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20 November, Near Red Fort, New Delhi:
A video is shown where a girl is pushed from the bus. The other passengers beat a guy badly.

A reporter reports the incident. It happened some 20 minutes ago. A boy was teasing a girl since long and then pushed her off the bus. The girl is still in coma.

Kabir meets a few girls. They too have been through the same. It is not so easy to tell it to our parents. Such guys make our life hell. People change colleges, houses just to avoid such people. Girls don’t expect any kind of help from police too. Girls feel that the guy was given the right punishment. Only public is doing something. Police is good for nothing.

Kabir comes to hospital. The girl (Shikha) is still in coma. Her parents are distraught. Kabir tries to talk to them but

they request him to spare them. we don’t want to talk to anyone. the media has been after us since morning. There is nothing to go. you should be questioning that guy. He is absconding. The girl’s mother says police is looking for the wrong guy. Her husband adds that the guy in the video is innocent. Anyways, truth doesn’t matter to you guys. Kabir walks out sadly.

Shikha’s parents reaction is justified. The police and media are not taking steps in the right direction. The public is living with a fear, hoping that they don’t have to go through something similar. The crime rate in Delhi has increased by 5% in 2012-13 only. Kabir is sure there is some big story behind what happened with Shikha. The guy in the video is not the real culprit. I will have to dig deep. Sakshi urges him to go ahead.

Shikha’s mother is a heart patient. She is not feeling well. Kabir rushes to her side. She shares that they had shifted to Vikaspuri 3 weeks ago. We had no idea these guys will be so after our life.

Flashback: Vikaspuri, New Delhi:
There are a bunch of 3-4 guys who keep on following all the girls in their locality all the time. They even get down their car and walk next to her in the middle of the road in braod daylight. They pretend to be very nice guys in front of the police.

One day, Shikha shifts to that locality. The guys notice her. Titu gets down. He offers to help her but she dismisses them. Titu’s ego gets hurt when she trues to slap him.

Next morning, 10 am, Bus Stop:
Titu and his friends are at the bus stop. Shikha boards a bus. The gang follows her. Titu sits down beside Shikha. He tries to lean closer. She tells him to sit properly and he makes lame excuses. He keeps on trying to touch her or be close her and she is all scared. She gets down from the bus when her stop comes.

Lims College, Janakpuri:
Shikha begins to tell her friend about the morning incident but then drops it. Titu is in the same bus in the evening (4pm) too. He stands next to her seat only. He keeps on trying to fall her. She ultimately slaps him. At night, Shikha’s sister comes to the terrace to ask about her day. Shikha starts getting blank calls. Third time, Shikha’s sister scolds the caller for troubling them. It is Titu. He smirks. Shikha’s sister calls back on the number. It is a PCO. She wonders who the caller got Shikha’s number. Shikha ignores her question.

The same incident keeps on repeating. Titu is outside Shikha’s college. Her friend (Minni) notices her. She takes Shikha to file a complaint against the guy. Shikha stops in her tracks when she notices Titu and her friends talking happily to the policemen at the PCR there. Shikha returns home in a rickshaw. Titu is already outside her house. Shikha’s sister and mother confront Titu. They scold Titu but he is all cool. He in fact takes them to his home. Titu’s mother doesn’t mind it that her son is eve teasing anyone. This is his age. Titu too moves the situation around his good. I cannot stop travelling in bus or going to college to meet my friends because of her. Titu’s mother blames Shikha. Look at her clothes. She taunts Shikha’s sister for being too blunt. What is your age? Are you married? She scolds her husband for speaking in between. Shikha’s mother takes her daughters back home. It is no point explaining anything to them.

Lims College, Janakpuri, New Delhi:
Shikha’s father comes to drop Shikha off to college. He boosts her morale. There is police around too. You don’t have to worry. She goes inside with Minni. SHikha comes to washroom. She senses someone’s presence there and goes inside. She is talking to Minni when suddenly someone pulls her. It is Titu. She tries to free herself but in vain. Minni knocks on the door so Titu runs out from there. Minni calls SHikha’s father. Shikha is very much scared. Titu laughs looking at her condition.

Shikha’s family comes to register an FIR against Titu but no one has a proof. We don’t want any fight. You please explain them once. We don’t want any trouble. Inspector agrees to talk to Titu’s family. He advises SHikha not to go to party, club at night. Shikha’s sister gets angry. They are doing wrong in day time and you are advising us? Inspector agrees to talk to Titu’s family.

Shikha is unable to sleep at night as she thinks of Titu’s antics and of what his mother had said to her last time. She gets a call but disconnects it. Titu calls again. Shikha picks it up this time. Titu talks to her. Did you have fun? I had lots of fun. Will you come with me for a date? We will enjoy. Shikha shouts at him but he keeps on laughing maniacally. Shikha’s sister comforts her.

Junior Inspector asks Titu about why people are complaining against him so much these days. titu in turn turns the situation against Shikha’s family. her sister is so old yet unmarried. JI gets a call so he has to leave.

Next morning, door bell rings. Shikha wakes up. She calls out for her parents but her father is not at home and her mother is taking a bath. Shikha walks towards the door a little scared. She screams seeing someone. The guy turns and Shikha gets normal.

The guy (Manish) is enjoying tea. He wants to take Shikha out for a while. Shikha agrees to meet in the evening but her family insists. Manish asks her if everything is fine. She nods. Her smile disappears when she notices Titu sitting there with his gang. They too notice Shikha and Manish. Manish goes to talk to Titu when he observes him making snide remarks against Shikha. Shihka tries to pull him away but Manish stays put. Manish warns Titu to be careful, stay away from her and don’t stare at her. Titu stares at Shikha in front of Manish. She is such an item and you know that already. Manish slaps Titu. Shikha pulls him away. Titu acts to shoot Manish.

Present: Manish had gone to drop Shikha to the college. He was beaten by the passengers. Don’t know what happened in the bus. Everyone blamed Manish. We told police but they dint take any action against Titu. In fact Titu lied to police that he was not in Delhi. Manish got punished wrongly.

Inspector tells Kabir that there are non-bailable sections of law that will be levied on Manish when he is found.

Manish’s dead body is found in a park behind Red fort. Lady Inspector addresses media. It is right for people to get angry but they must not take law in their hands. We are waiting for the post-mortem report. Kabir informs her about the entire case. She thanks him for it but we should wait for the girl’s statement. Police will keep an eye on those guys. We wont spare them if they are indeed guilty.

Shikha keeps on taking Manish’s name when she opens her eyes. Lady Inspector tells Kabir to try once. Kabir takes Shikha’s mobile from her sister. Kabir shows her her photo with Manish. Shikha breaks down. Kabir tells her that they have killed Manish. People have said that Manish was teasing you and then he committed suicide. She declines.

Manish had a fight with Titu a day before the accident. Titu had threated to kill Manish. Manish understood everything. He came with me in the bus to drop me off.

Incident day:
Manish and Shikha board the bus. Two guys come and stand near Shikha. They try to touch Shikha and blame Manish instead. All the passengers support those boys. They start beating Manish. Shikha tries to intervene but in vain. Some guys in the bus record the incident. Shikha gets pushed and falls from the bus. The passengers make the driver stop the bus. Manish tries to reach out for Shikha as he falls from the bus. Meanwhile, Titu and his gang take him in their car. The passengers are busy taking care of SHikha so they don’t notice it.

Present: Lady Inspector takes SHikha’s statement. Kabir too leaves. Titu’s mother requests Inspector to leave Titu but he tells her that Titu is involved in a big case. Nothing can be done now. Police arrest Titu and his gang. Many charges were levied against them for their crimes.

One must raise their voice against such incidents. It is important to bring change in the society! Fear is the biggest weapon of an eve teaser. Those who get scared fall prey to eve teasers. The parents of such people should not support their kids to do so. The victims too should not keep quiet. You must raise your voice so the incident is not repeated with anyone else.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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