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Dispur, Assam:
A guy finishes his evening jog and stops for a break. His friend calls him. He is to go somewhere. Police had come to his place yester night. The guy shares that there is nothing like black magic. Latika’s father is a Baij. Latika’s father was warning me yesterday. He makes shadow on the walls using his hand. He notices some other shadow but there is no one. The guy’s throat gets slit and he dies.

The residents of Mayong village have mixed opinions on Beera.


Beera means the servant who follows out every order of his owner, be it right or wrong!

Guwahati, Assam, 2012:

Rishi and Shonali reach to meet Rishi’s mother Renuka. She is not in a good condition. The Massi taking care of Renuka shares that no one stays beside her as they are scared.

She has done some favours on me so I leave by evening. I don’t want to fall a prey to black magic. Your mother doesn’t want to live but there is someone who isn’t letting her go. She leaves. Rishi is angry with his mother for keeping him away for 22 years. Shonali reasons that he came after receiving the first call only. Rishi has come to find some answers.

Rishi is talking to a doc from Kolkata. Doc will be reaching Guwahati soon. Shonali walks inside a room. She finds a trunk and opens it. There are duly wrapped gifts inside it. She can see it that they are for Rishi. He is angry that she never said anything to him. she kept me away from her all this time. I had no idea she was alive until that call came. She wants to keep the gifts for their baby. The trunk suddenly closes on its own.

At night, Rishi makes Shonali eat something that grows here. He is sleepy so he lies down to sleep. Shonali opens one of the gifts and keeps it on the bedside table. Later, the toy is on the floor. Shonali begins to follow it when everything starts falling. Rishi wakes up. She shares about what she had witnessed but everything is in place he says you are tired. He lies down to sleep. Shonali too lies down. The toy is back in the room but it is next shown in the place where Shonali had kept it. A hoodie man is outside.

Shonali serves food to Rishi. She has got it from outside though. She tells Rishi about her headache. I was very scared yester night. I could feel someone was keeping a watch on us. He replies that it is a new place so she must be feeling that ways. Take some rest. I will be going to Dispur to bring the team of doctors. Shonali goes to bring juice but finds the utensils empty. Rishi jokes that maybe there was a joke. She is still in doubts. He leaves to receive the panel of doctors.

Shonali tells Massi to close all the windows. Shonali looks at herself in the mirror. She feels something strange. She removes the covers from some things that are kept there. She removes the covers from 2 idols and leaves the third one as it is. The cover of the third item starts shifting on its own.

Shonali tells Massi to use the spare key in case she has to come here. We will be leaving shortly for Kolkata. Massi says they wont be able to get Renuka ji treated anywhere else than Mayond. The thing which is holding Renuka ji will not leave her. We will have to take help of a Baij. Shonali doesn’t buy any of her logics. Massi shares that Renuka ji is also a Baij. She has helped a lot many people with her powers. She can only be saved with the help of another Baij only.

Rishi dismisses all the facts that Shonali tell him. We will get Ma treated by the best docs. They are ready to take Renuka ji when the tyres of the ambulance are punctured. The ward boys feel pain in their ears. They are unable to move the stretcher forward. Rishi, Shonali and the doc is shocked.

Rishi yet again doesn’t buy any of her logics. Doc said that it was migraine. Shonali still wants to consult Massi once. Why did you bring me here if you don’t want to consider anything that I say? Rishi finally agrees to go to Mayong.

Mayong Village:
Rishi, Shonali and Massi have come to meet the Baij. Bali (Baij) greets them.

They are curious about Beera. Bali sheds light on the topic. Baij brings Beera to life through tantric acts. They only listen to their owners. One has to make a sacrifice to keep him happy. He has to be fed all the time or he will start throwing things around or will even eat our food. Shonali has seen him and all that happening too. Bali reasons that Beera has chosen Shonali as her new owner then. You will have to find out about Renuka. Rishi is surprised that he knows about his mother. Bali nods. She too had come to seek my help 21 years ago like you. Everyone in Mayong knows about the sacrifice that she has given.

Guwahati, Assam, 1991:
Renuka is putting little Rishi to sleep. Her husband asks for food. Rishi wakes up by the noise. Renuka’s husband doesn’t mind it. I cant be hungry because of this kid. A man brings some papers. We need only his signature now. Renuka’s husband says we have to send him out of this town.

Ripun, Baij of Mayong Village:
A girl tells Ripun about her problem. I want to get married but my parents aren’t letting me do it. Please help me. Ripun agrees. I will have to send my Beera. He will not return without completing his work. Think before you agree. The girl gives him something. Ripun starts his puja to invoke Beera. The girl leaves.

Renuka’s husband and the same guy come there. They give him a paper to sign. Ripun can see some changes in his face. He gives him the thaal in which Ripun was doing his work. Both the men leave. Renuka’s husband decides to assemble the villagers. He tries to instigate people against Ripun. He is doing black magic. Renuka stops her husband from going to Ripun’s place but he doesn’t pay heed to her.

Ripun is doing his work. Beera appears. Ripun orders him to fulfil his orders. A man is drinking. He asks for water. The same girl brings water for him but he holds her hand. She somehow frees herself and runs from there. Beera kills that guy.

Meanwhile, Renuka’s husband slits Ripun’s throat. Beera returns and finds his owner panting for life. Ripun orders him to kill him and everyone who tried to kill him. Beera leaves to fulfil his owner’s order.

Renuka’s husband has been planning to make a building in place of Ripun’s house. A man comes there. Our men got killed. People say that it is Ripun’s spirit. Renuka’s husband sends her inside to bring soda. She is sitting inside. She is concerned about Rishi. Her husband scolds her for the delay. He comes back and finds all his men dead. Beera kills him as well. Renuka comes out and finds everyone dead. She runs back inside and cries for her loss. Rishi is crying too. Beera appears there. Renuka begs him to leave her. She clutches onto Rishi. Beera goes away.

Renuka brings Rishi to some guy. Rishi has high fever. The guy says someone has cursed her. it can even kill your son. She talks about Ripun. The guy says only Beera can help you now. Someone will have to accept to become his master by making a big sacrifice.

Reunka brings food for Beera. She summons Beera. I want to talk to you. The plate disappears in a corner and then come back empty. She requests him to save her son’s life. I know your curse will kill everyone till you don’t find an owner. I am ready to be your owner. He appears before her. She promises to feed him and take care of him. You will have to save my son. Please leave him. I will send him far away. I will do everything but please spare my son.

Renuka felt that she will get another chance to live when she got to know about Shonali’s pregnancy. Beera could not come to terms with it. Beera started eating Renuka from inside. Beera chose Shonali as his new master as soon as he saw her. But she too would meet the same fate if she accepts Beera. Bali has to separate Beera from Renuka at any cost.

Bali says Renuka ji will die as soon as I separate Beera from her. rishi wonders why Beera took over her. Massi says Renuka ji thought of giving up on black magic the day she learnt about Shonali’s pregnancy. This is the reason why Beera is angry. Bali ji is a bigger Baij but he too cannot kill Beera. Shonali wonders what will happen to Beera then. Bali says I will bring him here through my puja and send him far away from this place. Rishi is sad that he was away from his mother all his life. She cannot even talk to me now that I am here. Can we not do anything? Bali reasons that Ripun still wants his revenge. He is still not at peace. He wants another sacrifice. You will have to forget your mother for your wife and baby.

Bali starts his puja. He keeps ample food for Beera. Beera appears. He screams out in pain while Bali does his puja. Renuka ji breathes her last. Rishi is in tears. He holds onto his mother’s limp hand and cries.

Good and bad are two sides of the same coin. Black magic is banned in some states while it is still in trend in many states. But do we really need black magic? Renuka got her son well by black magic but then she had to sacrifice her motherly love because of Beera only. There are still many Baij’s who take Beera’s help to set things right. Beera too exists. Maybe he is still looking for the master who can take care of him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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