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Sakshi gives the intro of today’s story. When the seed is of anger then the outcome will be hatred only. Hatred will kill you only. Let go of your pains and accept life. If you try to hurt the other person in reply as well then you too wont be at peace ever. Don’t look back. Don’t bring your past in your present.

A girl (Neeta) peeks as her father gives her brother (Arun) some notebooks and a pencil box. Father hugs his son proudly. The girl feels bad. I was a little girl when I had realised this truth from my mother only. I was an unwanted child for my father as I was a girl after all. Her father was against her studies. She has to handle her home only after she grows up. Neeta felt bad. My dreams, my aspirations were nothing for anyone in my house except my Amma. She was the only

one in that house with whom I could share what I felt. Now that she too is gone then I have nothing but only anger in me. At present she is discussing it with her friend Rohan. Rohan talks about her father’s anger towards Anjali. He hates her more as my SIL Kavita is a typical and ideal DIL. She is the kind of person whom my father will anyways like.

Kavita is shown taking care of the whole house, family members. She also prays diligently, like some DIL from the daily soaps. Bau ji wants me to become like her only.

Some guy had come to see Neeta a while ago.

Rohan points out that Neeta can never become like Kavita bhabhi. You actually don’t want to. She asks him the same question. He isn’t sure but he adds that men change after their marriage. She nods. I have seen my brother changing. Men get bored seeing their wives in sarees every day so they start looking for something else. My brother found that in Anjali. Anjali is a modern girl. Arun looks very happy to see / meet her. Neeta says you (Rohan) too would want me to look slim and s*xy like Anjali so that you feel like coming closer to me all the time. He replies that that can only happen when her father agrees for their wedding. It cannot happen. She talks about doing something that is impossible in reality, like killing her father. He asks her the same question. What will you or your brother get by killing your father then? you both will get caught. She smirks. Rohan is confused.

Neeta gives Rohan’s intro. He is a distant relative of Kavita bhabhi. Rohan had once come to meet Kavita when he had seen Neeta. They both had instantly liked each other.

Back to present, Neeta tells Rohan that they don’t have to kill Bau ji but Anjali.

Arun and Anjali have been intimate. They seem to be having good time together (drinking wine, eating together, sharing a house). Arun tells Anjali that he has no problem with Kavita as she is a very simple girl. She wont create any problem. Arun and Kavita had discussed this issue once. He says I had to marry you as per Bau ji’s wish. I dint even know if I was ready for this marriage or not. try to understand. Its not about what either of us lack but its about love and I only love Anjali. Flashback ends. Kavita continues to talk about what all she has done for the family. The main problem is not her but my father.

Kavita had tried to talk to Neeta about Anjali. Do you know about Anjali? Neeta nods. Bhaiya had once told me. Neeta was running through the fields to reach the taxi in which her brother was travelling. She had told him then that she cannot marry Ajay (the guy who had come to see her). He understands her feelings but says that he cannot help her. we all have to follow our Bau ji’s orders. If it was possible for me then I would have never married Kavita. You are wasting your time if you are thinking about sacrificing your life in this case. Nothing else is more important for our Bau ji than our family’s respect. Neeta realises that her father anyways dint want a baby girl so there is no point of killing herself for it. Arun tells her to think then. I too thought and found a way out – Anjali. Flashback ends. Neeta talks about Arun’s love for Anjali. He married you (Kavita) as per Bau ji’s orders. No one can go against him and no one can do anything in this house but him. You should talk to him, maybe he can help you.

Kavita tells everything to her FIL. What my fault in this? which responsibility did I not fulfil? Bau ji asks about Anjali. Kavita only knows that she lives in Delhi. My husband took permission from you to go to Delhi for his work. I had to stay away from my husband but I dint say anything. He dint even took me with him. I chose to fulfil my responsibilities and kept quiet. But now there is someone else in his life. That girl wants to break my house. Bau ji leaves for Delhi.

Bau ji instantly dislikes Anjali looking at her dressing style. He had asked her to go out of Arun’s life but Anjali was not interested in anything that he had said. She had even given him way too fitting replies which had further infuriated him.

Bau ji tells Arun that Anjali is not a good girl. She cannot handle any home. She wears so short clothes in her home. She is utterly mannerless. Arun cannot help him in his thinking. I like her the way she is. Bau ji tries to make Arun understand but in vain. He regrets sending Arun to Delhi to live his life his way. It is my mistake which is why you have become so daring that you can talk to your father like this. Be a little ashamed of your acts and words. Think what would have happened if Amma was in Kavita’s place. Arun says I could never understand Amma. I couldn’t understand whether she respected you or was scared of you. Amma used to sit down to eat after eating you. have you ever thought that she too might be hungry? Bau talks about values, traditions. Arun reasons whether he never felt like asking or trying to understand what his wife was feeling. Bau ji stays put. A house isn’t run by what a woman thinks or feels. A man has to be man enough to do it. Arun knows that he never tried to ask Amma what she wanted. You dint even ask me whether I want to get married to Kavita or not. I did whatever you asked me to but not anymore, I love Anjali. I want to spend my life with her. Bau ji is ready to disown him in that case. You wont get a single penny from my property. Kavita has overheard their convo. Arun is worried about his mother but not his wife. I too want to live like Anjali. What do I lack after all? Am I not beautiful? I too have some wishes, I am a woman. He can understand his mother’s feelings but not mine. Has anyone tried to ask me what I want? He is questioning Bau ji. Has anyone asked me what I really wanted? Has anyone thought if I really wanted to marry him or not!

Arun tells Anjali that is he marries her then Bau ji will disown him. He will put everything in Neeta’s name. Though he wont like it as it is against his values, traditions. It can happen in one case if Neeta marries the guy of his choice. Anjali is sure Neeta might do it to gain all the property but will go to Rohan after wards. Roahn nods. It might happen but I wont let it happen. I will use Neeta’s hatred for Bau ji against her. I will get rid of Kavita, marry you and get the entire property in my name.

Neeta too is sure her brother is planning something big. He knows how much I hate Bau ji so he will try to use it against me. I don’t even know Anjali well. I have no enmity with her but yes, Kavita Bhabhi and Bau ji are really miffed with her. Neeta goes and changes her clothes. She heads back home wearing a suit.

Neeta is in conflict with what’s right and wrong. Whether she should go ahead and object but will killing someone be the right way of asking for justice? Change what you don’t like. Fight for what you want. She is all the more sure now that nothing will change after lecturing Bau ji. He is the real culprit here. What if he is out of the story?

Kavita continues to take care of her FIL. She gives him his medicines and he blesses her for taking care of him. she is sad. I dint come in anyone’s way. I too am going through the same situation what Arun and Neeta are feeling. Whoever will be their aim but I only will be accused in the end for everything.

Neeta offers to talk to Bau ji regarding Anjali. I am sure he will take Anjali out of your (Kavita’s life). He respects you a lot and he will surely never let Bhaiya do anything that can break his relation with you. Kavita nods. Neeta speaks to her Bau ji about Anjali and why he is letting Bhaiya do something like this. How can you allow Bhaiya to get married to Anjali? Will you accept their child as your heir? What about our society? I am not sure whether a girl like Anjali will actually give birth to her baby or not.

Anjali calls Arun. She tells him that his father has asked her to meet him tomorrow. Arun decides to go ahead with his plan now. This is our only chance. He wants you to give up on the idea of marrying me. I will reach there just then and I too will agree with whatever he says. His anger will cool down and then there will be no anger in his heart for me. I will be in the safe side then. it will be only Neeta now whom Bau ji still hates. Anjali smiles. Arun ends the call. I will leave my phone here in Delhi tomorrow and will go to my home (Karnal). I will end Bau ji and Kavita’s story once and for all so that all the blame comes on Neeta. Now it is just her who is angry and upset with BAu ji.

Neeta changes her clothes in a ladies toilet. Neeta tells the plan to Rohan. Bau ji will meet Anjali and then he will leave from there. You will go there afterwards. Rohan adds that her Bau ji will be very angry with Anjali. He will shoot both Anjali and Arun in this case. Neeta has planned to put all the blame on Kavita. I will hit so many birds with one stone.

Bau ji reaches Anjali’s place in Delhi. Arun too reaches there. Anjali tells him that everything is going as per the plan. Arun agrees to abide by his Bau ji’s words.

Kavita is cooking in the kitchen. Neeta looks at the clock impatiently. Rohan calls her and asks her to come to Anjali’s home asap. Everything has gone as per the plan but there is a small problem. She agrees. She picks up her bag and heads out. Kavita is confused seeing her worried.

Neeta reaches Anjali’s place. As she steps inside, she is shocked to see her brother lying in a pool of blood. She next notices her father’s dead body. We had decided to do it once he leaves from this place. Rohan reasons that he reached here a little early. Bau ji was still here. I panicked.

Rohan had rung the bell just when Arun had agreed to follow what his Bau ji had asked him to. Rohan walks inside but is surprised to see Bau ji. He had immediately taken out a gun and had shot them. Flashback ends. Rohan twists the plan. Your father had come here to talk to Anjali to sort things out but Anjali dint agree with him. Arun came here just then and then bau ji shot Anjali. Arun too shot him in anger. Bau ji shot him back while he was breathing his last. All three of them died this way. Neeta wonders how they can put the entire blame on Kavita in that case. She will become Bhaiya’s widow and everything will go in her name. Rohan says we will take care of that later. He also points at a loophole in their new plan. How can Arun shoot Bau ji when there is only one gun! He recalls a backup pistol that he had kept in the car. I will knock on the door thrice as soon as I am back. Don’t open the door in any other case. Set this gun in Bau ji’s hands. I will put the other gun in Arun’s hands. Neeta nods. She closes the door once he is gone and follows his instructions. She is locked in a house full of dead bodies as she waits. Door bell rings. She thinks of Rohan’s words. She takes out her phone when there are persistent knocks at the door. She is shocked to see police as she opens the door.

Neeta gives her statement. ROhan killed them all. He trapped me and left me there.

Kavita gives a statement against Neeta. She used to hate Bau ji a lot. My husband also had an extra marital affair with a girl named Anjali. I cannot think that a girl can go to the extent of killing her own brother and father!

Neeta wonders the reason why Rohan trapped her in this Chakravyuh. You trapped me just because I loved you?

Kavita repeats that I was the one who was getting sacrificed for no reason by that brother and sister. This is what they had imagined! Rohan comes out of a room and hugs her passionately. Rohan says I felt bad as I had to kill three people. But I had to do it for you. Kavita assures him that he wont regret any of it. Now its just you and me and this property. We both will live peacefully now. All the anger is finished now. Door bell rings.

Kavita is shocked to see police at the door. police inspector tells her about Rohan. Your SIL Neeta is only taking his name, saying that he has done everything. I know she is lying but we have to meet Rohan once before filing the charge sheet. She said that Rohan is your distant relative. Kavita denies. he is not my distant relative but he is from my town only. Truth is, Neeta had a thing for him. He too had liked her but not that much. Inspector nods. I too felt this way that Rohan dint like Neeta. Where is he now? She lies that he isn’t here. He already knows that ROhan is inside her bedroom only. Constables drag Rohan out of the bedroom. Inspector affirms that he got to know about Neeta and Rohan’s planning. But I am sure you must be wondering how we found out the truth. You first killed Neeta’s Bau ji, then Anjali and then Arun. You called Kavita ji from your mobile afterwards even though you used another sim. Kavita had suggested him to call Neeta from a PCO booth. I will inform you as soon as Neeta leaves from here. When you shot Anjali then her phone had fallen from her hands. Call it luck but her fingers touched a button in the process and phone switched to recording mode. Rohan and Kavita get arrested.

Neeta says, we (bhaiya, bhabhi and me) only had built this Chakravyuh to trap one another. We wanted to attack on each other by using our anger as our sword, but we all got trapped in it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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