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Sakshi says, a guy has made my life worst than hell. Now there is nothing left to live for. Maybe death only can give me freedom. She reasons that death is not a solution for anything. Fight back, be strong. If you stay strong then you can face any problem and fight with anyone. She talks about the guy who is living an easy life even after doing so much wrong with me. My own people have started to think of me as a burden. Society looks at me as if I only am responsible for my condition. What’s the use to living now?

A girl gulps down a bottle of phenyl. There are noises of a baraat (Vijay weds Nikita) going outside. A lady shouts for Shweta. Ambulance arrives. Shweta’s family members help the compounders put Shweta in the ambulance.

Ashima (Life 24×7) gets a call from the

hospital. She informs Dr. Prashant about Shweta’s case. That girl’s sister called me just now. She told me that Shweta tried to commit suicide. Ambulance has taken her to hospital. Prashant gets ready to go. Ashima suggests him to go home as he has not gone home since last 2 days. He is in no mood to go home when someone needs him.

Ashima and Prashant reach hospital. They enquire the nurse if there is a girl here who has tried to commit suicide. Nurse nods. The girl’s condition is very critical. Shweta’s father gets irked hearing it. Ashima gives him her card. We have come here to help your daughter. He politely refuses to take help from anyone. Shweta’s life has anyways become hell. Don’t trouble us anymore.

Shweta’s sister (Mahima) meets Ashima and Prashant. I only had called you. Di is not to be blamed for whatever happened with her. people did wrong with her. no one helped us. She is a very brave girl but till when could she stay brave? Ashima comforts her. can you tell us what hapepend? Mahima is about to tell them everything when Shweta’s father interrupts her. Sit near your sister. He threatens Prashant to leave or he will have to call police.

Ashima feels that maybe it is a simple case of love affair gone wrong but Prashant thinks otherwise. We are not allowed to meet the girl, her parents are interfering in our every move. This doesn’t look simple. Did you check her online page? Did you find out about Vijay? Ashima tells him that she couldn’t find any friend named Vijay in either Shweta’s or Mahima’s profile. But Shweta is not active since last many days. She has even removed her profile picture. Prashant decides to ask Mahima or Shweta directly now.

Shweta’s father is angry seeing them again in their ward. Shweta doesn’t want to talk to anyone. it will be my decision as to who she wants to talk to or not. you might disappear tomorrow. This is my problem. Shweta is! He stops mid sentence. Shweta asks him to complete his sentence. I am a burden on you for life now. You are anyways not saying this for the first time.

Prashant gives his intro to Shweta. You have to help us to help you. why did you take such a big step? Why do you feel that you are a burden on your parents? Shweta cross checks with him if he is sure he will be able to solve her problem. He answers positively. Shweta gets up. She requests her parents to leave her alone for a while. They all leave reluctantly.

4 years ago:
Shweta is taking selfies with her friends. A guy has been noticing her from a distance. He starts his bike, stops near Shweta and her friends and drives off after whistling at her. the same guy follows Shweta the other day to her home. I want to talk to you. She tells him to buzz off and walks inside. Shweta’s mother enquires about that guy. It is ok as your father was not at home today but he would be really upset if he sees you with that guy again.

The guy follows Shweta and her sister in the market. He shouts I love you at her continuously. Shweta’s mother has got to know everything. Her father asks her to stay indoors for a few days as people will stop gossiping then. Shweta suggests filing a police complaint against that guy but her mother tells her to simply follow what her husband is saying. Think about Mahima. What if something wrong happens with her?

Shweta notices Mahima crying as she enters the house. Mahima tells her how a few guys misbehaved with her today. they were talking cheaply. I got saved because of Shalini Didi. Shweta calls police and complains against that guy (Vijay). Shweta’s parents are irked but even the police inspector supports Shweta. Shweta insists that Vijay has already maligned my name. Today he misbehaved with Mahima. I have to file a complaint against him. Vijay’s parents come running there. They request Shweta to forgive Vijay. Vijay is forced to apologize to all of them because of his parent’s pressure. Shweta’s father withdraws the complaint. Vijay doesn’t look happy.

Prashant asks Shweta why she let Vijay go. you were right and he was wrong. Shweta disagrees. He was a guy and I was a girl. I dint want my parents to face any more problems because of me which is why I kept quiet and dint file any complaint against him. life would have been different today if I would have done that. Ashima asks him what happened after that.

Shweta says I had forgotten Vijay like some bad dream. My whole life was waiting for me. my parents had fixed my marriage with a nice guy. The guy had asked her to promise him that she will wear the set that he has selected for her for their engagement. Shweta nods happily. Shweta tries her dress, jewellery and posts the pic online. She starts getting congratulatory messages from everyone.

Shweta comes to parlour to get ready. Vijay comes there as well. Congratulations, I have heard it is your engagement today. he is holding a box in his hand. here is a gift from my side. he throws acid on her face.

Shweta shows her scars to Prashant and Ashima. Vijay threw acid on my face in the market. I was shouting for help but no one came to help me. Mahima begged people but in vain. No one even dared to call police. An auto rickshaw driver had finally stopped by to help them. no one even turned up as a witness when police came. No one did anything. They turned blind eyes to everything. She covers her face with a dupatta again. Ashima prods Shweta to speak her heart out today. don’t hold yourself back.

Shweta’s would be fiancé (Rohit) was irked with Shweta after hearing about the incident. He had broken off the engagement with her after finding out about Vijay. Shweta opens her bandage and is screams in shock as she notices her wound. Flashback ends. That day I was scared of myself for the first time in life. I felt so disgusted with myself. Ashima adds, you would have felt that everything is over. Shweta nods. Prashant says till now I have understood that you are a fighter. You are not someone who can give up so soon. Shweta says I too realised the same after spending many nights at the hospital. What’s the point of giving up? My parents too will break if I give up. Ashima holds her hand. it wont be easy for you.

Shweta tells her that she had to undergo 12 operations for her face. Most of my time was either spent in the hospital or the operation theatre. I spent months in the hospital. The whole locality was out to welcome me when I returned home. Police inspector had yet again asked Shweta to given a police statement against Vijay. He is already under police custody. Your statement will help us in getting him his due. Shweta’s parents are still not ready to understand anything. Nothing will happen by getting into this problem. Shweta talks about fighting for getting justice for herself. All the relatives have broken ties with us. Even Rohit broke the alliance. Shweta is actually glad that he broke their engagement. Come what may, I will complaint against Vijay. Shweta’s father clearly tells her that he and his wife don’t want to be involved in any of this. Mahima supports her sister. Shweta had given her statement to the inspector.

Vijay’s friends start threatening both Shweta and Mahima not to give any statement against Vijay in the court or they will do the same thing with Mahima. Shweta’s mother had panicked. I have already lost my one daughter. I don’t want to lose my other daughter. Shweta’s parents talk about the money that they have spent in everything till now. They are also worried about Mahima’s marriage. Shweta comes to talk to them about a job with some organization. They are against her going out of the house as it will cause a bad name to them. Mahima’s engagement gets fixed. Shweta’s mother asks Shweta to give her engagement necklace to Mahima. Shweta obliges.

Shweta helps Mahima in getting ready. Their mother asks Shweta not to come out today. people might (get scared seeing her). Shweta nods sadly. She hears everyone laughing, congratulating each other happily as she looks at the mirror.

Prashant is pained hearing about her condition. Did you think about suicide then? Shweta denies. I did feel bad that my parents bent down in front of Mahima’s in-laws so soon. but this is what happens in our society since always. Nobody listens to what a girl’s parents have to say. Prashant insists that she is not a normal girl. Your parents too should have fought like / with you.

Vijay returns home with all the pomp. Shweta is shocked to see him bailed. His lawyer had appealed to the judge saying that he is too young. Jail can ruin his life. Shweta’s parents repeat that they were right. There is no chance of our winning this case. Shweta stays put. It is not about winning or losing but about right and wrong. Vijay has only got bail. His punishment is still due. Her parents yet again refuse to support her. Vijay notices Shweta standing near the window and smirks.

Shweta is talking to someone on the phone. I will be glad if I can be of any help to them. who do I have to meet in that NGO? Her father overhears her convo. You are not going anywhere. Do you even know what kind of people come there? Shweta says they are just like her. They too have been attacked in a similar manner like me. He tells her against it. Do you know that I haven’t slept in these past 4 years? Your mother doesn’t even pick the phone as she is scared. Your little sister’s marriage got fixed with so much trouble. Every family used to think that she might have many affairs outside whenever anyone gets to know about you. why do you care? We are fed up of this. your father begs you. let us spend the rest of our life peacefully. Shweta is in tears. She couldn’t sleep that night. She hears some noise and goes out to see Vijay coming home with his bride. Vijay too notices her on the balcony and smirks. He goes inside his house with his wife.

Shweta comes to the washroom and thinks of what all has happened with her till date. She drinks phenyl.

I couldn’t even die. It would have been easier for my parents atleast if I would have died. They could hold their head high in the society once again. they could have gotten Mahima married and all their tensions would have ended then. Prashant comforts her. I want to meet you as soon as you get discharged. I too am stubborn like you.

Prashant talks to Shweta’s family members afterwards. How are you feeling now? Did you do the last rites of your daughter nicely? They are taken aback by his words. Shweta, our daughter, is alive. Prashant says you might have felt bad after knowing this. Shweta’s father tells him to be in his limits. We haven’t called you here to insult us. Prashant retorts that that is his department only. You only had lectured Shweta too to be in her limits. Shweta’s father thinks that he is right. I said everything for her welfare only. Prashant disagrees. Vijay threw acid on Shweta’s face but you people have broken her confidence. You put dupatta on her face; don’t go out, no job, don’t fight your case. Who said all this? Shweta’s mother replies that we said so after thinking about the society. Prashant terms it the problem of the society, not theirs. Shweta’s father replies that it is easy to talk. You would have understood our situation if you would have lived our life. Prashant points out that he too would have understood it if he would have lived Shweta’s life. She has been through so much yet she stood strong in every situation. You think it was easy for her? You said that it is her stubbornness that she wants to fight. That only was keeping her alive. You snatched that from her as well. You said so much to her. Mr. Shukla breaks down. We were fed up of all this in reality. Vijay came out of jail after all! Prashant agrees, but Vijay will certainly go back to jail. There is law to deal with criminals like Vijay but there is no law to deal with parents like you. you should have been proud of your daughter but you dint even once told her that you are proud of her. did you ever tried to ask her if she is feeling weak / lonely? Mrs. Shukla accepts her mistake. I dint think for once what my daughter will be feeling. I forgot my one daughter while I was busy taking care of my other daughter. Mr. Shukla seeks Prashant’s suggestion. Prashant says not just me, but my whole organization wants to help Shweta. That can only happen when you people will also support Shweta. Shweta’s family members agree to support Shweta.

Prashant comes to meet Shweta. Inspector tells Shweta that Vijay got arrested today morning itself. He had sent threatening messages to a girl in your locality. She has lodged a complaint against him. Judge has refused his bail plea too. I don’t think he will come out of jail soon now. Shweta feels relieved. Now he wont do this with anyone else atleast. Prashant asks her to come out of her jail too. Her parents accept their mistake. Vijay has made a mistake. Don’t punish yourself. Shweta hugs hr mother and cries.

Shweta takes up a job as a counsellor. Prashant comes to meet her. I am sure you are a very good counsellor. It is Shweta’s birthday today so he wishes her. Ashima brings a cake and her office colleagues join them in the celebration. Prashant reminds her not to cover her face like some thief. Shweta removes her dupatta from her head. thank you for this life, this confidence and this job. Seh blows the candles next and cuts the cake. She takes a selfie with them and posts it online.

Sakshi sums up the epi. Life wasn’t easy for Shweta. It scared her, made her cry but she was hopeful and that hope gave her happiness. She wasn’t this weak! Vijay certainly gave her wounds which could never heal for life but he couldn’t break her will. Agreed that she got weak for a while but one small ray of hope brought her back to life. If you too want someone to understand your pain then please contact on the helpline numbers mentioned below. This is one such organization that helps people who have given up in life and have no will to live.

Bandrewala Foundation (24×7 Helpline)
1860 266 2345

Update Credit to: Pooja

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