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Mehandipur Balaji Mandir is where lot many people come to free themselves or their loved ones from spirits.

Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 2013:
Riya and her father Anshuman are welcomed in their house. Anshuman has a surprise for Riya – Tanvi. They are great friends. They head to Riya’s room. Tanvi keeps talking to Riya. Join the college soon. Riya stops in her tracks as she looks at the piano. Anshuman too looks at it.

At night, Riya is sleeping but she keeps thinking of her past in her dreams. Some guy had tried to molest her and she had hit him with a stool or chair. She walks up to piano but doesn’t play it. Anshuman also comes there by then. Forget it. Forget how your music teacher Darshan Chauhan tried to molest you. You killed him to save yourself. That is what you have

said in the court. She says music is my life but now I am scared of music. Anshuman advises her to fight with her fears. She takes a promise from him that he will never leave her. He promises her.

Riya looks at the piano once again as she comes upstairs. She looks at the mark on her hand but then thinks of her father’s words. She sits down to play it. She is playing a tune when she feels something. The servants clap for her. Riya smiles with confidence.

Riya is sleeping at night when she hears someone playing piano. She thinks that it is her papa. She goes to see but they keys are moving on their own. She screams out in shock as she turns!

Anshuman and the maid come looking for Riya. She is doing yoga and making her body completely flexible. She suddenly starts banging her head on the wall and eventually faints. Doc assures Anshuman that Riya will be fine. Anshuman has never seen something like this before. It was very different. Doc calls it hallucinations.

Next day, Riya is sleeping peacefully when someone pulls the blanket off her. She sits up with a start. She tries to fight with her music teacher’s spirit and cries when she fails to keep up.

Tanvi comes to meet Riya. Riya is sitting in a corner and crying. Tanvi tries to ask her what happened. Riya says I think. The spirit takes over. Tanvi is concerned. Its ok if you don’t want to tell anything to me. You best friend is still alive. The spirit remarks that she could die then. You were going to kill yourself for my love. You left your best friend. You are jealous of her. I would have been alive today if you wouldn’t have left. Tanvi keeps looking at Riya in shock. She somehow manages to run out of the room. Anshuman asks her what happened but she doesn’t tell him anything.

Riya goes to take bath. She can again feel someone’s presence. Her teacher’s spirit grabs hold of her and begins to kiss her from behind. Riya is in tears. Anshuman is stunned to see her thus.

Doc and Anshuman have decided to shift riya to the hospital as her condition isn’t good. The lights go off. The piano starts playing. They come up but find no one playing the piano. Riya is standing a little far. She presses one note and they all fall down. Anshuman questions Riya but the spirit replies that he is the one whom they all had killed. I wont leave your daughter now! Never! He makes Riya scratch her hands with nails; bang her head at the wall. The spirit challenges Anshuman. I know you love her a lot. I wont kill her but she will die daily. Doc injects an injection in her hand. Anshuman is in tears to see his daughter’s plight.

Riya has been given a sedative. Her hands and feet have been tied. Doc gives up on the case. He suggests Anshuman to take riya to Shri Balaji’s Temple in Mehandipur, Rajasthan. Priests there have been helping people since ages. He shows him about it on internet. I am doc but I trust God more. Riya needs God’s blessings more than medicines. Anshuman agrees to take her to Balaji Temple surely. The spirit is also present there and obviously angry.

Anshuman and the maid are taking Riya outside. The spirit enters inside her again. Riya starts climbing over the wall. It warns Anshuman. I can kill you right away but I want to see you your daughter dying in front of your eyes. You wont be able to save her just like you dint do it for me. I wont let her get out of this house. He makes Riya hit her head on the wall again. Riya faints. Anshuman decides to go on his own.

Dausa District, Rajasthan:
Mehandipur Balaji Mandir:
Anshuman reaches the temple. He goes to meet the Mahant ji of the Temple but gets to know that he will come in a few days. The priest tells him that till then maybe that spirit will kill your daughter. Anshuman requests him to save her. It is troubling my daughter a lot. Please help her. The priest says I can help you but you are hiding something from the world. This evil spirit can even kill your daughter. Tell me the entire truth. True love and dedication only can save your daughter’s life. ANshuman agrees to tell him everything.

3 years ago:
Tanvi and Riya are learning piano from Darshan. He plays a tune for them. Anshuman announces that Riya will perform tomorrow on the 25th anniversary of their hotel. Riya isn’t so confident but Darshan takes the responsibility of helping her.

Darshan scolds Riya as she is not playing the right notes. Riya refuses to do it. My fingers are paining.

At night, Anshuman asks Riya about her fear of performing. My biggest fear when your mother left was how to give you motherly love. Some people suggested me to get married or send you to boarding school. Your smile helped me get out of my fears. Your smile is my world. It’s ok if you don’t want to perform but always face your fears. She agrees to perform only for him.

Riya plays the correct notes before going for the party. Anshuman leaves for the hotel while Riya, Darshan and Tanvi will be joining them soon. Riya goes to change. Tanvi watches Darshan play piano. She tries to flirt with Darshan. Riya comes there just then. Tanvi has to rush to hospital as her grandmother had a minor attack. Riya thinks of calling her dad but Darshan suggests practising for the last time. Riya sits down next to Darshan on the stool. He holds her hands while she is playing. He touches her. She steps back but he keeps advancing towards her. He removes her sweater. She keeps trying to break free but he keeps pulling her bad. She hits him on the head with the stool. She immediately calls her dad. Anshuman rushes home and hugs his daughter. Maid checks Darshan’s breath. He is still alive. Shall we call doc? Anshuman doesn’t want him to live. Let him die. We will call police later.

By the time police came Darshan was dead. The case went on for a year. By then I had kept Riya away from our home. We proved in court that it was because of self defence. Riya came home. Darshan’s spirit entered inside her as soon as she touched that piano. He isn’t letting go of her. Priest explains that this spirit is back with devil’s powers now. You will have to chant Hanuman Chalisa. It has the strength of keeping any evil at bay. This evil spirit can kill your daughter or make her his servant. Anshuman refuses to let it happen. I trust my love and faith. We can overpower any evil spirit.

Anshuman returns home and finds his maid dead. Priest says the powers of the spirit have reached their heights. They hear the sound of piano. Riya is playing it. Darshan laughs at Riya. Her eyes have big dark circles under her eyes. Darshan says I am not Riya but her owner. You think you will get me out of Riya’s body by bringing this tantrik? Priest touches Hanuman ji’s sindoor. You will have to leave her. Darshan retorts that he has come back with devil’s powers. I will take her with me. She will live with me as my servant. Priest too refuses to back down. He throws vermilion over her. Riya falls. Darshan makes the priest unconscious. He is about to make Riya hit the priest with the stool but Anshuman requests his daughter not to do it. Riya pleads her father to save her. Darshan remarks that her father wont be able to stop her. I will take you with me. Riya throws the stool away. Anshuman recalls the priest’s words. He puts sindoor over his forehead and does it next on Riya too. He starts chanting Hanuman Chalisa and clings onto Riya. She keeps fighting him off but he doesn’t let go of her. Darshan leaves Riya and the piano burns. Riya hugs her father.

Love and trust can defeat any evil. Anshuman had both the things in him which is why he defeated Darshan. Darshan never returned in their life. Riya fought with her fears and plays piano. She does not play that particular tune though! There are many things in life which we cannot see or understand but we can certainly feel. It is up to us whether we trust God or Devil!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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