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Bellary, Karnataka, 2006:
A man comes to temple. Priest notices that he looks worried. The man (Anand) asks him which puja is to be done when a married woman dies. My wife died.

1 ay ago:
Anand drinks tea at the bus stop. He calls his to be wife Komal. He tells her that he is waiting for her. She packs her jewellery in her bag. She talks to her parent’s photo. Sorry, I have no other option. I am leaving home.

Komal meets Anand. He wants to get married to her today only at the court. She goes to use washroom while he waits outside. Right then, a lady calls out for people. One lady is in very bad condition. She is frothing from her mouth.

Anand does kumkum archana puja for his wife’s soul.

2 years later, 2008:
Mohini comes to a government

office. An official tells her that she can come in two hours time. Mohini is irked as she has been coming here since last 1 year but no one is listening to her. Manik (Anand with a new name) greets her. He offers to help her. She shares her problem with him. She also tells him that her father is no more. It is just me and my mother. He asks her to meet her tomorrow with some necessary documents.

Next day, Manik tells Mohini that he has spoken to some senior official. I will get you this house. He asks for a party in return when she expresses thank you. Manik and Mohini start meeting regularly and spending time together. One day, Manik confesses his feelings to Mohini. She too loves him but her wedding is already fixed with someone else. He suggests eloping. We can get married in court. Please marry me. Mohini nods.

1 week later:
Manik and Mohini come to a hotel right after getting married. They consummate their marriage.

Udipi Bus Stand:
Manik and Mohini discuss if their mother will agree. He is sure it will happen. Mohini takes a medicine and starts feeling dizzy. Froth comes out of her mouth. She dies. A man outside marks a wedding ad in newspaper. The girl’s name is Sudha Reddy.

2 months later:
Reddy’s tell Inspector Das that their daughter Sudha Reddy is missing since last 2 days. She is a teacher. She has no enemy. Inspector Das asks about boyfriend but Reddy’s have no idea about it. She isn’t like that. Inspector Reddy still thinks that it might be that angle only. She might come back in a few days.

Inspector Das dint take it seriously. So many deaths happened in the recent times yet Inspector Das ignored it. 3 months passed that ways!

3 months later:
Reddy’s come to identify a body but it isn’t Sudha. Rohit Singh, Crime Branch joins the case. He asks Inspector Das to get him all the details about Sudha. He gets Sudha’s bill. There is one particular number from which she has received too many calls in the month of November. It is registered in the name of a guy named Sudhir.

Police come to Sudhir’s house. He does not know Sudha. This number is registered in his sister’s name (Meena). She died 2 months ago. She ran away one day without telling me anything. Her dead body was found in a toilet in nearby bus stand. Rohit gets alert. Did she eat poison? Sudhir affirms.

Rohit tells Inspector Das to still keep a tab on Sudhir’s sister’s number. It might be still active. They get a clue from the phone details.

Mysore, Karnataka:
Police team reach a house. They ask him about Sudha Reddy but he too does not know her. You are using Meena’s phone. The guy shares that his uncle gave him this phone. He gives the address and details of Rakesh to police.

Rakesh is not at home. Rakesh’s wife has no idea where he will be at the moment. A neighbour asks police why they are asking for Rakesh. He is a very religious man. Plus why are you troubling this poor girl? Inspector Das calls Rakesh a criminal. Rakesh’s wife and the neighbour refuse to believe it. Rohit asks Rakesh’s wife how this house runs. She says he sends money order every month. She gives him the receipt. It came from Bangalore 10 days ago.

Bengaluru, Karnataka:
Rakesh Venugopalan is with his new wife Neha (Sarika). He talks all sweetly / romantically to her. She asks for ice cream. He goes to bring it. Police team are in Bengaluru too.

Rakesh returns to hotel with ice cream for both of them. Sarika thanks him for fulfilling her last wish before she dies. He is taken aback. She jokes that her parents will kill her sooner or later anyways. He thinks that he will kill her before that. She wants to know why he lied to her. I am the only girl of your life. Meena, Seema, Mohini, Sudha! Rakesh realises that she checked his bag.

Flashback is shown where Sarika notices jewellery hanging out of Rakesh’s bag. She tries them on when she reads the articles and his diary. She also finds a bottle of poison in the bag. Rakesh had knocked at the door just then.

Sarika is holding a knife. She tells him to stay away from her or she will kill him. rakesh overpowers her. He grabs hold of the knife but police reaches there before he can harm Sarika. Rakesh asks for search warrant. Rohit slaps him. Flashback shows where Sarika had already called police as soon as she got all those things from his bag.

Rakesh was finally caught. He married thrice. He got divorced from his first wife but then married twice too!

Rakesh is in police custody. Rohit asks him why he killed both the women. Rakesh corrects him. I killed more. I was helpless / compelled. I have 2 wives, 4 kids. I have to manage everything. It all turned into habit slowly. I started enjoying it afterwards. Girls fall for sweet words very easily. They give you your everything! Inspector Das is disgusted. Rakesh says I did feel bad for the girl and her family. I felt bad the first time when I killed that girl (Komal) but then I started to enjoy it. Rakesh wants to know what he used to do because of which the girls used to eat poison.

Rakesh tells his wives that they did not take protection last night. He gives them tablets saying that these are emergency contraceptive pills. Take it in the washroom. Chemist said that one might vomit after taking it. The girls fall for his words. They start frothing as soon as they take the pill. Rakesh takes all the jewelleries from their bags and throws them away. He even does kumkum archana for all of them. They were cyanide capsule.

Rakesh says the ones whose name is written in red are the ones who died. The black ones took their time. Rohit asks him about Sudha. Where did you meet her? Rakesh says I buy newspaper to see matrimonial ads.

Rakesh calls Sudha with the fake name Anand. I am an income tax officer.

I met her once and then a few more times. She fell in love with me. I killed her later. I wrote her name with red pen. Cyanide!

Inspector Das talks about death penalty. You too will die in a second when you will be hanged. Rakesh smiles. You cannot do it. You have no proof. I dint give any statement. You have no proof, statement or witness in this proof. Rohit says you will get to know about it in court.

Rakesh was mentally ill. He enjoyed keeping physical relations with different women. It was also a short cut to earn money. This was the reason behind committing crimes. Police couldn’t find any proof in 17 cases but found a few proofs in 3 cases. Bengaluru police sentenced him to death for the same.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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