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Nayi Aawaz’s office:
Kabir’s editor gets a call from the police station. A husband has killed his wife and his 5 year old son. Kabir wonders why he killed his son. There are differences between a husband and wife but why the baby? He goes to cover the story.

Inspector tells Kabir about the case. We arrested that man from his house only. Such people kill in rage but then they are completely clueless about where they should go next. They are unable to go anywhere and are sitting there itself. This is an open and shut case. We are going to file the charge sheet. A neighbour had gone to the victim’s house. He saw the dead bodies and the guy sitting there so he called us. Kabir enquires about the deceased. Inspector tells him the name of the lady – Madhu. Kabir is shocked to see the

accused (Ravi). Kabir knows Ravi and Madhu already.

Kabir and Madhu bicker sweetly about things when Kabir had gone to meet them. Kabir blesses them to be like this always.

Kabir is sure Ravi cannot kill Madhu. They both had a love marriage and love each other a lot. Sakshi reasons that that was in the past. Madhu is not in this world anymore. What you know is what was there 5 years ago!A lot changes in 5 years. Kabir decides to find out truth.

Kabir shares with the inspector that he had met Ravi 5 years ago while working on some case. Constable gives the list of everything that they found at the crime scene to the inspector. Inspector allows Kabir to meet Ravi while he takes a look at the list.

Kabir asks Ravi if he really did this. Ravi reminds him of the time when he had met Keshav 5 years ago in a Delhi Hospital. Kabir and a police inspector wait to take the statement from a guy named Keshav but doc tells them against it as the patient is really critical. Inspector leaves. Kabir is about to go too when Keshav holds his hand. Please save Ravi and Madhu. They will kill them. Don’t trust anyone. 665, Lajpat Nagar!

Ravi returns home after work. Madhu says we have been here since last 5 months. I don’t think there is nothing to worry about anymore. He tells her against calling anyone at home. She feels sad but then he brightens her mood by gifting anklets to her. they get worried as they hear a door bell. Ravi is sure it must be Keshav only. How would our family members know about our whereabouts? They are greeted by Kabir. Kabir tells them that Keshav has sent him.

Kabir tells them that Keshav has sent him to alert them. He said that there is danger for you here. MAdhu and Ravi are shocked to know that Keshav is no more. Kabir tells him about his meeting with Keshav at the hospital. I think Keshav knew who attacked him but he dint tell anything to police. Ravi nods. His parents are still living in their hometown. If he would have told anything to the police then his parent’s life would be in risk. Kabir is intrigued. Why is your life in danger? Madhu explains that they have made a grave mistake in the eyes of their people. Keshav Bhaiya had to lost his life because of us. Ravi adds that our Gotras are same. as per the people of our town the people of same Gotras are sisters and brothers only. They cannot get married. What’s our mistake if we fell for each other? Keshav helped us in running away from our town. When our people got to know about it then they declared death punishment for us. They can do anything. They want to scare people so that no one dares to think of doing what we have done.

Sanwar Town, Haryana (2008):
Kabir reaches Sanwar and meets the heads of the town. He tells them about Keshav getting killed. I have heard that you have declared a punishment against Ravi and Madhu. Head tells him to stay out of their matter. They both belong to the same Gotra. That ways they are actually brother and sister. How can a brother and sister get married? Kabir tries to make them understand that they cannot force anyone. One of the heads talks about the rules that are to be followed in his town. I am not concerned about the Constitution. We are simply following the rules and regulations made by our ancestors. Kabir tries to make them understand but in vain. Madhu’s brother grabs him by the collar. She has brought disrespect to our family. we will decide what we have to do with her or how we punish her. Don’t interfere. He starts beating Kabir but a guy (Madhu’s elder brother, Dr. Vaibhav Singh) stops them. You cannot raise your hand on a reporter. Ask me whatever you have to. She was the apple of my eyes. She broke all our dreams of making her a doc. She ran away with that Ravi. What about our family’s respect? Kabir asks him if he will kill his sister for the sake of his family’s respect. People yet again try to beat him but Bhairav saves him. he warns his younger brother (Sunny) not to interfere in the matter. He suggests Kabir to leave from here for now or he wont be able to control his people next time. Kabir leaves.

Madhu asks Kabir if his brothers gave him any message for her. Kabir denies. He tells Ravi not to keep in touch with anyone back home. Ravi thanks Kabir for his help. I have already lost one friend because of it. Don’t worry we wont contact anyone. You too should keep out of this matter or you might get dragged in all this because of us. Kabir assures him that this is his work.

Kabir writes an article. One decision by Khap has snatched peace and happiness from Ravi and Madhu’s life. They are living their life in fear. They were forced to leave their home, their town. What kind of justice is this that doesn’t accept the laws made by our Constitution? Why doesn’t government take any action against such Panchayats? Keshav has already lost his life. Don’t know when someone kills Ravi and Madhu too. We will have to stop this. such practises should be eradicated from the society. If the Government is not doing anything then we people should get down on the roads, do protest and try to wake the system.

Shekhawat ji shows the news article to the guy who will be handling elections from that particular state. Explain it to the Panchayat that they shouldn’t create any problem for us or our election results would suffer. Do anything but make sure that this issue sorts out asap. The guy agrees to look in the matter today itself.

The guy meets the head of the Panchayat. He explains it to him that he only has to give a statement that will mean that you are not against Ravi and Madhu’s alliance and neither will you stop them from coming here. You just have to say it for the sake of it. your tradition will live after the elections. People refuse to abide by it but the leader makes it clear to them that they too will lose power if he loses the election. Heads of the panchayat decide to keep quiet till the elections.

2 days later:
At a press conference, heads of the panchayat give statement in the favour of Madhu and Ravi. No one will dare touch them if they come here again. they are our own kids. Party leader is also present there. Why will someone kill their own kids? It is just a ploy by the opposition. Kabir asks them if they have any message for Ravi and Madhu. The main head folds his hands and requests the couple to return home. We will welcome them with all our heart.

Ravi and Madhu thank Kabir for what all he has done. Madhu is excited that she can go home anytime now but Kabir tells them against it. All this is happening due to political pressure. This is the time of elections and my article has created a problem for them. panchayat is also helpless for the time being but anything can happen if you both try to go back there. I don’t trust them at all. Ravi understands his point. Madhu is sad that she wont be able to go back to her home ever again. Ravi assures her that he wont let her miss her family members ever. These rules are there in our town since decades. They are not going to be changed for us. Trust your husband. I will make sure you don’t shed a tear ever again.

Back to present:
Ravi reasons that he cannot kill the one who was dearer to him than life itself. How can I kill my little son Raju? I was not even at home when all this happened. I only saw the dead bodies when I returned home. I am keeping quiet as I have another small kid. Those people have kidnapped my 6 month old baby. They will kill the baby too. Kabir gets thinking. Is your Panchayat responsible for it? Did you and Madhu tell anyone that you are here? Ravi denies. he requests Kabir to save his little baby.

A baby cries at night. A guy paces in front of it. he covers the face of the baby using his hand.

Kabir tells the Inspector about the missing baby. Inspector nods. We cannot understand where it disappeared to. Kabir feels that Ravi is innocent. Inspector tells him to wait till the forensic report comes. Till then Ravi is our prime suspect. Constable brings Madhu’s phone. Inspector suggests him to call back on all the recent dialled / received numbers but don’t disclose your identity. Constable nods and begins his work. Kabir sits down with the inspector.

Constable tells Inspector that all the calls were mostly at Ravi’s number except someone. She had called Dr. Vaibhav Singh other than Ravi. Kabir points out that he is Madhu’s brother.

Kabir is with the Inspector of Sanwar. He tells him that he has a doubt on Dr Vaibhav. Inspector is sure that cannot be possible. Doc is a respected man here. He cannot do it. Dr. Vaibhav comes there. He also recognizes Kabir. Kabir tells him about Madhu’s and Raju’s murder. Ravi has been accused for this crime. Dr. Vaibhav breaks down. Kabir blames him for it. Dr. vaibhav agrees that he is in regular touch with Madhu. We talk in a month or two. What happened suddenly! Kabir too asks him about it. what happened last Tuesday that prompted you to do so? Vaibhav declines. I dint spoke to her for the last one and a half months. Kabir talks about the phone call records. Did someone else talk to her for full 30 seconds using your phone? Vaibhav goes quiet. He had come on Tuesday.

Kabir comes to meet Ravi but Inspector has already released him. Forensic reports prove that his finger prints don’t match with the finger prints that we had found at his home. Plus we cross checked with his office people. He was in office at the time of the incident. Kabir tells him everythin in mute. Inspector realises that Ravi and his baby’s life is in danger.

Ravi returns home. There is blood splattered everywhere. He looks around sadly. He imagines Madhu asking him if he wants tea. He looks at her with tears in his eyes but then realises that it was just his imagination. He receives a call from a guy. Your baby has irritated me by crying all the time. Come to Solanki Farmhouse in Najafgarh. Don’t bring police or I wont spare your baby. Ravi agrees and leaves from his house right away.

Solanki Farmhouse, Najafgarh, Haryana:
Ravi reaches the farmhouse. It is completely dark inside. He hears the cries of his baby. A shadow follows him. Ravi finally finds his baby and cries his heart out as he holds it. Sunny points the gun at him. you were hiding from me from the last 5 years. Finally you are out in the open. He refuses to spare either Ravi or his baby. Ravi begs / requests him but Sunny stays put. Inspector shoots at Sunny’s hand. Sunny threatens to take his revenge once he gets out of the jail. Kabir rushes to Ravi’s side.

Sunny accepts all his crimes. I killed Keshav. Panchayat had decided to keep quiet but that dint give me back my respect. I had to take revenge. It doesn’t matter if it takes 5 years, 10 years or more. ravi is still alive. I would have been at peace if I would have killed him as well. I spoke to Madhu. I dint feel good that everyone forgave her. one day I went to my brother’s clinic to meet him. he went to freshen up when his phone rang. It was Madhu. I lost my cool. I took down her number just before he returned from the washroom. I found out her address using her number and then went to meet her.

Madhu was shocked to see me at the door. I pretended to have forgiven her as well. Madhu smiles in relief. She goes to make tea for him and he sits down to play with Raju. Sunny takes out the knife from the box that he was carrying and heads to the kitchen. He stabs Madhu in her stomach and then heads out and kills Raju too.

I killed both Madhu and Raju. I was waiting for Ravi. I had to kill him. I got tired while waiting when I heard the cries of Madhu’s younger kid. I thought to take him with me. I knew that Ravi will come to save his baby. Ravi grabs him but constables separate both of them. you dint feel bad about killing a small baby? You killed your own sister. Aren’t you ashamed? Sunny is taken to the cell. Ravi cries thinking about Madhu and Raju.

Ravi talks to Madhu’s photo. How will I live in this house without both of you? your memories are in all the corners of this house. I can only see you both everywhere. I couldn’t do anything for you. I couldn’t even fulfil my promise to you. Kabir comes there. Ravi asks him if he and Madhu committed such a big mistake that her brother couldn’t be at peace even after 5 years. He killed his own sister and dint even spare her son? Is it a crime to fall in love? He holds his baby close as he gets emotional.

Kabir writes, I brought his story in front of you 5 years ago. I still dint have an answer 5 years later when Ravi asked me if it is a crime to love. do you have the answer? What kind of traditions are these? Why are we following them? a brother feels proud after killing his sister that he has avenged for his family’s lost respect. What kind of a respect is that? When Constitution allows us to marry a person from any cast, creed or religion then why this bondage? Why are there still so many justice systems after so many years of attaining freedom? Will we continue to be quiet? Won’t we object? Love unites us while hatred breaks us. We know this yet we support hatred and punish those who fall in love. is there no importance of a brother and sister’s love in front of family’s respect? Think, why wouldn’t have Sunny’s hands shaken while killing his own sister? Could he not hear his own conscience or have our traditions made us dumb / numb towards things like conscience?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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