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Akauni Village, UP, 2012:
13 year old Surili gets married to Varun.

Surili finds a woman walking on the balcony upstairs. Kaushalya (Surili’s MIL) takes her inside. Surili asks Varun if someone else lives here other than his family members. He denies. Surili’s Grah pravesh happens. Badi Thakurayin welcomes the newlywed couple. Surili has to light a diya in front of their ancestors’ photo. She is the youngest DIL of the house. Kaushalya takes Surili to show her around the house. There is something in the rice kalash.

Surili lights a diya before Varun’s uncle and aunty’s photo. Kaushalya tells her that Tai ji (Mangla) disappeared once Taya ji died. She was as beautiful and young as you when she got married. Kaushalya goes to do some work when the table starts shaking on its

own. Surili is a little scared. The diya from before Tai ji’s (Mangla) photo falls on the ground as she leaves. Surili is going to keep more diyas somewhere when she hears someone calling out for her. She reaches a room. Smoke is coming out of the room. Surili feels nauseous. Kaushalya comes there and takes Surili back. We have been told not to come to this side.

Surili is standing in the balcony when Varun comes there. He finds her holding onto a doll. I am new here and I don’t have any friend. Varun offers to become her friend. Let’s start this friendship with something sweet. He feeds her kheer.

Surili walks back towards that mysterious room. Her dupatta falls but she doesn’t care. She walks straight inside. A lady in white saree is walking right in the balcony underneath. Surili comes there. She again hears someone calling her name. Surili reaches a locked room. Smoke / mist envelops her. The spirit enters inside her.

Surili is sitting in a white saree and sharpening a knife. Badi Thakurayin is shocked and questions her. She calls out for everyone. You got married yesterday only and are wearing white saree today! Surili attacks her. Badi Thakurayin pushes her. Surili passes out. Badi Thakurayin’s hand is bloodied.

Surili has high fever. Kaushalya is tending to her. Dadi (Badi Thakurayin) tells Varun what Surili has done. Varun wants to call a doc but his mother assures her that she is just tired. Brijesh (Kaushalya’s husband) tells Kaushalya to make Surili understand or she will be sent back to her home. Dadi sends Kaushalya downstairs too. Surili starts mumbling in her sleep. Let me go! Dadi leans closer to hear what she is saying when Surili holds her hairs. I am back. I wont go back now. I will kill everyone! Dadi somehow frees herself and runs out. Surili vows not to spare anyone.

Surili gets ready. Varun finds her in tears and wipes them. He talks sweetly to her. Tell me what’s troubling you. She is worried thinking about what has happened in the last 24 hours. I don’t remember anything. He tells her that she had really high fever but is fine now. There is nothing to worry. Kaushalya comes there so Varun leaves. Kaushalya compliments her DIL. It is Teej today. Plus the neighbours (women) have come to meet Surili specially.

Dadi does puja. All the ladies take aarti. Kaushalya is doing puja too. Dadi scolds Surili for talking while it is time to do the ritual. Kaushalya guides Surili. Surili starts shivering badly as she nears Varun. Dadi scolds her for acting again. The spirit enters inside Surili. Surili turns and walks up to Brijesh. She holds him by his neck. Mist emanates from her. Surili shouts that she wont spare him. She faints again and has high temperature.

At night, Dadi is in thoughts. Brijesh joins her. Dadi tells him that she has been hiding his mistakes since childhood. Brijesh says we both knew what happened. What could we do! We will have to do something fast or the matter will be out. Dadi decides to send Surili to her parents’ house. You go and sleep peacefully. A while later Varun hears his father calling out for help. Surili is hitting him on his hand with a stone. He tries to stop Surili. She stops her hand mid air. Kaushalya starts chanting Hanuman Chalisa. Surili starts shivering badly. She eventually passes out.

Next day, Kaushalya tells her MIL that she spoke to her father last night. He said that some spirit has gained control over Surili. Dadi instead scolds her for sharing their house’s info in other house. Surili is a mad girl. Brijesh too supports his mother. Kaushalya insists. This has happened only since the time Surili has come in this house. There is surely some connection with this house. It is about my son and my DIL. I cannot see them thus. I have made up my mind. They will go to Mehandipur’s Bala ji Temple.

Shree Balaji Mandir:
Varun and Kaushalya bring Surili to Shree Balaji Mandir. Dadi and Brijesh watch them from far. People’s chants have an effect on Surili. Surili runs towards Brijesh and holds him by his collar. She gets under the effect of the chants and faints. They take her inside.

Kaushalya requests Mahant ji to help them. Surili / the spirit tells him that he wont be able to do anything to her. I wont spare him and his mother. I will kill them. You wont be able to do any harm to me. Mahant ji reasons that she cannot harm anyone now as she is here at Balaji Mandir. He puts a coin on her head and she calms down. He tells her family members that the girl is young. It wont be easy. We will have to find out about the spirit first. Who is it and why is she inside her! The process is little tough. Something can happen to her too. Bring her to me later when she is awake.

Mahant ji is doing yagya. His one hand in on Surili’s head. The spirit asks him to let her go or she will kill him as well. He tells her to stop it. tell me who you are and why are you troubling this girl. The spirit shares that her name is Mangla. This guy and his mother will have to die.

Mangla says I was young when I got married to a man double my age. I accepted it as my fate but something else was written in my destiny when my husband died. I accepted the widow life in a young age. I had to go through a lot in that inauspicious haveli.

One day, Brijesh comes to Mangla’s room. I thought to ask after your wellbeing as no one is home. She tries to busy herself with some work but he forces himself on her. Dadi and Brijesh later push Mangla out of the house. Brijesh hits her on the head. She faints. He buries her in the backyard and sets her on fire. Her feet and hand are gagged so she cannot free herself. Dadi warns Brijesh that this was his last mistake.

This is the real truth of this haveli. He tortured me and then set me on fire. He lied to people that Mangla ran away somewhere but now I am back! They both have done injustice to me and have killed me. I will kill them now. Mahant ji declines. Mangla wants her revenge but Mahant ji points out that this girl is married. Her husband loves her very much. You will leave this girl’s body and attain freedom. Everyone has to bear the brunt of their mistakes. Mangla still mumbles that she will kill them. Mahant ji firmly tells her that it is time for her to go. He does puja. Mangla’s spirit fails before God. Mahant ji tells everyone that she left. Surili is fine now but you both will have to serve your punishment or your family wont be able to live at peace ever. We have to make sure Mangla’s spirit rests in peace. Dadi agrees. Pray that no harm befalls on our family in future. Mahant ji affirms. Varun and Kaushalya take Surili with them.

Mangla left Surili but her spirit still needed to attain freedom in the real sense. Her last rites were done after digging out her body from the backyard. Brijesh and his mother confessed their crime before police. It all strengthened Varun and Surili’s belief in Mehandipur Balaji!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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