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Chocolate Uncle

Sarovar Convent School, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi:
The school has ended. All the kids are going home. One kid is walking alone. A guy on bike asks him if his mother dint come today. He offers chocolate to the kid. The kid eats it. The guy lures him for more chocolates. They are at my house. Will you come with me? The kid leaves with the guy.

The little kid is tied and lying on floor. He cries for his mother. The kidnapper comes there. He opens the ropes from around the kid’s hands. The kid goes quiet as the man gets angry. He starts undressing the kid. Another man walks inside.

3 days later
Nafazgarh, 35 kms away from Delhi:
The kid’s dead body is found by police. A chocolate wrapper is in his pocket.

Nayi Aawaz Office, New Delhi:

scolds Kavya for getting an article printed in the newspaper in Kabir’s name. Poeple are questioning him because of it. Kabir says it will be ok. They all watch the news.

Meera Society, Vikaspuri:
Sudha Saxena and Arvind Saxena are talking to their granddaughter Tina. Mangal (the domestic help) leaves for the market. Tina leaves with Arvind for the park.

Meera Society Compound:
The kids are playing in the society compound. Arvind is busy talking to his group of friends. Pawan (Society Secretary) and Arvind are discussing about some issue. A watchman is keeping tabs on Tina. The ball falls in a corner. Tina goes to pick it. A guy comes there dressed as a watch man. His face isn’t shown. He gives Tina chocolate. He lures her in the name of more chocolates. She goes with him. Tina is found dead later. Pawan asks the guard about his whereabouts. He calls police station to report the case.

Tina is taken away on a stretcher. Arvind’s neighbour tells that Tina was playing downstairs. He got involved in talking to the other people. Aniket Kumar (another neighbour) shares that he saw Tina leaving with a man dressed in watchman’s uniform. I dint see his face though. Inspector asks the constable to bring the watchman. Inspector asks about Saxena family. the families question police over the past incident too. The watchman is absconding.

Vikaspuri Police Station:
The watchman is from Rajasthan. Inspector

Kabir comes to meet Inspector Kumar about the incident in Vikaspuri. Inspector shares that they only know that the kid was seen last with the watchman. He is absconding. Kabir points out that this is 9th such incident in West Delhi. Is there any connection? Inspector says the accused is roaming in West Delhi only. Rape and murder are confirmed in Tina’s case. Kabir thanks him for the info.

Kabir finds humans getting worse than animals. Sakshi says the crimes against kids are increasing day by day. They have increased by 58k in a year. Many incidents are hidden by the family for various reasons. The accused are let free. Kabir decides to dig deep into the matter. Family, society and media should stay alert so no such incidents against kids happen.

Sudha keeps crying for her granddaughter. What will we say to our son and DIL? Arvind hasn’t told them anything so far. I have only said that Tina isn’t well. Kabir comes there. Arvind ji says she left. What do you want to know now? Kabir asks him if it all happened before his eyes. Arvind ji calls it his mistake. I was busy talking to my friends.

Arvind ji is sitting with his friends discussing society matters. He looks up for Tina but she isn’t around. He finally finds her dead.

Amit and Meetu return home. They see their parents crying badly. They get tensed. They keep calling for Tina but find her nowhere. Amit asks Kabir. Kabir says your daughter was raped and then killed. They both are stunned. Sudha cannot stop crying. Meetu keeps asking her about Tina with disbelief. The Saxena family breaks down. Amit cannot believe it that people can harm kids like that. She was so young.

Kabir asks the watchman who was on duty that day. The present watchman too has no clue. We only know that he was from Rajasthan. Kabir asks about the gates of the society when the watchman points out at Pawan. Ask him. He is the Society Secretary. Aniket (Pawan’s younger brother) comes there too. He says the same thing that he had told the police that day. I couldn’t see anything clearly. I just glanced at him once. Kabir thanks him. Pawan and Aniket leave. Kabir notices the CCTV camera installed there.

Police check the footage. They find a man coming upstairs holding Tina’s hand.

Kabir is with his editor in his office. They talk about their office. Editor is upset as everything has gone wrong because of Kavya. They watch the news about the Vikaspuri incident. The man was in the disguise of a watchman. He took her on terrace and then took advantage of her. The proprietor walks in. He has specially come to meet Kavya. I read your yesterday’s article. You write well but there are some journalistic protocols too. Be careful next time and take any of your senior in confidence before that. The proprietor smiles at Kabir who nods back.

The photo of watchman Avtar Singh is being distributed in every police station. Police nab Avtar Singh on a check post.

Avtar Singh says I dint do anything. I got scared as everyone thought that I am the culprit so I ran away. Police Inspector shows him the video. Avtar still says that he is innocent. Pawan and Aniket are called in. Aniket sticks to his words. Avtar requests Pawan to help him. I have small kids. Pawan instead ask him to tell everything that he knows. Both the brothers leave. Inspector beats Avtar.

Kabir is at the police station. He watches the video time and again to look for some clue.

West Delhi area:
An auto stops near a kid. A man holds out chocolate for the kid who takes it. More such incidents happen in that area.

Mangal is lost. Amit slaps him. He shows the vulgur magazines that were found in the room.

1 day later:
Kabir comes to the wing from where the kidnapper had taken Tina upstairs. Pawan stays in the same wing. He coincidentally meets Pawan. Pawan asks him to leave Saxenas alone. I will help you. He takes Kabir inside his house. Kabir asks for the layout of the apartment. Aniket is also at home. Kabir and Aniket talk for a minute as Pawan goes to bring the layout. Aniket is studying engineering.

Uttam Nagar Delhi:
A man plays with the kids. He is shown wearing the uniform of a pizza shop. Almost all the kids leave. The guy offers pizza treat to one of the kids.

Nafazgarh, 20 kms away from Delhi:
The man brings the kid to a house. It is none other than Aniket. He gives a pizza to the kid. Eat it. I will join you soon. Aniket removes his shirt inside the room. Pawan reminds him that they weren’t going to target the kids for a while. Police is keeping an eye on everyone. Aniket is only worried about Kabir. Pawan too goes to change his clothes. Electricity goes out. Aniket comes back to the kid’s room. He starts undressing the kid. Pawan joins him. They both rape the kid and then kill him.

Nafazgarh, 35 kms away from Delhi:
Police find the kid but he is still alive. They rush him to hospital. Inspector shares with Kabir that he has a witness now.

The kid recovers. He shares everything with police. He identifies Aniket wearing specs. He also had an eagle tattoo. The uncle was wearing a chain with circular pendant. Kabir remembers seeing that tattoo somewhere.

Pawan and Aniket’s House:
Aniket teases his brother that he is getting old. You should get married. Pawan doesn’t want to get married. This life is full liberty, no responsibility. Door bell rings. Aniket is shocked to see police at the door. They have brought along the kid who recognizes both of them. Police arrests them. They also recover the different uniforms from the house. Kabir talks about the CCTV on stairs. Whenever someone goes up then we get to see their back. The security guard too advantage of the girl but he dint come back. He came back inside the house. Aniket nods.

Aniket came to meet Tina dressed as the security guard. He only took her on terrace and gives her chocolates there.

We dint use to kill anyone previously but the kids started to cry or make noise then we started killing them. Bhaiya said so. We started changing get ups. We dint kill all the kids whom we had kidnapped. We only killed 9 of them. There is a small house in Nafazgarh which is at a secluded spot. It is jungle all around. No one comes there. We cannot control when we are feeling like doing it. Police takes away the brothers. Amit slaps Aniket on the way. He also thanks Kabir for his help.

The editor shares that the proprietor has decided not to close down the paper. This fight will continue. Kabir is curious to know the reason. He tells him not to think of all this at the moment. Kavya too winks at him. Kabir is still in thoughts.

The Secretary and his brother were committing such heinous crimes since years. Aniket had even worked at pizza shop; as a security guard and at other places to accomplish their cheap mission. They both weren’t normal people in any case. Such people wait patiently for their preys! The family, kids and the police need to be on high alert all the time. The kids are sensitive. It is our responsibility to take care of them, to protect them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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