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Jajjhar, Haryana, 2013:
Two guys are heading to their town. One of the guys suggests taking a short cut. There was a warning there which they ignore. They notice a lady heading to the pond and then drowning herself. One of the guys (Rohit) goes to rescue her but cannot find her. He informs his friend but is still in water. The lady comes out from the water and drowns Rohit.

People believe that a girl’s spirit roams around that particular pond. Whoever went there never came back alive. That route was closed down for forever.

20 years ago, 1963, Jhajjar:

Three guys start a race. One of the guys win (Mohit). He asks about his other friend, Abhishek. Now what will I tell my sister!

Geeta asks Mohit as to where he was. You are my responsibility after our parent’s death.

You should study well and then we will be well off. He talks of taking her to the city once he starts earning. There is a new university which is going to be built here. I wont have to go so far then. She tells him that she wont marry (Manohar) before Mohit completes his studies.

Next day, Geeta gives lunch to Mohit. She has also made lunch for Manohar. She goes to fetch water from the pond. She asks a lady for some loan but she too doesn’t have money. She imagines someone running from there. She calls out for Mohit, thinking that it is him. The other lady asks her about it but Geeta dismisses her thoughts. She goes to fetch water from a well which belongs to the owners. The rich ladies come there just then. They shoo her away.

Geeta comes to that very same pond to get water. She meets Manohar there and gives him the lunch box that she has made for him. He wishes for the day when she will bring food for him every day. She prays that Mohit finds a good job real soon. Manohar reasons that they can never become rich. They will have to work for these rich people only. She asks him if he has some money but he doesn’t have. She goes to talk to the sarpanch after knowing that he is here at the site only.

Jaideep’s sister leaves for college. Geeta comes to talk to Jaideep. She sits down before him and folds her hands before him. I need some money. She offers to work in his factory for money but he wants her to work hard in his room. He moves closer to her. I will take entire responsibility of your brother. Work hard for it. Manohar interrupts them to inform Jaideep that the car is ready. Jaideep nods. I am coming. Jaideep gives money to Geeta and touches her hand / arms. Geets feels awkward. Jaideep smirks. Geeta thanks Manohar for coming on the right time. I will gift a second hand bicycle to my brother so he doesn’t have to walk all the way till his college. Manohar says I will wait for the right time when you will start thinking about yourself. Manohar leaves with Jaideep. Geeta again notices Mohit there. She calls out for him but he doesn’t hear her.

Mohit returns home. He gets happy seeing the bicycle. Geeta confronts him. I called your college and found out that you are not going to college since a month. Where do you go? She slaps him and cries. I had all my hopes pined on you. I thought we will get over these rich-poor taunts. I don’t have much money so I got this old bicycle for you on Bhai-Duj but you are not worth it. He tries to say something but she walks away tearfully.

Next morning, Geets follows Mohit. He hugs someone. It is Jaideep’s sister. Geeta is shocked to see her. We are poor people. We wont be spared if people find out about this. She again slaps Mohit. Ruchi tells Geeta that she is pregnant. Geeta tells them that they both will be killed in case anyone gets to know about it, especially your brother Jaideep. Mohit refuses to leave Ruchi. I can die but not leave her. Geeta suggests them both to leave the town. Go to any city. It is Bhai-Duj tomorrow. Everyone will be busy in the festival. You both should leave then.

At night, Ruchi leaves her house. Mohit and Ruchi hide when they notice a jeep passing by. Geeta joins them just then. She takes Ruchi’s dupatta. Go directly to bus stop. Take a bus to Panipat and then go to some big city. Mohit asks to come along but she says I will join you once the situation gets calm. She gives money to Mohit. Take care of yourselves. They share a group hug. Ruchi and Mohit leave. She drowns the dupatta in the pond.

Jaideep has been searching for Ruchi everywhere but in vain. They have looked in the pond as well but haven’t found any body in it. The Vaid confesses that Ruchi was pregnant. Ruchi had made me promise her that I will not tell you anything. She was scared that you wont leave her so maybe this is why she committed suicide. She dint come with anyone. Inspector promises to find out that boy.

Manohar comes to meet Geeta. She tells him that Mohit went to some relatives place. He reasons that Jaideep wont spare you if he finds out about Ruchi and Mohit’s relation. Geeta denies knowing anything. Manohar is worried about her as he loves her. She still maintains her stance. I don’t know anything. He asks her if she will come with him in case he asks her to come along.

Jaideep’s goons beat Mohit’s friends. Jaideep tells Manohar to beat them badly so they utter the truth. The guys confess that mohit was the one who used to talk to Ruchi more. Jaideep orders Manohar to bring Mohit. Bring Geeta in case you cannot find Mohit.

Manohar asks Geeta to come with him. I will take you to Rohit. You wont be spared otherwise. Trust me. I wont let anything happen to you. Let’s leave before Jaideep’s goons come. They both rush outside. Manohar asks Geeta about Mohit’s whereabouts. They are near that pond. He talks about their future. We will be happy together. I love you. She finally tells him that she has sent the couple to Delhi as they both love each other. He asks about the dupatta. She shares that she only had thrown it in the pond once the couple left. I wanted people to believe that Ruchi committed suicide. Manohar agrees to handle the situation. You did the right thing. They resume running. Jaideep’s jeep reaches there just then. Manohar apologizes to Geeta. Sir had said that we can be together if we find Mohit. Jaideep tells Jaideep everything. Jaideep orders him to bring Mohit. Till then Geeta will stay with us.

Manohar dint find Ruchi in Delhi. My sister committed suicide because of your brother’s mistake. She died in this very pond. Geeta replies that Mohit and Ruchi love each other. Mohit will keep her happy. Jaideep talks about rich poor again. A few guys suggest some or the other options but Jaideep has something else in mind. We will make her lose her dignity in front of everyone today. These poor people will then realise where they actually belong. Manhoar stands there with his head bowed down. Jaideep begins to advance towards Geeta. She begs him to forgive her. I haven’t done anything. He removes her dupatta. She begs everyone but in vain. Manohar cries at a distance while people hold Geeta down by force. They leave her there. She gets up after a lot of difficulty and cannot stop crying. She thinks of all the incidents from the beginning; of everyone. She walks towards the pond. Manohar comes there just then. He asks for her apology. We will go to some other place. We will leave this village. She replies that he couldn’t save her back then so how will he save her now. She pulls him in and they both drown.

One night, Jaideep and all the men are enjoying alcohol. He is glad that Geeta’s case got closed. Plus the work at the university will begin soon. Jaideep is only waiting for Mohit’s return. One of the guys observes Geeta’s reflection in his glass. Two guys die suddenly. Some invisible force kills them all. Jaideep runs for his life and reaches the pond. He stops there in shock. A hand pulls her.

People divide everyone based on religion, money, etc. It is very important to think of everyone as equals or the case will be similar. Mohit and Ruchi are still absconding. The university was built in the village but a lot many deaths were reported on that area after then. The route was closed down forever. But people have heard some noises there (of someone crying). Maybe Geeta is still waiting for her brother and for her lost dignity!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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