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The Forgotten Lives of Nat Artistes
Doctors are doing an operation but they lose the patient. It is Sakshi. Kabir is pacing outside. He is shattered to know that Sakshi is no more. He thinks of Sakshi and all their happy / sad moments together. He breaks down. He hits the table of his room angrily when he finds Sakshi standing before him. She questions him on his actions. Control yourself. You wont get anything out of this. Kabir effuses to calm down till he kills Anwar and Rao Sahab. She reasons that he wil only get jailed. There are many people in the society who need your help. The society will not become clean if you kill only these two. It is important that you help people by finding out such culprits and getting them punished. He is unable to do anything without her. She promises him that

she will always stay with him and be his inner voice. Promise me that you will help the needy. Kabir promises her. I wont leave Anwar and Rao Sahib too!

Borivali Slum, Mumbai:
Harshu and Bindi are plays drums. Batlu is dancing around while Sheela is walking over a rope with a wheel in her feet. Bindi hits the stands because of which Sheela falls. Batlu has seen it. Harshu takes Sheela to the Vaid. Sheela is in very much pain. Vaid tells them that Sheela has a fracture. She cannot walk for the next 3 weeks. She needs to rest.

Sheela asks Bindi if she did it intentionally. Bindi in turn scolds her. Batlu too sides with Bindi. Harshu is with his friend Banwari. I had seen Bindi intentionally hitting the stick. She doesn’t like my kids at all. I am very scared of the expenses.

Harshu tries to encourage Sheela to climb the stick and do the act once again. Bindi remarks that it isn’t possible. Bindi helps her upon Harshu’s insistence but Sheela is unable to do it. I am in very much pain.

At their house, Harshu tells Bindi’s brother to take his sister back but she refuses to go with him. Harshu goes to take bath. Bindi signals his brother that this is the girl.

Sheela goes missing at night.

Next morning, Banwari tells Harshu that he saw Bindi talking to some men at night. Police arrest her. Inspector questions Bindi. You always used to fight with Sheela. It was you who made her trip from the rope? Kabir comes there. He has come to collect a copy of charge sheet of some case. Harshu cries down thinking about his daughter. This woman was jealous of my daughter. Kabir introduces himself to him. What happened to your daughter?

Next day:
Kabir comes to the slum area and goes to Harshu’s house. Harshu only had called him here. Harshu shares that his daughter is missing. My second wife was jealous of my daughter. She sold her to someone. My first wife died two years ago. I am stupid that I married a woman from brothel. I felt lonely once my wife died.

2 years ago:
Harshu comes to the shelter where Bindi is.

A few days later:
Harshu starts coming daily and brings gift for Bindi. He proposes her for marriage. My wife died two years ago. I have two kids. Will you be able to handle it? She nods.

They get married a few days later. Bindi and Sheela start getting arguments pretty soon. Sheela wants to do her act. She knows that Bindi doesn’t want her to do her acts. HArshu adds that no one could match the way Sheela could walk over the rope. That woman was jealous of her. She made Sheela fall from above.

I was mad that I married again. I am scared thinking what if she has put my daughter in her profession. Harshu goes to fill water while Kabir sits down to talk to Batlu. He asks Batlu about what Harshu had told him. Batlu gives no proper replies. Kabir leaves. Banwari is keeping an eye on the house.

Bindi gets freed from jail on bail. Harshu is in no mood to let her stay in the house. The guy comes to her rescue and takes Harshu away. Kabir returns to Harshu’s house. He meets Bindi. She refuses to talk about Sheela. She isn’t here. He says he can help them in finding her. I have heard about how smart she is. She can become a smart woman when she grows up. She angrily retorts that she doesn’t care and knows where she is. She had made my life a living hell till she was here. Her brother comes just then. Kabir notices her expressions. He meets Harshu outside. She wont say anything. She calls someone daily since the time she has returned. I ask her but she lies to me that she was talking to her brother. It isn’t so!

Kabir gets a call from someone. Bindi and her brother meet him near the slum. Please save my Sheela. I too am a Nat. I too used to climb the rope and gain loads of money when I was a kid.

Bindi notices a few kids who go to school. She too shows an inkling of going to school. It is important to get educated. These kids were sent to school by their parents only. My dream died on the road. We continued climbing ropes. 5 years went past. Bindi’s younger sister takes over the task of walking over the rope. Bindi is unhappy to know about it. She stays at home and one guy walks inside. She is shocked to realise what’s happening. I had heard that some people do it but I couldn’t believe it that my Bapu could do it too. So many people started coming every day. One day Harshu walked in. After a few days he proposed me for marriage. I agreed. He paid my father and married me.

After a few days, Bindi asks Sheela if she likes walking over the rope. Sheela nods. I enjoy it a lot when people clap for me and offer money to me. Bindi asks her if she doesn’t want to go to school. Sheela laughs over the idea. Bindi keeps on trying to change Sheela’s mind but Sheela stays put. Even Harshu is against the idea. We get so much money once you step over the rope. Don’t talk about it again.

Present: I only hid the rope and made Sheela fall down the other day. I could see me in Sheela. I used to feel that she too will have to go through the same ordeal like me. I was very sad. I felt bad for her. I wanted her to leave all this and start studying. I thought she will survive when she got hurt. But men are very selfish.

The night, when Sheela had fell down from the rope, Harshu was sitting drinking with his friend Banwari. Banwari points out that Sheela can still work. Her body is fine. You will get 1k for a night Bindi has overheard the convo. She tries to put sense in Harshu’s head but in vain. He is completely against the idea of sending his kids to school to waste time and money.

Banwari takes Sheela aside on the pretext of taking her to the Vaid. He sends her in a tent and makes her lock it from inside. She runs back to her house. Bindi hides her. Harshu and Banwari come home to look for her. She tells them that she has no idea where his daughter is. Bindi closes the door as soon as they are gone. She tells Sheela to be quiet. Sheela cannot control herself anymore. She hugs Bindi and cries her heart out. She is shattered as her own father betrayed her. Bindi knew it already. I wasn’t jealous of you. I only wanted to save you.

Previously, Bindi signals her brother that this is the girl. She is a great Nat Artist but she should study. Find a school. We will get her listed there once she agrees. Back to present, Sheela requests Bindi to save her. I don’t want to get into all this. At night, Bindi sends Sheela with her brother to join the school. Banwari watches them from far. Sheela starts going to school. She stays in touch with Bindi through phone. One day, Harshu redials the number where Bindi had called last. He gets to know about the school. Harshu returns home and slaps Bindi. She recalls Kabir leaving his card behind.

Present: Kabir decides that they will have to reach school before Harshu. Kabir reaches home late. Batlu has seen Sheela crying as she was taken away by their father. Bindi tells Kabir about it. He asks her who was Harshu talking to regarding selling Sheela.

Police nab Banwari. He confesses everything.

Harshu too gets arrested. Police reach the place where Harshu had left Sheela and rescue her. She hugs her mother. The other guy gets arrested. Kabir thinks of Sakshi’s words. You will have to do it if you have loved me truly. Sheela and Bindi thank him through their eyes.

Nat’s are artistes. They too have some issues associated with it since long. The only solution for it is education. Nat’s are natural gymnasts. They are bound to make their country proud of their talent is utilised in the right way.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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