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Kids amidst crackers!

Kannkot Village, Shreekantur, Andhra Pradesh:
A girl helps her mother in her work.

Kabir is upset with Kavya for publishing a news article without consulting him. You also wrote my name. Kabir notices a girl cleaning utensils. Kabir angrily tells the vendor that child labour is a crime. The vendor says I dint put her on work. She was crying and insisting so I allowed her. Kavya notices her hand. The guy says she came here only 3 days back. The girl also says the same thing. this happened in my village. Kabir and Kavya take her aside.

The girl (Mala) shares that she used to work in a crackers factory in her village. My mother (Rukmini) was not well. Everything changed after that.

Kannkot Village, Shreekantur, Andhra Pradesh:

is ill. She needs 20k so she can get her operation done. Babu (Mala’s uncle) works in the crackers factory. The kids too want to work so they can arrange money for their mother’s operation. Babu agrees.

Mohan Patakha Factory:
The kids join the factory. They aren’t comfortable working there but continue doing so for their ill mother.

One day, Mala’s brother (Venkat) is leaving for work. Mala too wants to come but her brother tells him to stay with Amma. Mala is scared as Sir might scold her. He agrees to handle her work too. I will manage it. You take care of Amma. Rukmini reminds him of lunch. Mala points out that food has not been cooked. I will bring lunch for you. At night, Venkat returns home. Mala hugs him as she was very scared. Mother isn’t well. Venkat sits down to eat. He hides his pain from his sister. He begins to wash his hand when he screams. He doesn’t share it with Mala. His hand is badly hurt. Mala has seen that his hand is burnt. She feeds him with her hands. She only has cooked the food as well. What happened in the factory today? He does not share anything negative about the work or factory. He makes her laugh through his talks. Venkat’s hand is paining at night as Mala applies ointment. Rukmini wakes up. She has tears in her eyes.

My brother did the work that I was supposed to do. He only got the pain as well. Kavya comforts her. Kabir asks her what heaped next. Mala shares that the worst happened then. God called my brother to Him. I went to give lunch to my brother at the factory.

Mala leaves after making her brother eat lunch. A few kids are playing with a mirror. The sun light gets reflected on the gunpowder. It slowly catches fire. The kids try to run out but there is a big blast. The entire factory lights up in fire. Mala screams for her brother. Someone stops her from going in the fire.

Police reach there. The rescue operation begins but they only bring out dead bodies from the factory. One dead body is of Venkat. Rukmini and Mala break down to see him thus.

Mother fell ill all the more. She couldn’t bear this loss. I was handling everything on my own, home, factory, mother, everything! Mala misses her brother badly. Rukmini’s condition deteriorates. Doc tells Mala that they need to operate upon Rukmini asap. The tumour inside her stomach has increased. I will talk to some trusts and try to arrange for money.

Mohan Chandra (owner of Patakha Factory) has opened another setup. Mala comes to him for work. He offers her money but she asks for work. He says this is season time. You have to be here from 9 am till 9 pm. She wants to take care of her mother too but that isn’t possible. Mala agrees. She will be getting Rs. 100 per week.

Mala’s hands are all burnt. She cannot work properly at home because of her wounds. She remembers her brother being in a similar condition. She takes care of her mother too. At work, she keeps missing her brother and cries. Mala comes home and directly lies down to sleep. Rukmini asks her to eat something but Mala is tired.

Mala gets money for her hard work. She counts all her savings at home but does not have that much money that she needs for her mother’s operation. It will take a year to arrange for that much money. Rukmini tells her not to sweat like this for her. Mala thinks of going to Chennai as one gets paid well in cities. I will go to city to earn money for you. Someone will take care of you here but I will have to go to Chennai to earn more. Rukmini hugs her daughter.

Mala tells her friend Suman that she is going to Chennai to look for work.

Mala boarded Delhi’s train by mistake. I have been looking for work since last 1 week but dint get any. I don’t even have money to return home. Kavya and Kabir offer to take her home. Kabir does not want the lives of the kids to get ruined because of crackers.

Mohan and other people from the similar field come to meet the labour officer. He firmly tells them to follow the rules that have been made for them. I am very strict. You will be punished if you break any rule.

Andhra Pradesh:
Kavya and Kabir bring Mala to her home. The mother daughter duo has an emotional reunion. Rukmini thanks them for reuniting her with her daughter. She coughs. Kabir has already spoken to an NGO. He asks Kavya to get Rukmini admitted. He goes to see the factories in the meantime.

Kabir meets Mohan Chandra in the factory. Mohan tells him against coming in. There is gunpowder here. It can blast. Kabir retorts that such rules have been only made for adults and not for kids here. They can come and go anytime as you need them to work for you. Mohan talks rudely to him which angers Kabir all the more. If a kid dies while doing this work then will you return his life? Mohan points out that this is his private property. He has no right to speak in this matter. Kabir agrees to leave for now but promises to return.

Kabir next meets the labour officer. He hasn’t come across any case of child labour in his area till date. I will come with you to check if you are so sure about it.

Kabir and the labour officer reach Mohan’s factory. Mohan has very smartly replaced the manpower. Adults are working in that area. Labour officer says all the security measures have been followed. Reporters only need a chance to trouble people! He leaves. Mohan warns Kabir to be away from them for his well being. Kabir knew it that everyone is corrupt.

Mohan very smartly says to the labour officer that he has allowed kids to work in the factory as they need money. Everyone needs money. Labour officer agrees. Everyone needs money. Do everything carefully. Till the time my needs are fulfilled then yours and those kids’ needs will be fulfilled. He asks them to deliver the bribe at his home.

Kabir walks out from the factory angrily. Sakshi states that it is illegal and inhuman to make kids work. Their lives are in danger especially in a factory where crackers are built. People make kids work so they can save money. You are a reporter. Choose some option through which you can help those innocent kids.

City Hospital, Shreekantur:
Mohan gives some money to Mala. He also advises her not to tell anything to the reporter. He changes his words when Kavya comes there. Mala looks down. Kabir brings food for Mala but she refuses to take it. Kavya assures her that no one can harm them. We are with you. Mala reasons that they haven’t done anything wrong. Kabir calmly sits down next to her to make her understand. You are young. You might not understand it yet but it is true. They will scare you all the more if you get scared once. Nothing will happen to you or your mother. Help us gain some proofs. Rukmini nods at Mala.

Kabir is with Mala and Suman. He asks Suman if she is still working at the factory. Suman denies. Sir has asked us all to take out work to our homes. He has asked us not to come to the factory. It is season time so we need to work all the more. Kabir requests her to let him see her work. I will onoly click a few pics. Suman straightaway says no to him. Sir will beat me. She leaves from there.

Next day, Mala brings Kavya to Suman’s house. Suman is angry but Kavya assures her that she has no camera. I just want to see how it works. Suman allows her in. She resumes her work. Kavya captures everything in the spy cam.

Kabir shows the proof to Raghuram Anna (Labour Minister). If I show this in Delhi then you know how your opposition is going to react. Raghuram Anna is in a tight spot. He agrees to look into the matter.

Mohan Chandra and the other men from the Patakha factories get arrested. The labour officer too receives his suspension order.

The NGO rep is here. Kabir tells Mala and Rukmini that the money for the operation will be borne by them. Kabir pats at Mala’s head. You don’t even know how brave you have been! You should go to school now. Factory isn’t the right place for you to go. Rukmini thanks them for their help. I will work in the factory but I will send my daughter to school now.

All the culprits get charged for their respective crimes.

We spend money in buying crackers for our fun and enjoyment purposes. We can do a better thing by giving that money to the right places or people so they can use it for educational purposes. This way we can help shape someone’s future!

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