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Some people choose the wrong path because of lack of money, unemployment and after getting tired of day-to-day problems. They put many innocent lives on stake for a few bucks. They forget it that their life is also at stake. What compels someone to this extent that they cannot look beyond themselves and their loved ones? They know that the consequences will be extreme yet they ignore it.

19 November 2014, Sacred Mind High School, Borivali, Mumbai:
People are watching news. An unidentified person has hijacked a school bus. There are 17 kids, a bus driver and an attendant in the bus. There has been no demand yet. Its been 2 hours now. Police force has covered the school from all directions. The kidnapper is wearing a bomb, because of which police cannot do anything to reach out to the kids.


Prashant Bhaskar and Ashima are also watching the news. Prashant is talking the Commissioner of Police. asking for a chance. Commissioner understands his concern but the lives of 17 kids are at stake. A small mistake can cost us hugely. Prashant understands the pros and cons of the situation yet he is sure he can try to change the situation. He is allowed to go there but he will have to work in sync with police team. Prashant thanks him.

Sacred Mind High School, Borivali, Mumbai:
The parents of those kids in the bus are heartbroken. Police Inspector tells the constables to keep them out from the school. He is informed about Bhaskar’s arrival.

Bhaskar and Ashima reach there. Inspector allows them inside. He asks them to cooperate with the police work. He introduces them to the rest of the people and brings him to the room where the CCTV footage is being monitored. Don’t go out of the school. Hope you will help us in this. Prakash Rane greets Bhaskar. I know you. you have saved many people from committing suicides. Vijay’s case had come in my station only. You are really doing a very good job. Bhaskar thanks him.

Inspector makes 2 teams. Team A will cover the bus from behind while team 2 will cover it from the left. The aim is to just distract. He guides them what all they have to do. Just be a little careful. There should be no mistake!

Ashima asks Rane if he had a word with the hijacker. Rane nods. The man has demanded us to free Sameer Malik ji asap. Leave him near boat number 7 at Porbandar. No cheating or I will blow myself. The kids will die along with me. Rane tells them that this man is getting a call from an international number after every 15 minutes. the number has not been traced yet. We haven’t shared anything with the media. The man is wearing bomb so we are not able to do anything. Bhaskar hears the recording once again. He seems to be very scared (from his voice). He must be around 22-23 years old. He is in very much pressure at this moment. Maybe someone has brainwashed him. Ashima talks about Sameer Malik. He is the same don who was arrested from Singapore 6 months ago for child trafficking and drugs. Bhaskar is in thoughts. Is someone from outside involved in this too? Rane says these days such criminals use international number. It might be someone from our city (or nearby) only. That person might be keeping an eye on us. Bhaskar deduces that they will have to act really fast as the kids’ lives is in danger. We don’t have much time. We must talk to him. he might react differently in case police takes some action.

Inspector doesn’t agree with Bhaskar. The guy notices a jeep and a commando approaching the bus from the opposite sides. He shoots the bus driver. Everyone is taken aback. The jeep and commando step back. He tells the lady teacher to quieten the kids. He gets a call again. He agrees to do whatever the person on the other side will tell him to do. I shot the bus driver as he was acting all smart. The guy firmly tells him that that should be the case. Our demands have not been met yet so we have to do this. we have to free Malik ji at any cost. The guy is a local only.

Rane requests his senior to let Bhaskar try once. I have full faith on him. Inspector gives headphones to Bhaskar as well when the kidnapper calls next. He gives them 10 minutes time or there will be only dead bodies around. Bhaskar finds him too tensed / pressurised. He can do anything in haste. Please ask Commissioner Sir what is his take on his demand. Maybe we too can get some time to think what we have to do next.

Bhaskar looks at the bus through binoculars. The guy has hidden his face so his identity can be hidden. We must find out a way to talk to him. He turns to Ashima.

A girl wants to go to toilet. The guy declines initially but then agrees to let her go and relieve herself behind the bus. He aims his gun at the teacher. I will keep a vigil on you till then.

News about the kidnapper’s demand is out on tv. Everyone is surprised to see the girl coming out of the bus with her teacher. Pinky’s mother keeps telling her to run towards her but her teacher stops her. Uncle will send us all to our family members in a while. Don’t create any problems. They go back inside the bus. Prashant has seen the entire incident too. Pinky and her teacher thank the kidnapper.

Administrative Office, Mumbai:
The officials decide to agree to the kidnapper’s demand as the lives of 12 kids are at stake.

Ashima has got the phone number of the bus driver. She gives it to Bhaskar.

Kidnapper’s ally calls and scolds him for letting the girl go out of the bus. I am watching everything. You small mistake can cost us badly. Be alert. A little while more, I will tell you what to do. Kidnapper apologizes for the same.

The bus driver’s phone starts ringing. Kidnapper disconnects the call. Prashant asks for a loudspeaker from the Inspector.

The government officials have agreed to free Sameer Malik. The very same news is being run on tv. Kidnapper informs him about it.

Bhaskar takes the loudspeaker and wears a bulletproof jacket and helmet. Inspector tells him that they will have to act quickly. The news of Sameer Malik’s release has spread like wildfire. Ashima gives the details of all the kids to Bhaskar. There is one girl named Ruhi in the bus who is physically challenged. Bhaskar is taken aback.

Bhaskar reaches a little closer to the bus but then stops. He uses the loudspeaker instead. Pick up the phone. My name is Dr. Bhaskar. I have to give you a very important message. He calls the on bus driver’s number again. Bhaskar tells him about Ruhi. Please release her. what will be the problem if you lose one kid? Let Ruhi go with one other kid. Her parents will bless you. the guy is only interested in his mission. No one will be left alive. He ends the call and then asks the kids who Ruhi is. Ruhi raises her hand. He aims the gun at her. Do you want to go? The girl sitting next to Ruhi requests him not to hurt Ruhi as she is her best friend. Who will I play with if something happens to her? The kidnapper lets go of Ruhi and her best friend. Everyone is in a state of disbelief / relief to witness the scene. Prashant has understood that the guy is human enough; even if it has to be shaken out of him I will do it.

Kidnapper’s ally scolds him for leaving the two kids. Do you know the consequences of it? You and your family will have to bear the consequences. Anyways, our demands have been accepted. Be alert till Malik Sir is out.

Ashima informs BHaskar that Sameer Malik has been taken out of the jail. He is being taken towards Porbandar. Bhaskar decides to fasten up his approach on the matter. Sameer Malik is on his way.

Bhaskar calls the kidnapper once again. you know you have given so much happiness to the parents of those kids. The guy refuses to fall in his words. Bhaskar talks about his weak points. Why have you covered your face if you think you are brave enough? You are going to kill yourself in a while. No one will even get to know who you are! The guy looks at the weeping kids and the hurt bus driver. He removes his mask. His face is captured immediately. Ashima takes the video grab and posts it online. Someone leaves a comment saying that he / she know the kidnapper, Babu. She updates Bhaskar about the same. He belongs to Ankurvad village of Maharashtra. He has a mother and two younger sisters in his family. She is told to contact at Babu’s home. Bhaskar is also keeping a tab on Sameer Malik’s movements through the Inspector.

Babu’s ally informs him about Malik ji being brought to the rightful place with all due respect. The guy gives a half hearted reply.

The guy is shocked to see Bhaskar walking towards the bus. Step back. You are not talking to some kid here who you can give your logics. Prashant congratulates him for being successful in his mission. Do you know who Sameer Malik is? He has sold lacs of kids outside India. He has ruined so many lives. He has misguided n number of youngsters with the drugs. He has sold women and kids only for profit. You are risking your life and about these kids for him? Think about your family atleast. They must be waiting for you.

Babu gets another call from his ally but doesn’t pick it. Bhaskar walks a little more closer to the bus. Babu aims the gun at him. stop or I will shoot. You think you can divert my mind from my mission? Bhaskar talks about his family and even takes his real name. Babu tells him to move back 10 steps or he will blast the bomb. I have understood your game. You all are together in this. every single person in this world is using every other person. These people (his allies) will take care of his family if he is no more. You people wont help us. You couldn’t even get me a job. My father went through a lot of trouble in getting me educated but the end result was unemployment only. He couldn’t marry his daughter and died in the end. Sameer Bhai is the one who took care of us. I can do something for my family atleast when I am gone. Sameer Bhai will handle everything as he is not like the rest of you people. He is very different from you. Bhaskar asks about the guarantee of Sameer Malik doing anything good for his family members when he is gone. He could have done that when you are alive. Why to wait for your death? You can do so much for your family if you stay alive. What will you do by sacrificing your life for this?

The exact location of the kidnapper’s ally is determined.

Bhaskar says any wrong person plays with your feelings and you give in to them. You become their puppets. You wont survive after the devil is released. You would be nobody, before and after your death! Babu picks up his ally’s phone this time. Get ready for the bigger mission. Our mission had been accomplished. Babu suggests him that they can free the kids now atleast. I don’t care about myself but why involve the kids? His ally tells him to stick to their original plan. It is necessary to create noise so people can hear you better. Do the blast when I call you. Babu agrees. Bhaskar climbs up in the meantime. Babu tells him to step back or I will fire you. Bhaskar removes his helmet. I know you wont hurt me. I know you are not a bad person. You have been compelled to do this. you left two little kids. There is still humanity inside you.

Ashima has connected to Babu’s mom. She calls Bhaskar Sir and connects the call. Bhaskar puts the call on speaker. His mother is very concerned about him. He had been missing since many days. We had given up. We thought you are no more but God has given us our hope once again. please come back home. We are so worried without you. it will be fine once you are back. Please come back. Babu moves the gun down. He is in tears. He takes out the remote and looks at it tearfully. Prashant feels that all his attempts were in vain. Everything is over. He closes his eyes. Babu thinks of his mother’s words. He apologizes to Bhaskar. I was helpless. Poverty broke me completely. I couldn’t even find a job for myself. I couldn’t fulfil a single responsibility of my people. I have lost everything. Prashant reminds him of his loved ones. Those who have their loved ones never lose anything. Babu apologizes once again. Prashant signals to the police team. They rush towards the bus. Prashant makes Babu sit on a seat. The kids and the teacher go out all safe.

Sameer Malik is taken back to the jail. Babu’s ally gets killed as well.

Commissioner thanks Bhaskar for his help. Bhaskar thanks the police team too. Babu looks at BHaskar while he is taken away by the police. Bhaskar nods at him. All the parents thank Bhaskar for saving the kids.

Babu is charged under section 302, 503, 506, 361 and 354A for killing, risking the lives of little kids and for kidnapping them, of IPC. Babu accepted his crimes and shared the entire info about his organization so the court is thinking about being lenient with him on the punishment front.

It is the sign of a very big weakness if you take a wrong step by giving up on life and society. Everyone goes through problems but it doesn’t mean we take a wrong step which affects us and our loved ones badly. Leave the bad things and grab hold of the good things in life. If you see someone around you who has given up on life then please contact the below mentioned numbers. This is one such organization which helps people who are mentally disturbed. Maybe your one attempt can save someone’s life.

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline)
Contact: 1860 266 2345

Official FB Page: Cyrus and Priya Bandrewala Foundation

Update Credit to: Pooja

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