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Someone opens a trunk and takes out a woman’s photo followed by her saree and jewellery. A boy dances after wearing them. Someone catches hold of the boy and removes the saree forcefully. The guy wipes off the lipstick off from the kid’s face.

Whenever a Kinnar takes birth in any house then he is sent to their society. Kinnar’s are born with a blessing. Their words can become either a boon for someone or they can turn into a curse.


Karnaal, Haryana, 2013:
Preeti and Anand are on their way. She shows him the pics of her sister’s honeymoon pics. Everyone should go to paris once in his or her lifetime but only on a honeymoon. A eunuch approaches them. Preeti tries to shoo him away while Anand pays him money. She hates eunuchs. They curse or bless anyone on the basis

of money. It is as if our life will revolve around their blessings. Anand drops her off. I have some urgent work. She gets down from the car confused.

Preeti calls Anand. He thinks of Preeti’s words and disconnects it. She calls him again but he doesn’t pick it up. She drops him a message. Anand starts avoiding Preeti. She comes to meet him but he walks off in a different direction. Neha (her friend) asks her why she is sitting her alone. Preeti tells her about Anand’s weird behaviour. He doesn’t even talk to me. he keeps away from me. his love, concern was a sham. He never told me anything about his personal life all this while. He dint even make me meet his family or vice versa. I think he is scared since the time I have talked to him about wedding. I think he is scared.

Anand keeps on avoiding Preeti’s call. Someone (his father) tells him to tell Preeti the truth. Anand knows how much she hates eunuchs. She cannot even stand them. I knew everything yet I hid it from her. It is better that I distance her from my life.

Preeti follows Anand to his home. He is walking with a eunuch. She asks him n number of questions about the eunuch who is with me. Why don’t you tell me the truth? Anand says I wanted to but I was afraid. Anand’s father (Naveen) comes there. Anand introduces him to Preeti. Naveen has heard a lot about Preeti. You are the first person who has come here or Anand has never even dared to bring anyone here. He could not make us meet anyone for some reason. Preeti is confused. Naveen takes her with him. They see a whole bunch of eunuchs on the terrace. Anand tells her that this is his family. you were right. Their life is a curse. This curse has hollowed our family since ages. One eunuch had given us this curse!

48 years ago, 1965:
Chaudhary is tensed as his wife is in labour. The men talk about the due baby. Only boys have been born in our family. A lady (Ganga) tells him that it is a boy indeed. Your wife is not keeping well though. Chaudhary picks up his son. He assures his wife (Shakuntala) that she will be fine. You have given birth to the 5th kid of Chaudhary family. You have given me all the happiness. Shakuntala names her son Somnath and breathes her last.

Eunuchs come to celebrate the birth of the baby boy. Chaudhary sends them all inside to bless the baby. Ganga tells them to bless the baby from outside only. He has just slept but the eunuchs insits. One of the eunuchs picks up the baby and realises something. She takes the baby with him. It is a eunuch. Chaudhary takes his son back from her. It is my baby. The men send them out.

Chaudhary confronts Ganga why she lied to him. Why dint you tell me anything beforehand? She dint want to embarrass him in front of his friends. He warns her that no one else should find out the truth. She nods. He is angry. I got insulted!

Somnath, 8 years old, 1973:
Somnath too wants to play with his brothers but they call him a girl. This is a boy’s game. Go inside and play with the dolls. They make fun of him. Somnath runs inside. Somnath plays a song, takes out his mother’s saree and jewellery and dons them. He happily dances on the song when his father comes there. Have you seen your brothers doing this? Only men live here! A girl can only come here after marriage. He angrily wipes the lipstick off from his son’s face. He tells Ganga to make sure that Shakuntala’s stuff is out by tomorrow morning. Ganga comforts Somnath.

Somnath, 15 years old, 1980:
The kids mock Somnath as he walks in a girly or lady like way. The kids decide upon something. Two of the guys pick up Somnath and take him somewhere. One of his brothers (Naveen) tries to stop them but the other kids stop him. Somnath is all bruised and limping when he returns home. The kids enjoy seeing him in this condition. Naveen feels bad.

Somnath’s father instead beats his son only for making him insulted. Somnath tries to explain that it were the other kids who did that to him. Chaudhary sends Ganga out of the room and beats Somnath.

Somnath’s father and brothers couldn’t understand that Somnath was like that only. It was in his genes. They thought that they could change it but they dint realise that it was God made. They could not bring about any change in Somnath!

Three of Somnath’s kids are against Somnath. He acts like a girl. Let’s send him somewhere else. Naveen tries to reason that Somnath never troubles them. Chaudhary too supports Naveen. Somnath has never done anything on his own. He is completely dependent on us. The other kids don’t want to get insulted because of their girlish brother. Chaudhary has an idea.

Somnath, 22 years old:
Somnath is making a sketch. Chaudhary has fixed Somnath’s wedding. Somnath freaks out. How can I get married to a girl? Why are you running someone’s life? Chaudhary wants him to get married before all the other brothers. You will have to follow my order to keep our family’s respect intact. I have chosen a very beautiful girl for you. You will become a man after seeing that girl! Somnath reluctantly agrees.

At their wedding night, Somnath tells the truth to his wife. Everyone calls me eunuch. I know I am different but it doesn’t mean that people should differentiate between me and everyone else. I too am my father’s son but no one treats me with respect like they treat my other brothers. What’s my fault in this if I am born this way? The girl (Swati)replies that she is from a poor family. This is why I was chosen for you. I cannot even go back to my parents. Somnath apologises to her for this situation. This isn’t a home but a cage for me. I myself am caged here. How will I choose someone else? I am not my father’s son but animal for him. He is trying his best to cover up my truth. This wedding is a way to keep his fake respect intact. Please forgive me for I have dragged you into all this. I promise to be with you in happiness and pain but I cannot become your husband. I will protect you from everything. That is the only thing that I can promise for now. Swati is heartbroken.

Somu and Swati become friends over time. He even helps her in making her hair braid. He makes a sketch of her. His other brothers eye their bhabhi lustily.

The girl says I thought my life was shattered when you told me everything about you. Now that I am getting to know you, I can feel that my life can pass easily. Somnath too calls her his life.

Present: Preeti wonders what happened suddenly. They sound so happy. What went wrong? Anand says maybe Somu Kaka’s own people were jealous of her.

One night, Swati comes out after taking a bath. The other three brothers stop her way. They taunt her. You sleep with a eunuch. Aren’t you ashamed of it? How can you share the same bed with a eunuch! They talk rudely to her. She calls out for Somu for help. Somu comes there but the brothers start beating him. Somu fights with them but they overpower him. One of the brothers tries to force himself on Swati. Naveen rushes in to save her but in vain. The brother forces himself on Swati. Somu is bleeding badly from the mouth. The other two brothers too turn towards Swati.

Suddenly, Somu pushes them away. Who behaves like this with their bhabhi? I dint mind anything. I dint disobey anyone’s orders. I listened to everyone. Why did you do this to me then? Why did you behave this way with your own brother? I had promised my wife that I will keep her happy. I failed in my promise. But now I will curse you brothers. A eunuch’s curse can never go in vain. It always comes true. My curse will fall on you now. You think you are men! From today onwards, no boy or girl will take birth in the house of either of you three brothers. Only a eunuch will take birth in all of your houses! This is my curse to all three of you. Two of the brothers take Somu aside to kill him. Swati looks on helplessly.

Present: Naveen continues with the story. It was too late. My brothers killed both Swati and Somu. Anand is my son. I never did wrong to them so maybe my son is free from their curse. No boy or girl could ever take birth in my brothers’ home. only eunuchs were born there. Preeti feels bad. It would have been so difficult for Somu uncle to hide his problem daily. He would have gone through so much in life. She questions Anand as to why he hid all this from her. Anand dint want to lose her. I saw your hatred for eunuchs and I felt all the more scared. You have a right to be happy. you would have seen so many dreams. How will I give you any happiness when I myself am searching for answers! The decision is in your hands now. Preeti is not going to change her decision. She hugs Anand.

2 years later, 2015:
Preeti married Anand. Maybe she had accepted Anand’s family including his eunuch brothers and sisters. She gives birth to baby girl. The family celebrates this happiness together.

Naveen says the face of the baby resembled Somu. This time Somu had taken birth as a baby girl. Maybe because he had forgiven his family or maybe because the quest for his revenge was finished along with his brothers’ death!

There are still many eunuchs in the society like Somu who wish for societal acceptance. They too want people to accept them like the other boys or girls. After all everyone has been made by God.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. vikkas

    I always liked code red programs as they work on very sensitive issue.
    but know i feel, does it work on fiction? or real happening ?

    what ever we see,is that all a fiction ?

  2. nish

    It was chaudrys fault if he had loved somu as much as his other children tuis wouldn’t have happened. They are one of us they have complete rite of everything u can’t behave like this with them same on those brothers I say. Every living being created by god has its own life to live with dignity n respect.

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