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A guy is selling babies for Rs. 40-45k in the local market.

Kabir wakes up with a start. He recalls his servant giving him tea. Do you know where kids are sold / bought? I too want one. Our new neighbour Shambhu has brought a baby from somewhere in 40k. I asked him a lot but he dint tell me anything. Please tell me if you know about it as I too want to buy a baby. I am married for 23 years yet I have no baby so I too thought of buying a baby like Shambhu. Kabir sits there in disbelief. Flashback ends.

Kabir gets up. My hands don’t shake by writing about things every day. I don’t sweat as I wake up after watching some dreams. But you too wouldn’t have been able to forget it if you were in my place. Can you imagine such a market where kids are sold instead of vegetables and

fruits? You can buy babies if you have ample money with you. This is one such market of our country which I have given a new name – child market (Baccha Bazaar)!

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Sakshi makes Kabir realise that just by writing articles he wont be able to achieve much. Kabir vows to do anything and everything so that he is able to bring a solution for this problem.

M.G. Road, Delhi (January 2013):
A doc (Dr. S.K. Chhabra) tells a guy (Mr. Sharma) that there are complications so he will have to do an operation. Total expenses would be around 70-80k. I have one suggestion for you though. If I am not wrong then Meera is around 22 years old and a divorcee. You should think about her remarriage. It is about her bright future. This baby can be a problem for that case actually. I have a solution for you. Many couples come here in our hospital who cannot become parents. They take the baby, bear all the hospital expenses and even pay the other party around 40-50k for the baby. I know you since a long time so I am giving you this suggestion. You can think what you want – this baby or your daughter’s future?

Kabir tells his editor about his findings on the issue. His editor tells him to be careful with it as the issue is quite sensitive. Make sure what you write is authentic. Kabir agrees.

Mr. Sharma is thinking about doc’s words while his daughter is in OT. His daughter gives birth to a baby boy. Meera wakes up and notices a nurse taking her baby out of the room. She holds out her hand but she is still very weak so passes out again.

Nurse brings the baby out. Mr. Sharma turns his face away. Nurse asks him about his decision. Mr. Sharma is in a fix. He dismisses her. She smiles broadly and heads back inside with the baby. She gives the good news to doc. Doc tells her to keep the baby safely. Gulati ji will be coming tomorrow itself to collect the delivery. Make sure the baby doesn’t cry. Nurse asks about her cut. He assures her that she will get it once the deal is finalised. I give you double salary here. You will have to work as per my set standards or there will be someone else in your place here tomorrow.

Nurse keeps the baby in a carton. She then calls Pappan. Do you want a baby?

Mr. Sharma’s daughter (Meera) wakes up but finds the bed of the baby empty. She asks the nurse about her baby. Nurse walks out to bring the doc. Mr. Sharma enters the room. He lies to his daughter that her baby was dead. She denies. I heard him crying. He tries to make her believe and she breaks down thinking about her baby.

Nurse is pushing a trolley. She has hidden the baby in the lower compartment of the trolley with other stuff.

Delhi, 10 pm:
Nurse sells the baby to Pappan for 10k. He leaves with the baby on his scooter. The baby is in a carry bag.

Doc is shocked to know that the baby got stolen. As far as I know no one knows about the baby except you and me. She nods. I don’t know what happened after I left for home. She pretends to cry and begs him not to fire her. I wont get this much salary from anyone else. Doc is in a fix. I cannot understand what I will say to Gulati ji. Nurse smirks.

Kabir comes to a hospital to find out about the racket. A doc sends him back but the peon whistles at him. He takes some money to give him leads. Babies are sold in Geeta Nursing Home, M.G. Road.

Pappan’s place (Mongolpuri, Delhi):
Pappan’s gang member checks the baby as he accidentally drops the hot water bowl near him. It has high temperature. Pappan refuses to get him checked by some big doc as he will have to pay him then. Go and bring some local Vaid.

Someone comes to meet Dr. S.K. Chhabra. Kabir takes a seat before him. he has a button sized camera fixed on his shirt. My wife and I are really depressed. We are trying but are unable to conceive. Our parents have been taunting us since long. I will be really grateful if you could help us in getting a baby. It doesn’t matter if its a girl or a boy. I can give as much money as you will ask for. Doc pretends to be disgusted with the whole idea. He dismisses Kabir. Nurse rushes inside asap. Why did you let him go when he was ready to pay whatever amount you would have asked for? Doc wasn’t convinced by Kabir’s words. Whoever is ready to spend money only needs a boy, not girl. His phone rings so he gets busy with the call. Nurse goes out. Mr. Sharma has called the doc to ask him when he can come to collect money. Doc tells him to wait. I will inform you when its all sorted. He ends the call.

Meera hears the entire convo and is shocked. You sold my baby? Mr. Sharma denies. I have handed him to doc. He has assured me that he will hand it to someone who will take good care of the baby. His daughter cries for her baby. Atleast I was relieved that my baby was safe with God but now I am not sure where and how he would be.

Vaid tells Pappan that the kid has caught cold. His stomach is also empty. Call his mother. Pappan’s friend is about to say the truth when Pappan stops him. She has gone for work. Vaid talks against it. The baby will die if he stays hungry. He gives a packet to Pappan. Mix half of it in cow’s milk and feed the baby in every 15 minutes. Keep him in the sun and calls his mother. He will be fine if he stays close to his mother. This is God’s treatment. Vaid takes his fees and leaves.

Kabir gets another lead from the same peon. He gets a number of a guy called Ramesh this time.

Pappan’s friend takes the baby out and keeps him in the sun. He receives a call from some Pinki and goes to meet her. He leaves the baby out in the open. Eagles hover over the place.

Meera reaches the hospital and asks for Dr. Chhabra. She meets the nurse. Please tell me where my baby is. Meera begs her to speak the truth. Tell me or I will call police. She dials the number when nurse agrees to tell her everything. I sold your baby. She gets slapped in return. Nurse tells her about Pappan.

An eagle starts advancing towards the baby.

Kabir calls Ramesh. My wife and I want a baby. Can you help?

Meera reaches Mongolpuri. She asks people about Pappan. A shop vendor directs her to a house with a red door. Meera rushes to Pappan’s place. Upstairs, the eagle is very near the baby. Meera finds the lock on the door. She comes back to the same shop and asks him as to when will Pappan return. Another guy tells her that there is no guarantee as to when he will return. He even stays out for 10 days at times. Meera leaves dejectedly. The shop vendor is concerned.

Pappan’s friend returns home. He is shocked to see the giant eagle sitting near the baby and throws a stone at it to shoo it away. the baby vomits something so he gets worried but then checks the breath of the baby and is relieved. Pappan calls him, asking him to send the pic of the baby. He clicks a pic and sends it to Pappan.

Kabir gets a call from Ramesh. You should have told me earlier that Girdhari (the peon) has given you my number. How much is your budget? It depends on the piece actually. It can range from 40l to a lakh. I will message you the address. Come to meet me after 2 hours with an ID proof and your wife. Kabir agrees. Where will I get a wife from?

Pappan shows the pic of the baby to some Dutta bhai. Dutta tells him that he will not get more than 15k for the baby. Bring the baby to Africa bhai’s place. I will meet you there only.

Pappan keeps the baby back in a carry bag and heads to Africa bhai’s place.

Meera comes to the market. She asks people about Pappan but in vain. I wonder where my baby will be. I cant even go to police or my father will be in trouble. Pappan is talking to someone nearby only. She walks on the road all tired. She hears a guy calling out for Pappan. She runs after Pappan but he drives off in his scooter. She stops an auto rickshaw so she can follow him.

Ritu calls Kabir. I wont be able to come today, I am really sorry. Kabir wonders how will he arrange a wife now.

Africa bhai’s place, Shakurbasti (Delhi):
Pappan reaches Africa bhai’s place. Meera too reaches there. She hides behind a tree to watch what’s going on inside. Dutta checks the baby. Meera walks around stealthily to find out what’s happening. Kabir watches her and is curious. He decides to follow her.

Kabir finds Meera peeping in through a window. She is about to hit him with a stick when he gives her his real intro. What are you doing here?

There are many kids inside kept in crates. Africa bhai keeps another new baby along with the other babies too. he tells his guy to bring girl next time. Dutta and Pappan walk inside with the baby. Africa bhai agrees to pay 15k once the baby is sold. Plus there is no guarantee if the baby dies in between. Dutta agrees. He leaves with Pappan.

Kabir is shocked to know Meera’s story. Why dint you go to police? Meera was helpless as her father too was involved in this. Kabir agrees to help her but asks her to pretend to be his wife. She agrees to do it for her baby.

They both head towards the house to meet Africa bhai. Another couple goes inside to pick a baby. Ramesh too reaches there just then. Kabir shows him his ID card. Ramesh says we have to be a little careful in illegal work or else the baccha bazaar will go down the drain. He tells them to wait and goes inside.

Africa bhai confirms it with Ramesh that the party (Kabir and his wife) wont land them in some problem. Ramesh assures him. Africa bhai finds Meera tensed. Kabir says she hasn’t been to a place like this before. They go to see the babies. They both are shocked to find so many babies lying around in crates, crying. Meera asks them to show the baby which is only 3-4 days old. The guy shows them another baby which is just 3-4 days old. Meera wipes the foam around the baby’s face but picks up the other baby. Her baby holds her shawl. She is in tears as she holds the other baby (thinking that it is hers). They both head outside and Kabir pays 60k for the baby.

Raju comes to tell Africa bhai about the baby that Pappan had brought. Froth is coming out of his mouth. He can die anytime. Africa bhai gets angry. I told him that his baby is ill. Kabir and Meera hear it. Meera runs inside to pick up her baby. Africa bhai tells her to leave the baby as it will die soon. Meera refuses to do so. It is my baby. You have stolen it. They all are shocked. Kabir starts whistling so they get alert. They are about to run when police comes in time and catches them. Kabir rushes to the hospital as Meera’s baby is all quiet.

T.V. Rai Hospital, Delhi:
Doc tells Meera that her baby is out of danger now. You can meet him and even feed him. She is relieved. She cries her heart out as she holds her baby boy.

Kabir writes, Meera should be applauded for her efforts. Police has arrested Dr. Chhabra and Nurse Sunita. Pappan was trying to run to Chandigarh but got caught. His accomplice Bablu gave statement against him. it is a natural thing whether you can have a baby or not. medical science has advanced so much these days. Plus there are so many adoption centres when even science cannot help people. But even today, people get a heir only when it is a baby boy. This isn’t a thought but disease. This disease in turn creates a market. There will be suppliers if there are buyers. It is a kind of nexus where people are involved at every level. Hope this outlook will change in future. Hope the difference between a girl and boy will get over and we wont see such a baccha bazaar in our country ever.

Sakshi urges people to speak up / be alert / take action if they see such activities around. there are many such NGOs which are working for this. One such NGO is this. Please call on the helpline numbers. Maybe your one voice can save someone’s life.

Child Line | Call – 1098

Update Credit to: Pooja

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