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Begusarai, Bihar:
August 2006
A lady (Laxmi) sings bhajan for her baby as she does her work. She talks sweetly to her daughter. Drink milk. Grow up soon and help me. I will bring water. She leaves. Her daughter is lying outside in a cloth swing. Someone walks up to the baby in Laxmi’s absence. Laxmi comes back but finds the bottle on the floor. She notices some marks on the bottle. She tries waking up her daughter but in vain.

A kid hears the commotion outside Laxmi’s house. He walks closer to see what has happened there. A lot many villagers have gathered around. They feel bad for Laxmi and her family. Rajendra signals something to a kid. He (Bablu) simply goes, picks up one of the toys kept there and plays with it.

People were causing it a curse

or thought that some evil spirit might have befallen on the kid. They dint even inform police about the incident.

Murlidhar puts his son to sleep. Laxmi stares out of the window blankly. He asks Laxmi to bring water. She instead brings her daughter’s milk bottle. She shows him the marks on the bottle. I think someone did something to our daughter. He doesn’t find it sensible. Don’t tell it to anyone else or the word will spread around in the village. People will think wrong of us. Laxmi cries for her daughter.

Laxmi is all lost as she keeps thinking about her daughter. Murlidhar readies his son. Our daughter wont return like this. The son wipes his mother’s tears before leaving for school. Murlidhar tries to make Laxmi understand that they will do their best to raise up their son. She was anyways a daughter. She wouldn’t have brought anything in the house. Bablu will become our support in our old age.

2 months later, October 2006
A puja is happening in the temple. A new baby girl is born. Rajendra is there too. Priest makes Manohar (Murlidhar’s elder brother) sacrifice a goat in Devi Ma’s honour.

At night, there is a big celebration where all the men enjoy hard drinks. Rajendra cannot speak. A few men suggest him to drink too so he can start talking. Rajendra gladly starts drinking. An elder lady tells Manohar’s wife to take care of her baby. No one can see anyone happy nowadays. Laxmi is sad that she dint keep a puja when her daughter was born. Devi Ma wouldn’t have been upset then. The elder lady says now that the goat has been sacrificed there can be no evil spirit. Rajendra hears it. Laxmi takes Murlidhar inside as he is too drunk. Murlidhar mumbles about a ghost that is already roaming in their village.

At night, everyone is sleeping. Rajendra gets up. Bablu is drawing on the board. He has drawn the scene where the goat was attacked by the knife. The baby keeps crying on and off. Bablu looks back but then resumes drawing. He hears some noise too. Finally he gets up and goes inside. His parents are sound asleep.

Next morning, Manohar’s wife is unable to wake up their son. Manohar tries but the baby stays still. Murlidhar notices some marks on the cloth in which the baby is kept. Rajendra too wakes up hearing the noise. Murlidhar goes to bring doc.

Bablu is sitting at the edge of the well and throwing stones in water. His father comes there. He pulls his son back. He also notices the drawing his son has made. He wipes it clean and then sends his son to school. He looks extremely worried.

Rajendra has a small shop in the village. Murlidhar advices his brother against approaching the police as it will a waste of time. Manohar wants to find out how his son died. I wont approach Police but I will consult someone. You were talking about a spirit last night. What do you know about it? I lost my only son! Please tell me. Rajendra overhears them.

Bablu is playing cricket. He is out but he threatens to kill whoever tries to stop him from playing. The cleaner is cleaning the school premises. She keeps talking to her son in between. Bablu hits a ball. It hits the baby. The baby starts crying. The lady scolds Bablu when he comes to look for his ball. You made my son cry. She goes to keep some stuff back. Her son is crying. By the time she is back her son is nowhere to be seen. She keeps calling for Munna.

Police comes to village. Rajendra too runs towards them.

People wonder where Munna went or who took him. Inspector has come upon Munna’s mother’s request. Rajendra signals him about two other kids who died previously. Spectators explain what all he tries to say through signals. He tells about the incident where a goat was sacrificed. People celebrated at night with drinks. Murli spoke about an evil spirit. Inspector takes the man (who is translating Rajendra’s gesture in words) and Rajendra with him. They head to Murli’s house.

Murli declines to know about any evil spirit. My daughter was ill since last many days. Rajendra calls it a lie. The other guy also adds that he was also there. He too heard Murli. Murli instead calls Rajendra liar. He is the one who sells chalk in the village. Inspector asks him why he dint approach police when he knew so much. Murli lies that he dint want to get involved in court case or anything. Constable adds that another kid is missing now. Tell us whatever you know. Manohar asks his brother to speak up. Why are you saving him? Rajendra tells about the convo between both the brothers. Murli calls Manohar a liar too. He has lost his head after losing his son. Manohar still tells him to come out with the truth. Why are you saving a devil? Laxmi and Murli were trying to hide their son’s truth.

Murli and Laxmi finally confess everything. Murli says I got a doubt on the very day when our daughter died. There were chalk marks on the bottle; on Manohar’s son’s cloth that was used to cover him; the drawing was made of a baby where his head was cut off (near the well that Murli had later erased).

Inspector and everyone track Bablu down. Inspector asks Bablu about Munna. I am your friend. I had thought of bringing chocolate for you as you like them a lot. Where have you hidden Munna? Bablu brings Inspector to a secluded place where he has left Munna’s body. He kept crying a lot. I killed him with a stone. Everyone is shocked to hear him thus.

Bablu calls it revenge. I took the baby away on my own. No one had told me to do it. Kaki had warned me that she will beat me if I play there again. I took Munna with me. I ran away with her son before she could beat me. Inspector asks him why he killed Munna. Bablu was irked by Munna’s cries. Inspector wants to know if he has killed someone else too. Bablu says I killed Chachi’s son. I killed him for no reason. Inspector gets curious. Do you enjoy killing? Bablu affirms. I see nothing. Everything becomes numb. I kill then! Everyone gets back to normal afterwards.

Outside, Inspector tells Murli that this is a court case. We are keeping the kid back here. One of you will have to stay here. Murli requests him to spare his little son. He is a kid. He has no idea what he has done. Don’t drag us in any case. Please forgive him. Inspector explains that Bablu is mentally ill. He has killed 3 kids. If you had brought it forward previously only then this wouldn’t have happened! More kids would have died. Nothing can happen now. The matter will go to court.

This case left everyone in shock. Psycho analysts were stunned by hearing everything that Bablu related to them. Bablu has conduct disorder which made him mentally imbalanced at times. They called it chemical imbalance in Bablu which drove him to take such extreme steps (aggression). He was juvenile so he couldn’t be given a sentence of more than 3 years. Till date he is kept under psychiatric care.

Bablu is an NGO. The teacher tells all the kids to draw. Bablu draws a positive drawing.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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