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New Delhi:
At night, an auto is following a car. The persons sitting inside the auto are wearing helmets.

A guy (Bhavesh) practises speaking news while watching tv.

10 November, 2014, Madangir:
The auto stops before the car which makes the driver (Kamal Dhingra) stop the car. The guys beat the driver with sticks and then drive away.

11 November, 2014, Ashoka Road:
A similar incident happens where people stop a guy (Manoj Arora) and then beat the owner of the car with hockey sticks.

Tilak Nagar Police Station:
This has happened with the driver for the second time. Two kids come and beat me up for no reason. Inspector asks them if they have any personal enmity. The guys decline. It seems like they are mad. Inspector cannot understand why only they are getting

targeted time and again.

11 December, Lodhi Road:
Kamal and the Manoj are together in the car. They are discussing about some girl. The notice the same auto following them and get tensed. They start driving the car faster. The guys stop the auto right before the car but this time police appear on the crime scene. The guys get arrested. Inspector removes their helmets.

Inspector beats the guys (Jignesh and Bhavesh). Bhavesh speaks in Gujarati. I am capable to beat these guys. They deserve it so I will beat them. Inspector confirms with the guys but they lie that they don’t know them. Inspector feels that there is something fishy. I will find out the truth. He gives one last warning to Bhavesh but he keeps quiet. He takes him aside. Kabir comes there just then. Inspector introduces him to Kabir. Bhavesh had specially requested the inspector to call Kabir. They move aside so they can talk openly.

Kabir asks Bhavesh why he asked for him. I know you can talk proper Hindi. Bhavesh and Kabir are in an auto. Kabir got him bailed. I felt that you are not a criminal. I could see truth in your eyes. Don’t break my trust. Bhavesh nods. Kabir also tells him not to leave the city. Your friend is still in lockup. Police will find you from any place where you go to. Kabir gets into a verbal duel with the auto driver as he asks for extra money. Bhavesh holds him by the collar. Kabir has to intervene to stop Bhavesh. He advises the driver to not loot people. Bhavesh calls everyone in Delhi a thug. Delhi is not a good city. I can light fire to the city if I can! Kabir tells him to calm down and tell him everything.

3 years ago, Gujarat:
Bhavesh is practising to speak news just like a reporter. His father is irked. Work in the fields or start working in your uncle’s shop. Bhavesh wants to become a news anchor. His father tells him that no one in their village will make him an anchor. Bhavesh is watching a religious channel. He checks a news flash below which talks about Aakash Saagar Institute where people learn anchoring and reporting. It is in Delhi.

Bhavesh comes to the Institute to know more about the course. He has to pay 5k for the entrance exam first. There will be an exam tomorrow. you will get admitted afterwards. She clears that it will be nothing tough. He signs on something.

Present: I went to give entrance exam next day. Some normal (pathetic) questions were asked. Bhavesh only gave one right answer (about the President of India) as the others were mostly about actors. He still got admission but the fee was quite high (15 lacs).

Flashback: Kamal and Manoj are the owners of the Institute. They talk big about their Institute, placements, salary afterwards. BHavesh is worried about the fees but Manoj says it will be just an investment. You can gain it back after 2 years once you finish the course.

Bhavesh’s father has nothing to sell to get that much money. Bhavesh wants them to wait only for 2 years. We will shift to a better house with better amenities. We will have everything. I will be on tv. They have promised me for placement in a big news channel. Bhavesh’s mother is sad that everyone call Bhavesh a stammerer in the village. He will be respected by everyone once he becomes something. Bhavesh requests his father.

Bhavesh’s father sells his land. He gets 12 lacs for it. Bhavesh’s father sells his well for 3 lacs. He folds his hands before the other guy. The guy agrees. He makes BHavesh’s father sign some papers and leaves. BHavesh’s parents are teary eyed. Bhavesh understands their pain and is in tears. You sold your everything for me! Bhavesh’s father tells him not to worry. I will work in the same fields. I will work here as a labour this time. I used to sow seeds here earlier but now I have sown your dreams. Be successful. Bhavesh touches his feet but his father hugs him.

Bhavesh is leaving for Delhi. His friend Jignesh is already in Delhi. He drives a rickshaw there. His father goes to drop him off till the station. Bhavesh and Jignesh explore Delhi. Bhavesh and Jignesh are very close friends. Bhavesh promises him that he will go in his auto only, even after buying a luxury car. He has big dreams for his parents. My dreams will become successful now.

Film star Roshan Khan comes to give a lecture at the Institute. He shares with the students how he had given his first shot. Bhavesh asks a rather funny question which leaves everyone laughing. Everyone used to participate in the training sessions. There were very high end tech instruments, cameras there to help everyone learn how to do anchoring before the camera. Bhavesh cannot speak / understand English well. In one of the sessions, Bhavesh is acting as an anchor. There is another guy named Akhil in the Institute who is also speaking in his typical dialect of Bihar. Manoj and Kamal are well aware that they have no future yet they let them study there.

Present: Bhavesh could never complete his assignments because of which everyone mocked at him. I couldn’t do anything well yet I got the certificate.

Flashback: Bhavesh informs his mother that he has got the certificate finally.

Present: I did internship for 6 months. I had thought that I will get a proper job later but the days passed by. I was still there. No one was able to help me out. Only Jignesh stood by my side. JIgnesh used to help Bhavesh financially too.

Present: Only Deepika got job as she was very intelligent. The rest of us continued looking for jobs everywhere. I have studied till 10th only. I had given up but I met that same star one day in one of the shootings.

Flashback: Bhavesh shows his certificate to Roshan Khan. He asks for his help in getting him a job. Roshan Khan cannot do it. I got paid to say all this from your Institute. How can I get you a job? You can approach your Institute though!

It continued for 1 year. I realised that I am not meant for this industry. Kamal and Manoj took advantage of me. I couldn’t share it with my parents though. They were waiting to see me on tv.

Bhavesh’s mother calls her son. She has been waiting to see him live on tv. He tells her to wait a little. She keeps the tv on with the hope that they will get to see him on tv soon. the entire village is waiting anxiously. BHavesh promises to appear on the tv real soon. take care of yourself and Bapu. She nods.

I understood the problem but who could tell my mother. I had no option but to return home. Everyone found some or other job. I was all alone, without home and without money. I had no option but to return home.

Flashback: Bhavesh returns home. He cries badly as he tells everything to his parents. They forgive him as they are parents after all. I became a labour too but the society dint let me forget my past. Villagers taunt Bhavesh over his big dreams which let his parents down.

I took out my anger on the very same field because of which I got the money. I was hurt but then I made up my mind to teach those people a lesson. My Bapu had earned that money the hard way. I decided to teach them a lesson along with Jignesh’s help. Kabir reasons that nothing can come out that way. He asks him to give him all the brochures, papers related to the Institute.

Sakshi reasons that Bhavesh got admitted in the Institute after knowing everything well. Kabir wants to know Bhavesh’s truth first. He was only 10th pass. This is not an eligibility criterion to become an anchor. I am sure Bhavesh was not aware of the same. This cannot be right. His parents only gave him the money for the admission. No one had any idea about the real procedure involved in the admission. Sakshi nods. You are on the right track. You can help Bhavesh and many more such students.

Kabir enquires about the Institute from the students. He meets Kamal and Manoj next. You have violated against the law. You gave admission to students without even checking their background. You lured them for placements. You admitted everyone as they were ready to give you money. I have a 6 page story. He clicks their picture. They explain that they dint force anyone. They are sure the court wont be able to do anything as there is no written proof of what they say. The kids were after our life and we helped them. Kabir still wants to publish the article. I promise you I will write my article every time I see your ad in the paper. You will realise how a small article can cut your big ad like anything. The number of students will decrease and will continue to decrease in the future. I will make sure the batches are incomplete. They get scared. Kabir makes them promise that from now onwards they will not give admission to the candidates who are not eligible for admission; plus if you return the money with interest to the students who had already taken admission in their Institute in the past, then only can I stop it.

Bhavesh gives the cheque to his father. Our money has been returned with interest. We have 25 lacs now. His parents are overjoyed. They celebrate eating Jalebis.

BHavesh dint get his fields but he opened a shop. He made an FD with the rest of the money.

One of the editors suggested Kabir to print the news anyways. Kabir asked them to wait for a month. I found out 9 more institutes who are earning money in a similar manner. The article was published – the sellers of education have been exposed!

Kids get tempted to earn fame in a young age. Indian entertainment and media grew by 13%. Media was leading in that pattern. This is why everyone wants to appear on tv. This isn’t bad but one must know if they are actually capable enough to do it or not.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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