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Prisoner in Pakistan

Kot Lakhpat Jail, Pakistan:
4:30 am: A few policemen take Dharamvir Suri out from his cell. They head towards the room where he is supposed to be hanged. Dharamvir Suri dies.

In India, his mother wakes up with a start and calls out frantically for her son.

Year 1995, Sadki Village, Punjab, India:
Dharam is tempted by the fragrance of food that his mother is cooking. She tells him to offer it in temple first as it is for Shraad. Don’t eat it. He nods. On the way, Jasmeet Singh aka Jassi (Dharam’s friend) suggests Dharam to eat it as it looks so tasty. Dharam gives the Prasad to the priest. A guy comes to inform the priest that his cow has ran away. Priest gives the Prasad to Dharam to hold and runs towards his house. Dharam and his friends have

a laugh over it. They gobble onto the food.

The friends are returning at night. They happily discuss about the morning incident and how they got to relish the tasty food cooked by Dharam’s Bee ji. They unknowingly step inside Pakistan. The fence was broken and they were preoccupied so they don’t notice it. They hide when they see a jeep approaching there. Dharam realises that they have crossed the border. They are scared as they have heard that Pakistan’s soldiers shoot at sight. Dharam notices a burning cigarette and crawls to grab it. He next takes a rope from Jassi and hangs it onto a tree and lights it. The Pakistan army’s attention gets diverted to it. The three friends start running back towards Indo-Pak Border landmark. They somehow manage to get back inside their town. They are relieved and enjoy the fact that they fooled Pakistan’s soldiers. Jassi talks about what an eventful day it was! They all are about head to their respective homes when they notice Dharam’s father standing there.

Dharam’s father beats him with a stick for going to Pakistan. He has decided to send Dharam to Amritsar where he will live with his uncle and work. Dharam doesn’t want to go but his father tries to make him understand what his responsibilities are. Dharam reasons that he can go but who will take care of them then. His mother has another idea. We should get him married if we have to make him responsible. Tejinder ji is also looking for a match for his daughter Preeto. They all have a happy moment.

Jassi and his friend keep fooling people. A not so mentally sound girl (Rano) is walking with a baby toy in her hand and has a goat following her. Jassi and his friend remove the rope from around the goat’s neck and tie crackers and light it. Rano starts crying as she gets scared. Dharam comes to her rescue. Jassi apologizes to him. Rano cries as she dropped her kulfi. Dharam offers to get her another. She tells everyone that her veer ji (brother) is the best. Preeto has witnessed the entire incident from far. She is really happy to see that he is so concerned about everyone.

Preeto and Dharam get married.

3 months later:
Dharam is writing everyone’s name on his bike when his mother tells him that Preeto is pregnant. Dharam talks to Preeto about their baby. I want a girl only. Right then, Rano’s mother comes running there. She tells them that no one has seen Rano. Kids told me that she was spotted near the border. What if she goes to the other side? She is a young girl and the world is cruel enough. Dharam assures her that he will find her. He runs off to look for Rano while everyone is concerned for him.

Indo-Pak Border:
Rano is looking for her goat Kukki. Pakistan army jeep passes by from there. Rano finds Kukki. Dharam pulls her down behind the bushes just in time. They hide when the jeep is nearby and run towards the fence when the jeep goes away. Rano has lost her baby toy. She demands for it. Dharam assures her that he will get it for her but asks her to wait for him on the other side of the fence. She agrees. Dharam spots the toy but gets arrested by the Pakistani personnel.

Sadki police Station:
Inspector Rathi tells Dharam’s father that there is lots of tension between both the countries right now. I have spoken to BSF too but they too have told me that it is tough. The situation is critical. It is a crime to cross border stealthily.

Pakistan Army Base, Interrogation Room:
Irshad Khan asks Dharam the reason for entering inside Pakistan. Dharam tells him the reason but Irshad Khan instead asks him who all have helped him to get nuclear power papers out of Pakistan. Dharam pleads innocence but Irshad Khan tells his men to torture Dharam. He gets beaten badly.

Dimple and her mother come to the Army base to find info about Dharam but in vain.

A badly bruised bleeding Dharam is put inside a cell in Pakistan.

6 months later, India:
There is still no news about Dharam so far. Everyone is in tears.

Dharam keeps telling them his side of story but they are just not ready to listen to him. The beatings / tortures increase.

On the other hand, Preeto gives birth to a baby girl.

D.C.P. Rathi, Punjab Police is talking to Kabir. It is fate that I am going to work in the same place before my retirement from where I had started my journey. Kabir asks him a few questions about terrorists. DCP Rathi is soon going to be awarded for the attack that he had recently countered in Gurdaspur. The interview ends. He sends Kabir with someone to take him to the border.

Indo-Pak border:
Kabir has never been this close to border. He notices a girl standing there and asks a constable about her. He shares that it is Rano. About 20 years ago, her goat had crossed the border and so had she. Dharam went there to get both of them. She comes here every day to wait for him. She keeps mumbling that her veer ji will come. Even the BSF personnel don’t mind it. Rano is still hopeful that her brother will come. Kabir greets her but she keeps saying the same thing. Kabir decides to meet Dharam’s family and find out the truth. Rano is in tears.

Kabir comes to Dharam’s house. Preeto gets hopeful seeing the policemen but gets sad to find out that there is still no news about Dharam. She mistakes him to be a reporter from Pakistan but he tells her that he is from Delhi.

Preeto shares that her FIL keeps going to the police station daily since last 2 years but there is still no news about Dharam. One day we received a letter from Pakistan in which it was mentioned that he was held in Kot Lakhpat Jail in Pakistan. They have caught him thinking him to be a spy. He isn’t a spy! Papa ji registered a report but we got a reply that says that there is no man called Dharam Suri there. Papa ji tried his best. He even went till Delhi but his health deteriorated. He passed away. Bee ji is also not keeping well. She thinks that it is her son wherever she hears some noise. She is only waiting to see her son. My daughter Dharampreet is waiting for her father. She shows him Dharam’s letters. Kabir excuses himself later.

Sakshi tells Kabir that it is about two such countries which are neighbours but not friends. A family is waiting for their son to return since so long. How will you help them? It is almost impossible to help in such a case but you don’t give up hope. A new door of opportunity opens when all the other doors get closed. Find that door and bring Dharam back safe.

Kabir is surfing online about prisoners in Pakistan. He happens to see a page of Mahira Mehmood Khan with a video on it. She is a documentary film maker and has made documentaries over kids born in jail. He sends her a message and she calls him. He tells her about Dharam’s jail. She has no clue about it. I am only a freelance documentary maker. He only wants her help to find out if Dharam is still inside that jail or not. She politely declines his request and ends the call. He still sends her Dharam’s pic with a hope. He thinks to find someone else who can probably help him.

At night, Mahira surfs online about Kabir. His words keep echoing in her head.

Kot Lakhpat Jail:
Mahira comes to the jail next day on the pretext of wanting to make a documentary on one of the oldest jails in Pakistan. I want to take your interview but I would like to look around the jail first. He sends him with a fellow named Pathan. She asks him about the prisoners. How long have they been here? Is there any prisoner who was caught for spying on them? He tells her about Dharam. He died a few days back only. Someone pelted stones at him and killed him. He was here since last 20 years. She asks him it was Dharam Suri. He is surprised as to how she knows about him. She replies that she has done a study over the subject. He tells her that Dharam Suri is still alive. I was talking about some other prisoner. She looks at Dharam. He is caressing the names of his family members that he has written all over on the walls. She calls out for him. He is touched to hear someone calling out his name. She checks the photo that Kabir had sent to her and notices the walls. Dharam limps forward asking her if she is his daughter Dharampreet. Pathan diverts her to the other inmates. She is pained to see Dharam’s condition. Dharam’s smile too disappears as she walks away.

Kabir is trying to get info about any journalist from Pakistan. He gets Mahira’s call. She tells him that Dharam is still alive maybe with the hope of reuniting with his loved ones one day. I cannot help you very much or a Fatwa will be announced in my name. Kabir doesn’t want her to get into trouble. Talk to your media about the prisoners in your country’s cell who are innocent but have been still held captive. I too will do the same here. We can exchange the info and try to become the voice of our respective countries. Mahira likes the plan.

Kabir writes an article over the issue and also mentions Dharam’s name. Mahira too writes over the same issue. They motivate the other journalists too to raise their voice. We will help lots of innocent people and reunite them with their family.

Dharam’s family’s interview is aired. Pakistan Minister is watching it too. It turns out to be a debatable topic everywhere. Pakistan Government and Indian Government make a decision. Dharam Suri gets freedom. His name is also in Prisoner exchange list. He too will get free on 15th August. Kabir’s boss congratulates him over his achievement. Kabir heads towards Indo-Pak border. Dharam’s family members and Rano are waiting for Dharam. Pakistan’s truck comes and with it comes Dharam. An emotional family reunion takes place especially with Dharam meeting his daughter for the first time. Kabir too has tears in his eyes. Dharam’s entire family folds their hands towards Kabir as he is out because of his efforts only. Kabir too does the same.

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