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Relations are like wet sand. You can mould them in whatever shape you want to. Just like the relations can become beautiful, they can also take a turn for the worse. Story is about – Bandhan (Bond).

A lady refuses to return home. Her husband is following her, asking her firmly to come home with him. They both are not happy with each other. A guy is waiting at the side of the road in his car. He watches the couple fight. He starts his car. All happy families are alike. Each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

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The guy (Rajesh) reaches his home and rings the bell. His wife (Prachi) opens the door and then heads inside without

saying anything to him. She complains nonstop about the maid (Manju). He keeps quiet. My ears have become like walls after hearing the same old story every day. Rajesh gives a good night kiss to his daughter (Anjali). Prachi asks him for 5 minutes tomorrow before he leaves for office. He agrees. She lies down to sleep. He thinks that only she will talk and he will have to listen. He too lies down to sleep. Prachi gets off and switches off the light as it will disturb Anjali’s sleep. He insists for lights. You very well know I cannot sleep in the dark. I feel afraid. Why do we have to argue over the same thing over and over again? Prachi says I cannot sleep if the lights are on. Once you fall asleep it doesn’t matter if the lights are on or off. Will this night lamp take your fear away? He gives up and goes out in the drawing room to sleep on the sofa. Anjali comes out. She asks him to sleep in their room only. I cannot sleep if you are not with me. I feel scared without you. I will switch on the light. He agrees. They both go in the bedroom and switch on the side table. They both lie down to sleep finally.

Prachi opens her eyes. She gets up and switches off the lamp. Rajesh thinks of switching it on again but he is holding Anjali’s hand. He turns the other side.

Next morning, Prachi again asks for his 5 minutes. Anjali’s counsellor has called us on this Saturday. She never finishes her homework on time. I try to push her but she is always busy in watching tv. Rajesh talks about Anjali’s daily schedule. School, 2 tuition classes, Karate classes, Painting classes, Dance, Vedic Maths and so much more! Do you want to add anything else in the list? Prachi tells him to stop taunting her. you are Anjali’s father. Can you not see her problem? Actually, there is no point discussing any problem with you. you only taunt me whenever I try to discuss something with you. You don’t like us at all. He tells her not to drag Anjali in all this. She affirms. You don’t like me only. Why don’t you handle Anjali, her teachers and her education then? I will go away. he reminds her that he has earn so that they are able to survive. She gets irked hearing that. I too should find a job for myself as it will reduce your tension. Rajesh remarks that their fights start or reach any level but they never end!

Rajesh is irked hearing all the love songs on the radio as he drives to office.

Prachi is on call with Manju. She is late and Prachi has to go out to pick Anjali from her school. Rajesh looks happy at his office. Anjali is watching tv, eating junk food while she is still in her school clothes. Prachi is against it. rajesh returns home all tired. Prachi is talking to Manju on phone. He enjoys a sweet moment teasing his daughter but is irritated hearing Prachi talking to Manju again.

Prachi comes to talk to him. he imagines pointing a gun at her and she too doing the same thing. He turns towards her. She reminds him that they have to go to Anjali’s school tomorrow as it is Sports Day in her school. He has to go to Delhi tomorrow morning. You could have told me earlier. She says I had told you last Monday itself. He denies. I am the one who listens all the time. It is you who is talking rubbish all the time. She again repeats that he doesn’t like them at all. He again tells her not to drag Anjali in all this again. She reasons that he wont do what Anjali wants him to. She wants you to come to her school on the Sports Day but you wont come. Do you have any idea how much she loves you? He nods. I know that and she too knows how much I love her. Atleast don’t try to come in between us. She yet again calls herself a villain. Neither do you nor does my daughter like me. She walks out of the room in a huff. Switch off the tv Anjali. Your father is not coming tomorrow.

Anjali requests her father to come tomorrow somehow. He books an afternoon flight for Delhi. Anjali gets happy. he tells the same to Prachi. I will come with you both. What time shall we leave? She says 7 am. It is ok if you cannot come, we will manage. We have got used to manage without you. He repeats that he is coming. I don’t come with you as you fight with me all the time, you irritate me. Prachi points out that it is him who is fighting right now. Who is shouting now? Anjali gets up and asks them both not to fight. All three of them lie down. Prachi switches off the night lamp tonight as well. Rajesh turns to the other side.

It is 7:15 am. Rajesh is already ready. Anjali is wearing her shoes while Prachi has a lot to do before she can get ready. They both continuously bicker over that as well. Prachi forgets her mobile at home. She is irked thinking that Manju will get another reason to take a day off today. They sit in the car (from Rajesh’s office). Rajesh rings on her mobile and Prachi finds the phone in her bag only. They both continue to taunt each other. Anjali yet again has to request them not to fight.

Sakshi points out that there is nothing positive around Rajesh and Prachi. How did they come together then?

Rajesh’s flight is ready to take off. He calls on Prachi’s mobile. She asks him to call her once he reaches Delhi. He says I love you before ending the call but she only replies with ok. Rajesh knows that Prachi never says I love you, atleast not in the past 12 years. 12 years ago, we yearned to say these three words to each other.

12 years ago:
We both were young. I was an ordinary guy and she was an ordinary girl. we both just wanted to hear each other all the time. Rajesh is waiting for Prachi at a bus stand. Prachi is running late yet they were happy to be together. There was no scope of being upset with each other. We always wished we could spend a little more time together and that we stay together always. Today the situation is such that when we are together we feel like leaving each other and go our separate ways; but I miss her a lot when I have to go away from her.

Rajesh reaches his hotel room. He calls Prachi. Anjali is watching tv and the volume is quite high while Prachi is fighting with Manju (She is finally here). Anjali points out to her mother that her phone is ringing yet Prachi is busy with Manju. Prachi calls Rajesh. He picks the call after thinking for a second and is upset with her as she dint receive any of his calls. She talks about Manju turning up finally and the high volume of the tv. They both bicker again. He finally tells her that he is missing both her and Anjali. I have just come to my room after attending the conference. She asks about his anger and the fights that they had before he left for Delhi. He says sorry to her. I miss you whenever I am not around you. don’t you miss me? She replies that her mind stops working as he says / taunts her so much. He again says sorry to her. we both love each other a lot but we are unable to understand it. we fight all the time. Where did our love disappear? You remember how once I had told you that we will meet at Lower Parel Station and will go home together? We were supposed to meet at sharp 6. I got late that day. We dint even have mobile phones that day so we could inform each other or reach out to each other. It really mattered to me to meet you that day as I knew you were waiting for me. you would wait for me for as long as I dint come. I could be anywhere but I used to reach you always.

Flashback shows him turning up late yet Prachi was standing there with a smile on her face. I am really sorry for being late. I thought you wont wait for me. Prachi replies that it is ok, it happens at times. I wanted you to come out of the crowd towards me. I wouldn’t have left from here till you would have come. They both walk holding hands.

Rajesh reminds Prachi what she had said back then. those words were invaluable to me. the most beautiful girl of the world was waiting for me. you still are that beautiful. Prachi suddenly tells him that she has to end the call as Manju is leaving. I have to talk to her. She ends the call and tells Manju to come early tomorrow. Rajesh is dejected. Marriage, 7 pheras unite people for 7 births! Or is it some Chakravyuh where love and emotions fades out slowly?

Priest tells Rajesh and Prachi that their kundlis are a mismatch. Think one more time about it. Rajesh has never liked this kundli system anyways. You wanted to show our kundlis to the priest. Two strangers met, fell in love and want to be with each other. What has planets and stars got to do with it? She accepts her mistake.

Rajesh is having dinner at the hotel restaurant while Prachi is busy packing Anjali’s school bag at home. Rajesh notices a couple sitting on the other table. he reminisces his past happy moments / outings with Prachi. Prachi switches off the light as she lies down to sleep.

Rajesh returns home. He is holding a gift in his hand (for Prachi). Prachi opens the door but doesn’t even smile at him. She tells him not to start fighting with her again as Manju hasn’t turned up today as well. Rajesh feels bad. Rajesh gifts a saree to Prachi. She is not comfortable with sarees. She gives it back to him. he requests her to wear it for his sake atleast. She reminds him how he never wears the shirts that she brings for him. you say they are not of your choice. Our choices are different. He suggests that they both should take out some time for each other. We should go out for a coffee and a little chit chat. She has to get up at 5 am, get Anjali and her tiffin ready. We will talk tomorrow. Rajesh thinks how they both don’t like the gifts that they bring for one another. It wasn’t like this. we never realised when love turned in some kind of a war.

Next morning, Prachi and Rajesh bicker over petty issues. Rajesh gives the same logic. If I will do all this then how will we run this house? Where will money come from? She is hurt by his taunts. In the lift, Anjali asks her father why they both fight all the time. He replies that it happens yet they both love each other very much. She asks him if he will leave mumma. I heard it in your last fight. You said that you don’t want to live with mumma. Rajesh recalls his fight with Prachi. He makes his daughter understand that he will never leave her mom. She runs as her bus is here.

Rajesh asks for 5 minutes from Prachi. She agrees that she is listening (while tidying he bed). He asks her if things cannot be the same between them like they were earlier. We can go out for a coffee. I can even go to office late today. She is confused. I will make coffee at home only. We can talk at home. I get really tensed when you talk like this. he wants things to be the same between them like they were. She knows they end up fighting whenever they go out. he wants her to try, like he is trying; or do you want us to continue fighting like this for life? You always say something that irritates me. She retorts back. He asks her to try and start afresh. Forget all that has happened. she is upset as he only wants her to change, to try. You will only complain once we go out for coffee. He picks up his towel and heads towards the bathroom when she agrees to do. But I will have to be back before 11:30 as I have to pick Anjali. He disagrees but she creates a fuss over it so he gives in. Don’t delay or you only will say that you got late in picking up Anjali. He goes to freshen up.

Prachi wonders what is it that is creating so many differences between them. I don’t know, and maybe he too doesn’t know but it wasn’t like this before. I dint bring hatred with me.

Prachi and Rajesh head out yet they are angry / upset. He agrees that they both have made a mistake somewhere. They both blame each other again while they are going to the cafe. She asks him to stop the car. They both talk about getting killed somehow so that they are free from all this. their car meets with an accident.

Rajesh tells Prachi about a night when she had come to his home. I fell asleep in your lap while I was talking. You were caressing my head. I slept very peacefully that night. You were still with me when I woke up next morning. I still wish for that kind of sleep. I want to keep my head in your lap and sleep like that once again.

Rajesh – Maybe we both couldn’t understand whether our love was increasing or our hatred was increasing. We were unable to tolerate each other yet we were bearing each other. I wonder why dint we separate. I know that I am equally wrong and she too is bearing me as much as I am bearing her.

Both Rajesh and Prachi get injured (head injury) in the accident.

At the hospital, Prachi tells Rajesh that she still has feelings for him. I still love you a lot. He is surprised that she took so much time to say all this. were you waiting for our next birth? You think we still will be with each other for the next 7 births? She asks him if the love that they shared today was same as it was 12 years ago. He never felt the love in all these years. She makes him think. Did you think 12 years ago about how my hairs are tied or how I am talking? You liked everything about me back then. what were you searching for now? You could have held me hand once if I was feeling suffocated in my day to day life. You could have hugged me once. Maybe I would have felt at peace then. he is taken aback. You could have told me once. She reminds him how she never used to say anything to him whenever he used to reach late. I never told you anything yet you knew that I will wait for you. You used to find me anyhow. He cannot understand why their relation degraded to tolerance from love. you knew I was scared of the dark but you used to switch off the lights every single night. She shares how she had turned off the lights that day when he had slept keeping his head in her lap. Did you get to know? I thought that your sleep shouldn’t break; that you sleep peacefully. Rajesh goes quiet for a second. I still don’t understand what happened; who and what was wrong. Will we meet again in our next birth? They say togetherness is for many births. She asks him if he would want to meet her again. he nods. I always wanted to be with you. I was scared to lose you. She too used to wait for him always. But you never know, the birth that we just lived through might be the 7th and last birth of our relation. Rajesh says we shouldn’t have wasted it like this then. we should have lived it to the fullest. She looks at him tearfully.

Both Rajesh and Prachi died in the car accident. Their dead bodies are shown.

In relations, we always expect from the other person when in reality, both the parties have to live it together. Why do dissatisfaction, anger, hatred make home in our hearts? We can do anything if we want. Accepting each other’s flaws, understanding the other person for who they are! The needful thing is to talk to each other when you still have time which makes you forget all the bad times and start afresh.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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