s father. You lied to me. I wont be able to help you if you don’t tell me the truth. I want to know the entire truth.

Aman is in jail. Inspector and constable beat him for he refuses to leave Rukhsar. Rukhsar’s father sticks to his ground. I dint lie to you about anything or have hid anything from you. Dr. Bhaskar talks about the man Rukhsar loves. Her father is irked. He doesn’t feel that Dr. Bhaskar is helping them. we feel you are interfering in our personal matter. You don’t have to do that. You may leave. Dr. Bhaskar tries to say something but Jamal comes out and stands with Rukhsar’s Abbu. Dr. Bhaskar leaves.

At the hospital, nurse gives injection to Rukhsar. You can sleep now. Nurse tells her mother to go and sleep as well. Amena has a habit of taking a walk after eating dinner she goes for a walk. Someone walks inside Rukhsar’s ward while she is asleep.

Dr. Bhaskar receives a call and is shocked.

Rukhsar’s Abbu questions the hospital staff. My daughter has been kidnapped from your hospital. I wont spare anyone if anything happens to her. I will file a case against you. Dr. Bhansarkar tells Dr. Bhaskar that there is a guy in CCTV footage but his face is hidden. Jamal calls police but they cannot file a report before 24 hours. Dr. Bhaskar is more curious about Jamal now. I had seen him at Rukhsar’s house that day too.

Rukhsar’s father tells Jamal to forget that she is his daughter. Do anything that you want to do with her. Amena begs them not to kill Rukhsar. Her husband talks about their reputation in the society. She dint care about it even once while falling in love with the person from that other caste / religion. Our son was killed by the people of that religion only. Either she will die or it will be me! Jamal had seen her with that Hindu guy. They were real close (on the bike). Jamal has seen them two three times. Amena offers to talk to Rukhsar, to make her understand but her husband says no one can do anything now. it is good that Jamal has handed him (Aman) over to police. I told that police inspector only to beat / torture Aman and not kill him as I loved my daughter. She still dint realise it and slit her wrist. She seems to be really fond of dying. I will fulfil her wish. Ashima has overheard their entire convo. She turns to go but ends up making some noise. They get alert. Jamal peeks out of the window to see who was there.

Ashima calls and updates everything to Dr. Bhaskar. Rukhsar’s life is in danger. Dr. Bhaskar tells her to find out about the police station where Aman is. It is a case of honour killing!

Pathanwadi Police Station:
Inspector shares that Aman was in their jail for a few days. He was arrested for troubling a girl. that girl’s father knew many big shots so we had to keep him in the lock up for a few days. Her father told me to beat / torture Aman. A few days later, he told me to beat the boy so much that he dies. We cannot do that. I felt pity for the guy as he was a very simple man so I released him. I have no idea about his whereabouts as of now.

Aman is with Rukhsar. This is the last night of our life. We will go to such place afterwards where no one can separate us. He sings another romantic song for her. Ashima calls Nafisa to get Aman’s address. Aman picks up a bowl of firni and holds it out in the middle so they both can eat. Dr. Bhaskar and Ashima come running there in the nick of the time. They stop the duo from eating it / feeding it to each other. Dr. Bhaskar gives them confidence. Nothing will happen to you both. We will help you. Ashima assures them that they shouldn’t worry about anything. Tell us what has happened with you.

Flashback: Rukhsar’s father gets Aman arrested. Rukhsar had heard his convo. Amena brings firni for her but Rukhsar refuses to eat it. Meanwhile, Aman is arrested. Rukhsar is in tears thinking of the whole situation and slits her wrist.

Present: Aman knows that Rukhsar’s family members wont spare them. They wont leave us alive. We wont be able to live without each other so we have no other option. They are very powerful. Dr. Bhaskar points out that love is powerful than everything. What have you both decided? Aman says we have decided to go to a place where no one can separate us. Dr. Bhaskar asks about Jamal. Aman says he is Rukhsar’s cousin. Rukhsar Abdul Qazi, he lives in Chennai. Rukhsar’s parents want to get her married to him. they are thinking of sending her to Chennai. Ashima asks about the poisonous firni that they were going to eat. Is this a solution? Aman says we have no other option. We will be able to die peacefully atleast. They wont let us unite while we are alive. Dr. Bhaskar says you both have promised to live with each other then fulfil it. what’s the point of such love which can give up so easily? Aman nods.

Everyone is at police station. Inspector tells Rukhsar’s father that law will support Aman and Rukhsar only. They are adults so they can make their own decisions. They will also get protection from us. You only will be nabbed if they even get a scratch. Think what you want to do. Dr. Bhaskar explains to Rukhsar’s Abbu that it isn’t a sin to love someone. Rukhsar can stick to her religion. She will have no problem with that. But no one else will be better for her than Aman. He understands everything without her even saying it. what else do you want? We don’t reach any conclusions by anger and hatred. Love can be handled with love only. Jamal holds Rukhsar’s hand but her Abbu stops him. He allows Rukhsar to live her life the way she wants to. Dr. Bhaskar tells the couple that when you love someone then that person becomes the reason for your existence. You both are the reason as to why the other is living. Those who love never leaves and the one who leaves, has never loved anyone. it is ok / justified to wait in love. Don’t take any step in rush. Trust yourself and your love. They nod. Rukhsar hugs her Abbu. He too melts down and blesses her. Dr. Bhaskar smiles.

Ashfaque and Jamal were arrested for compelling Rukhsar to commit suicide and getting Aman tortured by police but Aman and Rukhsar forgave them. They were released soon then. Ashfaque did their marriage. They both are living happily in Nasik as of now.

Traditions, customs, dharma, religions are all made for our convenience only. Their meaning changes when they become someone’s enemy. There is an old saying, you need force when you want to do something wrong. Love is enough to get everything. Respect this love. Your life will become easier that ways. Please don’t ignore it if you witness / notice a similar situation around you. contact the below mentioned number. This is one such organization which helps people who are mentally disturbed. Maybe your one attempt can save someone’s life.

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline)
Contact: 1860 266 2345

Official FB Page: Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foundation

Update Credit to: Pooja

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