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Vanshraj & Sons, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh:
Dhiren Prajapati calls at the office landline for Rakesh Dwivedi. The receptionist tells him that she is not authorized to give this info to anyone. He sweetly tells her about the threats involved with recovery agents. She gives him the details later on.

Dhiren calls Rakesh, asking him to pay the due amount of 5 lacs against his credit card. Rakesh declines doing anything like that but Dhiren tells him that he has given the wrong address and details to the bank. Plus you have done a fraud. Rakesh repeats that he has no credit card. I don’t get involved in credit cards and stuff. You cannot fool me like this. Dhiren decides to change his approach.

Rakesh had no idea what he was going to get into next that could shake his life completely.

There was a very big scam. The question was – who had sown the seed of the same and when?

Theme – Scam

Rakesh comes to his office. The receptionist informs him about Dhiren’s call. I have given him your number and address. He tells her against it as they wont let him live peacefully now. He gets his wife’s (Sapna’s) call. She too asks him about the credit card. You have spent 5 lacs already. They had personally come here to threaten me. The recovery agents had clearly told me that no one can cheat them or they wont spare you. They were saying that you had acquired the credit card using fake documents. Rakesh denies. I am already worried and you too doubt me now. He ends the call.

At night, Sapna again talks to Rakesh about the second bank which is after them now. there is something that you are hiding from me.

Another bank called at Dwivedi House in the next 3 days. Now it amounted to an outstanding amount of approx 10-12 lacs from 3 banks. Rakesh was boggled. Everyone around him too was confused. Was Rakesh really hiding something or was someone all set to destroy and trap him?

Rakesh checks the outstanding bills of all the three credit cards. He talks to the receptionist at his office. My wife does not also trust me. Sapna questions Rakesh if he is having an affair. 9 lacs of the total amount have been spent on jewellery. There has to be something. Rakesh pleads innocence. Peon comes to tell him that Jairaj Sir is calling him in the cabin. Jairaj too asks Rakesh about the credit cards. Rakesh says someone is doing a fraud against me. Jairaj finds it unbelievable as his real documents have been used in all the 3 banks. Rakesh says I have been working here for more than 3 years. Have I ever cheated you in all these years? Jairaj explains that he has already a home loan due on him. Your credentials will be affected if this news spreads around. please clear everything with all the banks asap.

Rakesh goes to all the 3 banks. He checks all the documents that have been submitted along with the application. They are indeed his real documents. Only the photos are of someone else. Rakesh has no idea who this guy is. The manager talks about police. Rakesh maintains his ground but the manager insists that he and his partner has done fraud with their bank.

Rakesh repeatedly tells his wife Sapna but she too is not ready to buy his story. He takes an off that day.

A Crime Branch Officer has called Jairaj. He has received complaint against Rakesh Dwivedi from all the three banks. We want to profile him silently / secretively. One of our officer, Nakul, is on his way to your office.

Sapna calmly asks Rakesh if it is related to their home loan somehow. You can tell me the truth. Rakesh says the loan is purely legal. Door bell rings. Sharad Sinha from Crime Branch greets Rakesh. Rakesh says the same thing to Crime Branch Officers. He also declines knowing his so called partner in crime (the guy in the photos submitted in all the documents). His junior tells him that Rakesh has a clean background. His neighbours, colleagues, college background proves that his record is all clean. The head officer decides to find out whether someone is trapping Rakesh or if Rakesh is trying to fool them.

Was Rakesh the target here or was it the guy whose photo was on the application form? Everyone was confused. If the guy in the photo was the culprit then where did he get Rakesh’s original documents from? How did he do such a big fraud and where did he disappear?

Crime Branch interrogates everyone in the office. The investigation is on in full swing. Jairaj checks the documents. The company letter is signed in his name but he has not done so. Crime Branch Officer clearly tells him that he has no reason to not doubt him.

Rakesh’s daughter tells him that she believes him. you are a good man. You cannot do anything wrong. He is glad that there is atleast someone who trusts him and understands him. Papa has not done anything wrong. Sapna feels bad.

Crime Branch Officers check / evaluate all their clues. Sharad and Nakul are given some instructions to follow so they can find out some clue.

They all watch the CCTV footage from a jewellery shop. The same guy is shown buying jewellery from the jewellery shop. Nakul tells his senior that the guy was not at all interested in that particular jewellery. The jeweller also had told him the same. people even check vegetables when they buy it but the guy was only concerned about the price of gold. A true buyer asks you some questions but the guy had randomly picked up some pieces. CBO feels that maybe some gang is behind all this. but how did they get hold of Rakesh’s original documents? Sharad tells him that all the 3 banks use the same courier company to dispatch the cards. CBO is sure that the courier company is also involved in the scam or how can they deliver it to the address which is not at all real. This is surely an inside job.

Jairaj gets a call from someone. He tells the guy that it should be delivered by day after tomorrow.

A guy named Pankaj comes to Crime Branch Office and meets Sharad. He is the same man who had delivered the courier to that guy in the documents.

Rakesh comes to office. The receptionist asks him how it is going. He tells her that the situation is tensed. Nothing has been found so far.

Pankaj tells the procedure to Sharad. We call the person first to make sure he is at home at the moment. That is when we give him the card. Sharad confirms his number. This man bought this sim card (on which Pankaj had called) 3 months ago only. He has only received your call on his number.

Rakesh is thinking of someone in his cubicle.

Pankaj tells Sharad that this man met him at a roadside all the three times when he had gone to deliver the cards. He told me that he seldom stays at home and that his home is in a narrow lane so it will be difficult for me to find it. Pankaj had checked that guy’s original documents all the three times before handing over the cards to him. Sharad asks him if he dint find this weird. Dint you try to verify his address at all? Pankaj reasons that the card is issued only when the address is cross checked beforehand. I just checked his ID proof and gave him his card as I am only a delivery boy. Nowadays people take deliveries anywhere. We just check their ID Cards.

Rakesh thinks of Sapna’s words / doubts. He immediately goes out of office and calls the CBO. I had submitted my original documents when I had applied for the home loan a year ago. That is when I had submitted all my documents in SNC Bank (of the banks involved in the scam). I had even taken a recommendation latter from my senior, Jairaj. CBO is happy with the new lead.

Jairaj too asks Rakesh about the progress on his case. Rakesh tells him about the testimonial letter he had taken from him a year ago. Jairaj nods. Keep me updated then.

Sharad comes at the agency’s office which works with the banks. Sanjay greets him. he checks the documents.

Nitin Sharma (from S.N.C. Bank) tells CBO that Rakesh’s record is all clean. He has never missed any of the instalments. The standard procedure is done. Zintack Consultants do all the checking now.

Sanjay introduces Jiten to Sharad. He is the guy who verifies all the addresses and documents. CBO calls Sharad and informs him about Zintack being involved with all the 3 banks. S.N.C. Bank is the starting point. The documents had gone to Zintack Consultants only. Find out whatever you can. Sharad agrees. Sharad next sits down to talk with JIten. Jiten checks the documents. This client has applied for 3 banks. In this situation, we generally don’t invest our time in cross checking the same address and details. Sharad says this means someone had to go to the address once atleast. Jiten nods. We collect all data over years. In this case, we dint have to do any physical verification. That was done when he had applied for a home loan. Sharad still wants to know what if someone does a fraud in the second time. Jiten talks about checking out the family and the client first. This one is a safe client.

A guy informs Nakul (at Crime Branch) that Jiten called someone as soon as Sharad had left from the office. The call lasted for 1:05 mins. A while later, Nakul tells Sharad to bring Jiten with him.

Nakul is on his way to find that person whom Jiten had called. Jiten asks Sharad the reason as to why they have brought him with them. Sharad points out at all the faults. You dint check the different photos on the separate forms. There is a rule in crime world; the criminal leaves a clue every time. Jiten tries to call it a system error but Sharad tells him how two different people can bear same name yet different addresses. This cannot be a system error. This is a fraud done by you and your friend. Your partner would be in Crime Branch Office by now. You have 10 minutes to think about what all you want to say.

Nakul nabs the fake Rakesh aka Sachin Sharma.

Jiten had informed Sachin asap when Sharad had left from Zintack’s office. He had told Sachin to leave India for a while.

CBO interrogates JIten and Sachin. You both are going to live a very difficult life in jail now. I want the complete story. They used to run such a fraud operation where they used loan applicants’ data to make fake credit cards. They used to make lot many purchases then. The bill would come in the name of the person who had no idea about giving any such application ever in his life. How were these 2 guys doing it?

Jiten tells that Sachin is a Graphic Designer. We are good friends. JIten had once observed him doing his designing work. He had thought of the idea – can you make original document from client’s copy? Sachin says he can do everything. They decide to make money from the shortcut and easy method. Sachin had done the same with Rakesh’s documents. This is how Sachin became the new Rakesh Dwivedi! They had then applied for credit cards in all the 3 banks. Jiten knew that the documents will come to him only for verification purposes. They tell the CBO that Pankaj was also with them.

CBO tells them to write down all the details, how the idea came in their mind and was implemented finally. I want all the details of the money that you have spent. Pankaj too gets arrested.

CBO updates the same to Rakesh. Rakesh is relieved and so is everyone else. Sapna apologizes to Rakesh for not trusting him. I thought you were having an affair and were wasting your money on it. He has been hurt because of it but still forgives her. Their daughter is glad that her trust has been proved right.

It is a thing to wonder how the documents submitted for some important purpose get used for a grave crime like this. An innocent man gets trapped in a case where no one listens to his pleas. Thankfully, the truth came out soon and dint mean any harm to an innocent person.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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