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Bangalore, 1996:
S.K. Studio Preview Theater:
The producer sits down to check a movie reel along with the new heroine. The reel stops suddenly. The man playing the reel is dead. They hear a lady’s voice. This film is mine. It will never come true. The lady appears on screen. Blood is oozing out from her head / face as she laughs hysterically. The heroine screams out in shock.

Cinema has cast a magical web in people’s mind. This world surprises everyone but there is a bitter truth behind it too.

I want to be an Actress

S.K. Studio, 2015:
Ria is giving an interview. She is producing a new film. Water is leaking and falling on a switch board. The heroine (Meera) of the film takes over. She switches on the plug and gets electric shock. Ria notices a girl walking upstairs.

The banner catches fire.

Next day:
Meera is in hospital. The lights in her room start flickering. She notices a shadow but cannot see her. The girl tries to suffocate her to death. Meera shares it with Ria. Ria tells her about the glamour life. You are already a star. You are everywhere in news. I will arrange private security for you. Meera nods.

S.K. Production House:
Ria is making preps with her team. A big light is about to fall on her when a guy saves her in the nick of time.

Ria tells the very same guy to check the place once again. The place has not been used for long. A guy named Makarand comes to meet her. He is working at the Studio since long. This studio closed down 20 eyars ago. Don’t open it again. It is cursed. You won’t be able to complete your film ever. She instead tells him to take retirement. He points out at the incidents. Ria sends him out.

The shooting starts at the studio. It is the first stunt where Meera has to fly up using a harness and rope while a car will be coming from the other side. The spirit opens the harness and Meera comes under the car Ria is in shock. Makarand tells her that Kirti is back. She wont let anyone take her place.

The lives of people in theater change every Friday. Some lives change for good while some go in darkness forever.

20 years ago, 1995:
Acting Academy:
Kirti does an act. Everyone claps for her as she performs really well. Her boyfriend Sunny Kukreja is waiting for her. He is from a filmy background and his film is going to launch soon. She too wants to make it big. It is my only option. He is sure it will happen one day. It is her mother’s dream to see her on the golden screen one day.

Satish Kukreja is angry as Neha refuses to do film with a new comer, his son. I can make anyone a star. Find a pretty, beautiful girl. We will launch a new face. The auditions for the new girls start. Sunny comes to the studio with Kirti one day. Satish looks at her from top to toe. He has already shortlisted a girl but tells Sunny to send Kirti to his new bungalow. Kirti asks Sunny to accompany her. Sunny reasons her that she should go. It is a very rare chance.

Kirti comes to meet Satish at his new bungalow. He tells her to read the lines of the heroine from the script which is kept in the front. She is uncomfortable and fumbles. He tells her to read it properly if she wants to become a star. I will teach you. He offers her a seat. She tries to excuse herself. She calls Sunny. He tells her to go ahead for this small compromise. Your mother’s dream will come true. I promise you nothing will be repeated again. We will keep it amongst ourselves. This way we will be able to star in the same movie. She goes out again. Satish gets cosy with her.

Satish introduces Kirti to his team. Groom her well. She will be our heroine. Sunny takes Kirti aside. You are ignoring me. She is not happy about the whole situation but he is sure she wont regret it once she becomes a star. This will never come between us.

Kirti and Sunny pose for photos. Makarand tells Kirti that Satish has called her immediately. Satish and Mr. Gupta (investor) see the audition. Mr. Gupta is not happy with Kirti. Satish tries to convince him but in vain. He later tells Makarand to tell Mr. Gupta that there is a special party at my place tonight. Kirti reaches Satish’s bungalow but there is no one around except for Satish, Sunny. Satish says Gupta wants to meet you alone after seeing your audition. Just make him happy. He will make you a big heroine. Sunny yet again convinces Kirti to go ahead. This happens in our industry very often. Its pretty normal too. Just once for me. She goes upstairs reluctantly. Sunny and his Dad smile at each other. Gupta tells Kirti to close the door as soon as she is inside.

Next day, Kirti reaches studio. The guard tries to stop her but she walks inside. She notices a new girl in her place. Satish introduces her as the new heroine of his film. You are a third class struggling actress. She confronts Sunny but he doesn’t pay much heed. Sunny instead blames her. You chose to do it the wrong (compromising) way. You could have said no. Kirti refuses to give up so easily. I will expose you all in front of the media. Satish is unaffected.

Sunny, Satish and Gupta discuss the issue. Satish tells Sunny to explain to his good friend. We have only shot 2 scenes with Neha. We should bring Kirti back.

Sunny calls Kirti at night. I want to meet you. He insists upon meeting her in an hour in the studio. You are very important for me. I know I have made a mistake but please give me one chance.

Kirti reaches Studio. Sunny is already there. I have been waiting for you. I will help you in fulfilling your dream. I was wrong. I realised my mistake. I love you Kirti. I wont let you go anywhere. I had a word with Papa. I wont do this movie if you are not in it. She is pleasantly surprised. They share a hug. He takes her upstairs to show her something. This world is so different. These lights, this studio brings us to another world altogether. Sunny changes into something else when the camera is switched on. She nods. You get to experience something new every day. I too came here to fulfil my dreams. He switches on a light. They both look down. He makes her imagine them doing a scene together. this light will change our lives. We are going to be stars. A new life will start afterwards. Congratulations to you on your new life. He pushes her

Flashback: It was his father’s idea to quieten Kirti for forever before she harms them in any way.

1 week later:
Satish has a party in his bungalow. He discusses about the film with Gupta. Satish tells Sunny to pose with Neha so it can go in the press. Chemistry should be visible. Sunny poses along with Neha. He excuses himself for a minute. Sunny notices Kirti in the party too. He tells Makarand about her but he cannot see Kirti.

Shooting is going on. The heroine is reading the script when she notices Kirti upstairs. She quietly / blankly walks upstairs and comes where Kirti is. Kirti takes the girl to the same spot and simply tells her to jump from there. The girl obliges and dies when she jumps. Everyone is shocked.

Present: The film could never complete. S.K. Films and Kukreja lost everything since that day. Another heroine was taken but she too died. S.K. sir died too. Your father left with his family. Ria asks about Sunny. He died in an accident. Makarand shares that Sunny is still alive but mentally unstable. He is in mental hospital since last 20 years. Kirti wont let anyone take her place. You too should go back before it worsens. Ria is all shaken up.

Sunny is in the mental hospital. He notices Kirti and starts banging on the wall as he calls for help. Someone save me. She will kill me!

Kirti could not separate herself from her dreams, the theater, lights, and camera even after her death. She was still seen in S.K. Studio as she maybe is still in Talash of that one chance that can help her in achieving her dream.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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