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Code Red 12th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

15 November, Karol Bagh, New Delhi:
Two people get into a fight as they come from the opposite sides and the road gets jammed. Kabir is also there. The traffic police guy is having a hard time freeing them.

Kabir reaches office late. His colleague talks about road rage. People take out their frustration on the other party in that case. Kabir gets a case. Three people killed a family yesterday because of road rage only. The only reason was that that guy’s bike hit their car.

Kabir is driving when a guy comes from the wrong side. They are almost about to collide but the guy dismisses Kabir rudely. Kabir reaches the house. There is media and police outside the house. The culprits are absconding. Kabir looks inside. The wife of the deceased is sitting blankly. He notices all the certificates

on the wall. The kids (Nakul and Arjun) are crying in a room. Nakul is sad that his papa left them. he had promised us that he will always save us like spiderman and never leave us alone. A man pats on Kabir’s shoulder. Kabir gives his intro. The guy is sure nothing good will come out of it anyways. He is deceased’s father. The kids were there at the time of incident. They saw their father getting beaten with their eyes. They are the only witnesses. Kabir requests him to let him talk to the kids. The man asks him to use his power of writing in a way that no kid sees their father like this ever again.

The kids want to see / talk to their father. Mummy used to throw water on papa when he dint use to wake up in the morning. Ask mummy to do the same. their grandfather tells them that they are good boys. This is Kabir uncle. You will talk to him without getting scared, right? The kids go quiet. Kabir kneels down on his before him. Please don’t be scared of me. will you tell me about your papa? The kids nod. The kids say my papa is world’s best papa. We loved him a lot and he too used to love us very much.

Flashback: Arjun’s father tries really hard but his father (Ranjan) is not able to run fast with Nakul on his back. He reasons that he doesn’t work in a gym like Mr. Verma. His wife tells him not to do it. you already are doing 2 jobs. He can do anything for his kids. Arjun is upset that his father lost again. the kids will tease me. you always come to drop me on your old bike. Preeti reminds him that his papa takes him out for holidays, movies, dinners. Nakul remembers it. Arjun doesn’t like it when his papa loses. He cries. Ranjan promises him that he will win next time. We will also buy a new bike. The kids get excited. Preeti clicks their photo.

Present: Arjun says papa always lived by his words. Nakul adds that their papa loved them a lot. We were his eyes, his world. He could do anything for our happiness. Kabir is almost in tears. Your papa fulfilled his promise?

Flashback: Nakul and Arjun tell Mr. Verma’s kids about the number of ice creams that their papa has brought. Preeti brings ice creams for the kids. Arjun points out that he has started taking training for the race. Ranjan requests Verma to lose once. Verma agrees. They both love their kids a lot.

Next day, Ranjan wins the race. Arjun hugs his papa excitedly. Verma apologizes to his kids but is very happy to see Ranjna happy. he will have to make up to his kids though.

Arjun returns home excited. Arjun asks his father about the second gift (bike). The kids go inside to change. Preeti asks Ranjan about the bike. You work back to back to pay their fees. You are unable to buy new shoes for yourself. How will we buy a bike? He thinks of taking loan as he cannot break his kids’ heart. I can work overtime. I want the kids and their mother to be happy.

Papa fulfilled his promise. Papa bought a new bike and took us out for a movie. Arjun asks his papa to drive a little faster. Ranjan reasons that they can reach late but cannot put their lives in risk. A car overtakes them after honking continuously. Ranjan stays calm. The car halts suddenly. Ranjan applies brake but still hits the car a little.

The guys get into a verbal duel. They are angry that there was a scratch on their car because of the bike. Ranjan offers to get it rectified. You can call police if you are upset about it. the guys lose their cool. They start beating Ranjan. Preeti begs everyone for help but in vain. The bystanders just look on. She tries to intervene but the guys keep pushing her back. Arjun and Nakul cry requesting them not to beat their papa but the guys dint stop.

Present: they beat Papa a lot. He was bleeding. Our papa was a hero. Mummy kept asking for help but no one helped us. Those guys continued to beat papa. Nakul asks Kabir if papa lost. Papa is not a hero anymore, right? Arjun asks him if the police will punish those guys. Kabir nods.

Sakshi asks Kabir how will he report this case. Another incident of road rage! People don’t mind hurting, beating people in the middle of the road. They don’t see the tears in the eyes of the kids or a lady begging them not to do it. why are people so angry? Kabir adds that Ranjan was a good guy. He followed traffic rules and loved his family. Sakshi urges him to highlight the case. Kabir too is in no mood to give up. He wants the kids to get justice.

Pitampura Police Station:
Inspector tells Kabir that the car number has been identified but the guys are absconding. Police force is on high alert. The car breaks a check post and drives off. Police starts following the car. They are finally able to nab the culprits.

Police Inspector beats all the three guys. They aren’t agreeing that they have killed Ranjan. Kabir points out that it happened in a daylight before people. Inspector reasons that no one in Delhi wants to get into trouble. There is only Preeti and her kids who are the witnesses. Kabir wants to try.

Sharma ji brings the kids to the police station. The kids are a little scared though. Kabir sits with them outside only. Can you recognize those 3 guys? Arjun fears that those guys will kill us too. People were there that day too but no one came to help us. Mummy kept crying but everyone looked on from a distance. Nakul is scared. Kabir says your papa loved you a lot. Don’t you want the culprits to get punished? They attacked your papa. You will have to do this much for your papa. Arjun motivates Nakul. Papa used to do everything for us. He used to narrate stories to us even if he was tired, bring gifts for us, etc. It is our chance to give him a gift. Nakul is scared but Arjun stands with him. They go inside.

Nakul runs up to Kabir and hugs him as he looks at those guys. Arjun walks forward bravely. He looks at them keenly. He thinks of that day and recognizes all of them very clearly. These are the very same guys who had beaten my papa on the road. Inspector tells constable to make the charge sheet ready. One of the guys remarks that he had no idea that Ranjan will die.

Kabir tells the kids that their papa was a hero. He knew how to say sorry for his mistakes. A real hero knows how to win the right way. These 3 guys have made a foul. They dint defeat him. He was a real hero. Kabir thanks Mr. Sharma. They all head back home.

Arjun and Nakul lost their childhood because of the incident. Arjun pastes a sheet on the wall which says – My papa, my hero. He caresses his father’s photo. Nakul too looks on sadly. The brothers join hands. Preeti is still in a state of shock. The kids bring food for her. They remind her of what their papa used to say.

Flashback: Preeti recalls how she was angry and Ranjan told her to eat. She was upset as he was working on Sunday’s as well. He wants to give instalments for bike. She had given him an option of removing a maid. They both are concerned for each other. She gives in when they all request her sweetly as they all had not eaten too.

Present: Nakul tells his mother that Arjun bhaiya hasn’t eaten anything. Preeti feeds the kids first and then Arjun feeds her. They share an emotional hug.

A shocking news came. All the culprits were out on bail.

Kabir writes, Guddu, Ratan and Pratap were let out on bail. There is no Law in Indian Constitution that talks about Road rage. I dint give up though. People read my articles and Delhi woke up. There were protests everywhere against those guys. There have been many other instances too where people have lost their loved ones because of road rage. Media covers it well. The pressure built on the system. There is a court case going on on the accused now.

Arjun and Verma’s son get into a race this time. Arjun wins thinking about his father.

Road rage is not a small thing. it is becoming a very big disease and must be treated. You can talk calmly when your car gets a scratch. Talk through police and take help of insurance companies. Sort it out calmly. The bystanders should not stand quietly as maybe tomorrow they can be on the other side too. Make a better future for yourself and everyone around you!

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