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Old Manali Road, Manali, 2014:
A girl asks for a lift from a passing by car. The guy agrees. She sits in the car. The car stops at a place. The guy eyes her lustily. He leans closer for a kiss. He is found dead afterwards.

There have been many incidents on Old Manali Road where

Manali, Himachal Pradesh, 2014:
The dead body is being taken away in an ambulance. No finger print has been found in the car. The heart has been taken out from the body. The policemen wonder why the deaths happen at this old road only. There has been 5 deaths recently. They wonder what they should be doing. The constable talks about a girl. the neighbouring villagers have hid it since last 10 years.

Nikki and his friends have decided to go past Manali. Their camp is a little ahead than

Manali. Ninni doesn’t want to go as the place is not safe. Her friend assures her that whatever happened with Rohit happened a long time back. Come with us happily. She agrees. One of the guys will be joining them a little later because he has some work in office. Aaliya gets upset. He promises to join them as soon as he finishes one meeting. They just got engaged a while back. The other guy informs them that Parth and Shikha will reach directly.

Samir calls Aaliya. he is driving. She tells him to drive carefully. The road is completely jammed. He checks GPS and opts for old Manali Road. At night, the same girl holds her out her hand to ask for a lift. The guy drives past her but then the car stops / breaks down. She knocks at the window. She requests him to drop her till Manali. I have been waiting for the bus and the bag is heavy. He declines. He starts driving again but then feels bad. He takes the car in reverse and allows her in. She sits down in the car. She asks him if he is married. He shares that not yet. What about you? She says my fiancé went back to the city. She notices a photo. Is this your fiancé? He says it is my office colleague. He puts on old songs after seeking her permission.

Camp Site, Solang Valley:
The guys talk about another death at Old Manali Road. The death was so bad. The guy’s heart was taken out. They decide to not talk it in front of Nikki. Aaliya gets worried for Samir. She asks the guy serving them tea (Chacha) if it can be a problem in case someone comes at this time. He says nothing happens to those who have a pure heart. But city people don’t have a pure heart.

Samir notices that the girl has fallen asleep. He tries to shift her to the other side as she was about to fall on him. She wakes up with a start. She suggests him to drop her here itself. My village is nearby. You can take that way. She then asks him to drop her at the place where she works. He doesn’t want to drive anymore. Can I stop in that bunglow as well? I will leave in the morning. She agrees.

Nikki’s brother stops that Chacha. What did you mean there? It is the work of some gang, right? He advises him not to get in all these troubles. You have come here to enjoy and should do that only. The guy talks about Nikki. Her fiancé was killed in a similar manner 2 years ago. She is still not out of that. She hates marriage now. Chacha says that one thing is for sure. That girl’s fiancé would not be having a good intention. The guy holds him by the collar. His friends make him leave him. Chacha finally agrees to share a secret with them. We don’t share it with outsiders but it is about your sister so I will share it with you.

10 years ago:
There is a village named Kaali Gaon a little ahead Manali. A girl (Mahi) used to stay there with her parents. Mahi used to work in Daak Bunglow as a cleaner. Satish had come there for some work. He stayed in that Bunglow only. He never considered her as a maid. Mahi liked him a lot and maybe had fallen for him too.

Present: The girl confirms with Samir if he really wants to stay here. He nods. It is just a matter of a few hours. They both head inside.

Alliya cannot get in touch with Samir. Her friends reason that there is a network issue here. Chacha adds that no one will be able to stop Samir from coming here if he loves you truly. The other girl tells him to resume his story. Chacha says, Mahi and Satish liked each other a lot. She dint want to get into a physical relation with Satish before marriage.

Flashback: Satish tries to get close to Mahi but she talks about traditions. It is against our traditions. She gets happy when he suggests marriage. She is overwhelmed. He is going back to his home tomorrow so he can talk to his parents. They come close.

Present: Samir likes the place. Its good that we are inside. It is a storm inside. She doesn’t mind it. The weather was quite similar that night. She closes the door. Samir gets intrigued. Which night? She goes to take a bath.

Samir gets Aaliya’s call. He tells her that he is fine. He has stopped at a house as the weather is not good. The call ends.

Chacha shares that Satish forgot Mahi when he went back. He dint even call her back or sent her a letter. Aaliya tells her friends that she had a word with Samir. He has told her that he is fine. He is staying at some place for tonight. Chacha wonders if Samir is in Daal bungalow.

The bathroom door opens. Samir peeks inside. Mahi comes out. he asks for a towel from her as the water is coming inside from the window. She holds out her hand and he follows her inside. Samir is lying dead in the bath tub. Blood is oozing out from the tub.

Flashback: Mahi started waiting for Satish where they used to meet / spend time together but he never came back. She stops a car one day and asks for lift till Manali. The guys give her lift. They stop the car in the middle of the road and get in the backseat. She screams out for help but in vain. Mahi started hating everyone who took advantage of her.

Present: Mahi stopped believing in love. She jumped off from a cliff. She died but her soul is still here. She hates cheaters. She is still at the same Old Manali Road and asks for help from everyone. She never hurts those who drop her off to her destination safely. Anyone who tries to take advantage of her is found dead. She takes out his heart from his body. Nikki cannot believe it that Rohit can cheat her. the other girls don’t believe him. these villagers believe in anything. Nikki’s brother sends Chacha to set dinner for them. Aaliya wants to go looking for Samir but Nikki’s brother says we wont be able to find him in the dark. Chacha says look for Samir on the Old Manali Road if you cannot find him anywhere else.

Next morning, Police find Samir’s dead body. Nikki’s brother gets a call from the police. He is shocked when he gets the news. He doesn’t share it with his friends but continue driving.

Samir’s death confused police all the more as the deaths were happening in a similar manner. The deaths were done in a similar manner. The main question is, why is the dead body found at the same place every time!

Samir’s friends break down. Nikki’s brother talks to the inspector. Inspector cannot understand why all the deaths happen here since the time the highway has been built. Inspector scolds the constable when he talks about the secret again. Nikki asks her brother if the story was true. This means Samir and Rohit had bad intentions towards that girl!

Nikki and her brother (Meet) stop at a shop. Nikki’s brother takes a bike for a night on rent. He tells his friends to leave for Delhi. I want to find out the truth about the story. Aaliya tells him against it but he insists. We must find out the truth. Maybe I will be able to save someone’s life.

Kaali gaon:
Meet comes to Kaali Village. He asks people about Mahi. A lady suggests him to go back from where he has come. He next asks about the Daak bunglow. No one told anything to Meet.

As per the constable, Mahi was trying to save all the other women of her village. It was against their tradition of getting intimate before marriage. She just wanted to clean the society from all the wrong kind of people. The Inspector refused to believe in the story as it was all about ghosts but what was the truth!

At night, Meet is driving on the Old Manali Road. Mahi asks him for lift. He thinks of the constable’s words but then feels that maybe she genuinely needs help. He tells her to sit on the bike. She does so. She asks him if he is marriage. He denies. I am not well settled yet. She suggests him to stay in the Daak Bungalow as the weather is not good. He declines. the bike is not mine. I could have dropped you till your home but I have to be back to Delhi soon as one of my friend died today. She makes him stop the bike. She directs him towards the right path that can take him to the highway. He looks ahead and talks thinking she is still there but Mahi disappears. He wonders if it was Mahi. He looks at the board which says Old Manali Road.

People say, Mahi’s spirit is still here on Old Manali Road. She is maybe looking for Satish or she is trying to punish all those who have bad intentions towards girls. She is still found here asking for lift as maybe her Talash is not yet over. Maybe she is waiting for the day when she will be able to punish all such people and there are only good people in the world.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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