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Code Red 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shree Balaji Mandir

Lots of people have gathered outside. They keep shouting at the priest to help them. A lady requests him to help her get entry. My grandson is very ill. He allows her in. She walks in with Prateek.

Dadi is heading inside with Prateek when she notices the people who are acting weird under the spirits’ influence. The priests are shown trying really hard to control the people who are being controlled by spirits. They are unable to calm down one particular woman and wait for their Mahant ji. He only will handle her. Mahant ji comes there. He touches that lady’s head and chants some shlokas. The spirit calms down. He sticks a coin over the lady’s forehead and the spirit leaves her. Prateek’s Dadi murmurs Jai Bala ji. Mahant ji pastes that coin (of Hanuman ji) on the

wall where a lot many other coins have been stuck too.

Prateek’s Dadi requests him to help her. Mahant ji touches Prateek who shouts, pushes him and runs out. Mahant ji’s disciples catch hold of him. Prateek frees himself. He holds his Dadi’s neck. Why did you bring me here? Mahant ji throws holy water on him. Prateek falls on the ground. His hands and feet have been chained. Mahant ji keeps a stone on Prateek’s stomach. Who are you? What do you want? Why have you got hold of this little kid? The spirit cannot react. Mahant ji sprinkles a little more water over him and he is all quivering. Mahant ji shares that it is a very powerful and evil spirit. She is not going to leave him so easily. Tell me the truth or even I too wont be able you.

2 months ago:
Prateek is reading Ramayana for his Dadi. Suman (Prateek’s mother) returns home from school. She teaches in school and gives tuitions too. Prateek wants to become like his father (Bhaskar Singh). Someone is watching them.

Prateek comes home but it is locked. He waits outside. Someone (Susheela) signals him. She is petting her black cat. Why are you sitting there in rain? Come here. Prateek starts walking towards her house. He takes water from her and drinks it but her Dadi makes him throw it. Why did you come here! She takes him back to home. Why did you go to Susheela’s House and drinking water from her hand! You don’t have to go there ever again! She is a witch.

Prateek wonders why everyone is scared of talking to Susheela aunty. His friend tells him that she does black magic. She talks to spirits. He begins to walk away when he notices a guy approaching them. The kid (Pratap) pushes him in a muddle and beats him. I know you are the one who complained against me to the teacher! Dare not do it again!

Next day:
Prateek looks at Susheela’s house curiously and walks inside. There are mantras written over a wall with come sketches. He comes to the room where she is doing her puja. He watches her doing it (the procedure). She is doing something with Bhaskar’s photo. A spirit enters inside her. it is Bhaskar’s spirit. He asks her why she keeps calling him again and again. Leave me or the consequences will be bad. He leaves. Susheela turns to see Prateek. He stumbles in his step. She notices his wound. Who beat you? Prateek takes Pratap’s name. Susheela does something and laughs. Prateek runs back straight to his house and close the door.

Dadi finds him breathing heavily. A kid informs Prateek that Pratap fell from his terrace. He is in a bad condition. No one knows how it happened. Prateek thinks of afternoon. At night, it is really stormy. Susheela’s cat is sitting right outside the window. Prateek wakes up his mother. She closes the window and switches on the light. He tells her that he is really scared. Is there anything called spirit? She denies. He tells her about what other kids have told him about what Susheela does. She tells him not to focus on all this. concentrate on your studies. She makes him take a swear in her name that he wont talk about all such stuff or go near Susheela’s house.

Next day, Suman is drying clothes when she notices Susheela’s cat. Suman talks to her MIL. We will have to do something about her. Dadi tells her about what happened day before yesterday. I will take care of her. She took my son away first and is now after my grandson. We should have thrown her out of the locality long back. She complains to Inspector. Susheela is taken to police station. She fights that she will die if she goes away from here. People of the locality are relieved to see her gone. Her cat is still there though.

A few days later:
Suman tells her MIL that Susheela died in police custody. I am feeling bad. It all happened because of me. I shouldn’t have said so to police. Dadi assures her that she is not wrong. Susheela got free after all. Someone is watching them.

Prateek and his friend are returning home when he hears someone screaming. He stops in his tracks. Prateek tells his friend that it is Susheela’s voice. His friend excuses himself. The door is being pulled from inside and Susheela is screaming out loud. Prateek runs towards home.

Prateek and his grandmother are waiting for Suman. Someone comes to inform that fan fell over Suman’s head in school. She is badly hurt. Suman passes away. Prateek cries in his grandmother’s arms.

Prateek misses his mother a lot. He keeps talking to her photo. I miss you a lot. Please come back, talk to me. I cannot live without you. He makes up his mind to talk to her. He recalls seeing Susheel doing black magic. I am breaking the promise that I had given to you but I want to talk to you. Prateek comes to Susheela’s house. He takes the yantra on which she used to practise. He tries to invoke his mother’s spirit but cannot recall the exact mantras. He takes out his mother’s photo. Why aren’t you talking to me? Say something. Lightning strikes. He notices someone’s reflection in the photo. He is shocked to see Susheela standing behind him. You will keep me alive inside you. Your mother and Dadi wanted to throw me out of here. Now they will understand it. I will see who takes me out from here now! She enters inside him.

Prateek is sitting in a corner staring blankly. Dadi gets milk for him. She notices him lost and sad. Are you alright? He nods. She asks him about the noises that were coming from his room yester night. He replies that he slept early yester night. She tells him to sleep with her from tonight. He nods. She goes to bring lunch box for him.

Prateek is on terrace with his friend. Prateek feels bad for Susheela. She wouldn’t have got last rites done too. The friend doesn’t mind it. She used to talk to spirits. Prateek holds him by his neck. I am alive. I will kill everyone. At night, Prateek is sleeping when Susheela enters inside him. Susheela laughs seeing Dadi sleeping on the floor. Dadi wakes up with a start. Susheela pushes her. Your DIL went. Now its your turn. You killed me twice while I was alive. I loved BHaskar truly but you snatched him from me. I thought of Prateek as my son but you took him from me too. I wont leave Prateek now. Dadi starts chanting Hanuman Chalisa. Prateek / Susheela screams holding his head. Dadi is in tears to see him thus. Prateek passes out.

Present Day:
Dadi requests Mahant ji to help her grandson. Susheela mumbles that she wont spare anyone. You all will die. Mahant ji says there is something in your house which is giving her powers. Go find it. Another Priest too tells her to go and find it. She reasons that she wont be back before tomorrow morning. He assures her that he will take care of Prateek till that time.

Dadi comes to her house. She finds Susheela’s yantra inside a room. She is shocked to see it there.

Dadi returns to Bala ji Mandir. She hands over the yantra to Mahant ji. Susheela is angry to see it in his hand. I wont spare you. I will kill you. Prateek tries to move towards Dadi but Mahant ji stops him. Why are you troubling this little kid? Susheela retorts that she wants to take revenge from this lady. She snatched my love from me and then my house. I will kill her. I will kill everyone including you. Mahant ji keeps his hand over Prateek’s head. Dadi reasons that she never liked Susheela or her actions. I only wanted to save my kid. Mahanta ji calms down Susheela. Prateek faints.

Mahant ji decides to burn this yantra. This is the only way to save this kid. A priest reasons that it can be dangerous but Mahant ji knows that this is their only way to save Prateek.

Mahant ji sits down to do some puja following which he will burn the mantra. Meanwhile, Susheela breaks free of all the chains. Prateek gets up and picks a spade and is about to attack Mahant ji but the yantra is set on fire just then. Prateek is in very much pain. He eventually passes out. The priests continue chanting Hanuman Chalisa.

Dadi thanks Mahant ji. He advises them not to look back while getting downstairs. They thank him and nod.

The truth and goodness wins in all the cases. Truth won in the end. Some people have strong belief on God or anything. Prateek’s Dadi (Kanta) has full faith that Prateek will get free from Susheela’s spirit in Mehandiipur Balaji only and her belief actually won!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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