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A blurred video is shown where two people consummate.

Music, dance, art or acting! Practise, trusting yourself and focussing on your aim is what is required all along. If someone tells you that you will only gain success by making a compromise only, then that person is misleading you. A phase surely comes in the time of struggles when you feel that making a compromise is the easy way. Is it so easy to be successful? Let’s watch the struggling life of an actress.

Shooting is going on. The girl (Priya) is happy when her senior compliments her for her take. The other senior artist suddenly starts her drama. She continuously calls out for a guy named Sameer and leaves right away. one of the guy remarks that the senior artist left as sir was praising Priya’s acting. Priya suggests doing the

scene where only she is required. She doesn’t throw any tantrums and goes to change. Her boss is impressed with her dedication. The same guy says its been just three months. Let her stay for 3 more months and then we will see if she is still the same.

Navneet Apartment, Kandivali, Mumbai:
Priya comes home and is very excited about the unit’s reaction. Her roommates ask her if no one said anything to her on her shoot. Did anyone tell you that your video has gone viral? Priya denies. She then checks the video and is stunned.

Nayi Aawaz Head Office, New Delhi:
Kabir notices all his male colleagues watching something on the laptop. They tell him about the mms of the main lead of some serial. The girl is smart. Show’s TRP is increasing and now this will boost her TRP too. I am sure this has been planned by her only. Kabir is sure no girl will do such a degrading thing.

Kabir meets one of his colleagues (Madhur). He wants to meet Priya. Madhur says all porn stars or anyone wanting publicity do something like that only. They do it to gain publicity. Kabir says that is not with everyone. Some people become victim. I want to know if this is publicity or a trap. I want to meet Priya first.

Navneet Apartment, Kandivali, Mumbai:
Kabir comes to meet Priya. They tell her that Priya is not here. She has not come home since that mms got leaked. We all are very worried for her. this is genuine. Kabir assures them that he too genuinely wants to help her so he has come here from Delhi. I am a crime reporter. I felt that Priya might be in some trouble so I came to find out and maybe help her if I can. I don’t want to publish any sensational news. The roommates have seriously no idea about Priya’s whereabouts. Her parents have come from Indore. They are staying at her aunt’s house. We can give you their address.

Thane, Maharashtra:
Kabir has to yet again make Priya’s aunt believe that he genuinely wants to help Priya. She allows him inside then only. Priya’s father tells him to print a news in tomorrow’s newspaper. A girl’s parents committed suicide as they couldn’t take it that their daughter was getting insulted. She will read it from the newspaper as well. We came here to meet her but got to know about her mms. She dint even come to meet us. I wonder where she is hiding after doing all this. Kabir says maybe it isn’t Priya’s fault. Don’t you trust her? Priya’s mother tells him that it was Priya’s father only who trusted her the most. He went against all the other family members to support Priya.

A year ago, Amarkunj Colony, Indore:
Priya is happy as she got the best actor award. She shows her trophy to her parents. My sir advised me to go to Mumbai. I want to go to Mumbai to become an actress. Priya’s mother is against it but Priya requests for one chance from her father. He agrees to give her a chance and a year. It is good if you become something in a year’s time or come back home quietly. Marry wherever your mother tells her to. Priya thanks him.

Present: She came to live with my sister. Priya’s aunt is not too happy with Priya dreaming big. I tried to make her understand but in vain. I even told her parents to be a little careful as Priya is a girl after all. All this has happened because her father has spoiled her. priya’s father is hurt. We cannot face anyone now. If you get to meet her then please tell her that her parents are dead for her.

Kabir returns to Priya’s Apartment. A girl opens the door. kabir tells her everything. I know you know where Priya is. She closes the door so no one else gets to hear what she is saying. priya is very depressed. I don’t think she will meet anyone. Kabir requests her as he feels Priya is not a bad person. I want to bring out the truth in front of everyone. It is important for me to meet her in that case. Please trust me and tell me where she is. The girl tells her that Priya is staying with one of her friends who stays at Meera Road. She has switched off her phone as well. She gives him the address and also agrees to inform her friend about him. Kabir thanks her.

Sheetal Apartment, Meera Road, Thane:
Priya herself opens the door. She tries to close the door once she finds out who he is but he tells her about her parents. You wont get anything by hiding here. Don’t you want the real culprits to be caught? she refuses to talk to him but he continues to encourage her. You will have to tell the world that this mms is fake. She shouts back saying this mms is not fake. It is true. I cannot talk to you here. They go upstairs.

I had come to Mumbai with lot many hopes and dreams. I was staying initially with my aunt. It was all good for a few days but then I could see that she was upset.

8 months ago:
Priya’s aunt is not happy with the idea that Priya will stay with them for long. She makes up some story and suggests Priya to take a PG. I met a girl named Reshma. Priya goes to Reshma’s house. Another girl, Sonali, is also there. Priya notices men’s clothes there. She gets to know that guys too live here. She is not comfortable with the idea of guys and girls living together but then agrees as it is anyways difficult to find a house in Mumbai. The guys are also struggling actors. Priya enjoys watching them talk and act. The girls go in their room afterwards. Reshma says this is easy for guys but girls don’t find work like this. she receives a call from her sir and talks to him in a seducing tone. She tells Reshma and Priya that 5 of her friends are the girlfriends of directors just so they can get a good role. Everyone does compromise. You do big compromises for main lead roles. Have a good rapport with your producer and channel partner. Its been 3 years since I am here but I couldn’t get anything. This is what I learnt in the end. You also have to sleep with them at times if you want to become successful. I am ready for any compromise if its about the main lead. Priya is tensed.

Priya continues going for new auditions every day. All my money used to get exhausted in the process. I used to feel ashamed to ask for 10k from my home every month. I couldn’t understand how girls like Reshma can find work. One night, Priya and the girls are sitting on the terrace of their society. The other two girls are drinking. They discuss about work and auditions. Reshma still talks about compromises, girl friends, divorce and even live—in relationships. Sonali teases her about not getting a maid lead yet. Reshma vows to get a main lead role one day. I will exploit all those people who have exploited me. Priya believes in hard luck. I will find something based on my talent.

We were all talking one day when Monty came running there. Monty tells him about their friend who has committed suicide. They cannot believe it that such a talented guy could do it. he has been struggling in the industry since last 10 years. I guess he couldn’t take it. everyone is shaken up by the news.

At times I used to imagine myself hanging from the fan. I used to think about Reshma’s words but I still dint agree with her. I dint want to become a star by spending a night with someone. Priya calls a man named Deepak one day. They fix a meeting at AM studio. Priya meets Deepak. He indirectly asks her if she has something special to offer. She denies. he tells her that people have been struggling for 10 years or more but in vain. Think of me when you decide to go back to home. I will get you a lead role. You have to lose something to gain something.

Present: It was almost a year. I started getting calls from my home. Papa wanted me to come back home. He used to tell me to see dreams which I can fulfil. I was fed up. I had not even paid rent for last 2 months.

Flashback: Reshma scolds Priya for not paying rent for 2 months. You should get out of here if you cannot pay the rent. Sonali gives some money to Priya while she is leaving from the house. Priya recalls her aunt’s words; Amit committing suicide; Reshma’s idea and Deepak’s words.

Priya meets Deepak again. I will do what you want from me only when you will give me a role. Deepak tells her about his friend, Ahluwalia, he is the producer. Hope you remember what I had told you about. Ahluwalia comes there just then. Deepak praises Priya’s acting. Ahluwalia appreciates her acting after watching her video clip. Priya tells them that her parents are calling her back. I wont return without achieving something. Ahluwalia tells Deepak to make Priya sign the contract for an entire year. He leaves after telling Priya to meet him in the evening. Deepak tells Priya not to be late in the evening. You will get your contract and signing amount by the evening. Don’t be late!

Galaxy Hotel, Malad, Mumbai:
Priya goes to meet Ahluwalia in the hotel. Once inside the room, Ahluwalia removes his shirt and looks at Priya, who stands there all tensed. Priya comes out of the room. She thinks of how she had convinced her parents of giving her a chance. She cries.

Present: This is how that mms clip was made. It was entirely my fault. I returned to my friends then. They excitedly told me about me getting a main lead role in a serial. I kept waiting / calling but Deepak always used to tell me that I will have to spend a night with someone (director, producer, channel guy, etc). I had understood that I was fooled. But then I got a call from Shukla Sir’s office. I had given my audition there long ago. He told me that I have been selected for lead role. Initially I thought that they too are fraud but then!

Flashback: Priya was happy after hearing about her getting selected but then Shukla asks her what she is doing in the evening. She thinks that maybe he will call her at his home / some hotel now. I am not doing anything. Shukla calls out for Shweta. Do her trial in the evening and a press conference will be held day after tomorrow. Priya is amused. Tomorrow morning we will have a photo shoot of you after which we will sign a contract. He instructs Atul about the same. the date of telecast has come. We have to start shooting asap. You cannot go anywhere for the next 6 months. Priya is finally relieved.

The shooting starts. Her senior and the staff applaud her performance.

Present: I worked very dedicatedly. Everyone was very happy with my performance but that one mms has destroyed both my life and career. Shukla sir also told me that he is looking for a replacement. I have no other option. I want to die. Kabir tells her against it. your parents told me to publish a news about their suicide in my paper. How could you take such a big step just to be famous? You got into a compromise? How could you trust those people? What did you get by doing that? You got this main lead role by your own hard work and talent. I feel like slapping you. I can understand your problem. I will help you in coming out of this.

Many people want to enter acting field. Everyone has their own dreams but we must ask ourselves first whether we are really talented enough. Plus there is no need to compromise if you are indeed talented. It will take time but you will eventually succeed.

Kandivali Police Station, Mumbai:
Kabir meets Inspector Pawar. This case is really sensitive. It is very important to arrest those 2 people and Priya should be proved innocent. Inspector agrees to help him. They will be arrested in 2 hours. I will get both Deepak and that producer arrested asap.

Deepak and Ahluwalia get arrested. They are beaten badly so they agree to speak up. We only had trapped Priya. Her contract was fake. This is how we trap all the girls. He (Ahluwalia) is my friend, not a producer. He makes mms. That is his job. Ahluwalia and Deepak decided to upload Priya’s video as she had become a star.

Kabir says I know Priya has made a mistake but her life will be destroyed if this stain is not removed from her name. Please don’t mention Priya’s name in the report. Please mention that Priya’s face was morphed. Inspector Pawar agrees. No girl’s life should be ruined like this. I will not reveal the names of any of the victims from the CDs that I will get from them. But yes, Priya will have to come here to give a statement once. Kabir thanks him for his help.

Cheaters like Deepak malign the name of the industry. He had ruined the career of a talented girl like Priya. Such people should be given strict punishment. News article says – a fake mms’s truth gets revealed!

Casting Director Deepak and the fake Producer Ahluwalia got arrested. A charge sheet had been filed against them under section 501 and 509 (for crimes against women) of IPC. The news article made such a good impact that Producer Shukla, Producer and TV Channel came in support of Priya. Priya has resumed her work once again.

Priya calls Kabir to thank him for all his help. He wishes good luck to her. Always remember, what you did was wrong. You shouldn’t have done that. Take no shortcuts in life even if there are too many problems in life. She gets emotional and thanks him. the shot is ready so she resumes her work.

Sakshi says it is neither easy to get a lead role in a TV serial nor is it easy to live it. talent, hard work and dedication is what is needed to reach here. If anyone tells you to make some compromise or take a shortcut then don’t fall in their words. One person cannot decide whether you are worth getting a lead role or not. Channels, producers, directors, creative team and most importantly, script, is what decides whether you will get the role or not. Analyse whether you yourself are capable enough for it or not. There is no shortcut in TV Industry!

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