Destiny… A cruel joke

A beautiful 20s age…. Swara Malik walk inside the MALIK mansion laughing and pushing her friend …her cousin ….her temporary boyfriend.. Laksh Mathur… Who is equally annoyed by her.. And running inside with full speed only to stopped at living room… Froze on the spot…
Omkar Malik is standing looking straight at their eyes with dead serious look.. And Raina Malik is sobbing continously leaning on Radha Mathur.. And Manohar Mathur is seen to be also angry waiting for Leah out everything on them…
And poor Laksh gulped hard knowing what is it Now..

Well Swara Malik is cool and ask casually – Hey Mom anything wrong you are sobbing..
Walking inside living room and fell herself on couch.. Shouting – Robin… My black coffee!!
Raina Malik.., Omkar Malik look at their daughter in disbelief.. And it provokes their anger!!
Omkar Malik shouted angrily – What the blo*dy Hell You are thinking Your self…dammit!!
Swara simply shrugged off and said – your daughter.. If you have any doubt dad then Laksh can explain you!!! My boyfriend explain please…
Laksh look at her horror opening his mouth in shocked but next second his father Manohar Mathur and uncle Omkar Malik one glare… He look here and there… Simply ” who I am ” look on his face..
Raina Malik – Swara how could you do this… I mean what is problem of your.. Beta!!
Swara took a deep breath and said – I don’t have any problem.. Mom that’s my problem simple!
Omkar Malik walk to her taking her wrist in his hand he pull her to stand only to be about fall on sofa next moment because of Swara trick… Making him lose her wrist and pushed him away..
Swara said frown – DAD PLEASE!!
Omkar Malik shouted – What please Swara that because of your stupidity we can have lose you… In all your madness.. MALIK family reputation is grounded in whole London!! Or people and doctor think my daughter want mental doctor!!!… Today you tried to walk between on going Highway of London with blindfold on your eyes… Doing nothing more than SUCIDE!!
Swara protest – it was not SUCIDE Dad..
Omkar Malik – yeah Right walking inbetween the speeding car, braking your car breaks…, doing the death stunt in bike…, riding most dangerous horse ” Badal “….or the most popular thing… Jumping from London bridge… All this are not Sucide right my daughter!!! Said with pure rage, anger filled voices!!!!!

All eyes were moist even Laksh also know Swara this madness which he tried to stop.. But she!!
Swara said calmly – Dad I am not doing Sucide!!
Raina Malik said inbetween her tears – then what is it Swara..?
Swara – I want to feel PAIN…
All together except Laksh look at her shocked listening all this..
Swara – yes I want to feel pain which I never cause… Because whatever I want I get it but I never feel pain.. I wanted to taste it.. I want to live in the moment of pain!!..
Manohar Mathur said – Pain?? But Swara beta why you wanted to feel… Your life is perfect.. More than that you are unique child who had” 150+iq”more than that IQ level from normal child.. You are mastermind toppers of b-school.. Of Harvard University and now after two years you can topped Oxford university…!! You are even capable of becoming CEO of Malik industrial.. Millionaire you are Swara.. You have your boyfriend more than friend..!! Then what pain!!
Radha Mathur also added – You know everything about tradition to modern thing Swara.. Learned more than 20languages and can remember any small memory of before six years.. And we all are here to love you.. Then What Pain!!!???
Swara didn’t say anything.. But her Mom tears are something which she can’t stand.. Moving her Mom she wiped her tears and said – Mom I am sorry..
Raina hugged her tightly and said – Swara my doll please don’t do this we can’t live without you..
Swara broke the hug and said – OK Mom I promise to you I will not all this activity again.. ( but then her eyes fall on tears drops of her Mom in her finger) but Mom why I don’t have any tears.. Or feeling of hurt.. I never cried.. Heck I didn’t get one tears in my life..
And then Omkar Malik look at his daughter point of view.. She wanted to experience the life.. Not for money, fame or love… But for hurt, pain, distrust.. Which he never wanted her to feel but now if she didn’t feel all this then he can lose her daughter..

Decesion is made!!!

Omkar Malik – Swara you are going to India!!
All gasped.. Swara literally cough – What Dad noway!!! India seriously..
Laksh – yes… Uncle India is not our cup of tea.. We are good here in London..
Omkar Malik – Swara your buaji has called me.. And you know I never lie to her… And she is Missing you…
Swara – Maddy bua.. She looked at her dad in anger..
Omkar Malik – you are going to Delhi.., India to the next flight and going to study their your three years.. And stay with her.. After that you will come back to London for Oxford university..
Swara and Laksh look shocking… While others didn’t have courage to say against Omkar Malik..
Swara yelled – but Dad!!
Omkar Malik shoved off his hand and said – I want you to become responsible Swara towards your life.. You have to be taught that life is not joke.. So for that you are going to Delhi.. And I will give you your all details of new college even you can take Laksh with you…


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  1. Divyanshri

    haha….. again a new swara….. ur ff shows different shades….. of Swara malick…. Aryana……. just wow….. ???

  2. Wow!! this was something imean its very interesting iam very desperate to read next plz update soon dear.and if iam not wrong are u the writer of “its not revenge its love swasan (payback time)season -2 ´´then plz i beg u dear plz continue it that was relly awe iam very keen to further

  3. Abirsha

    Awesome…. Very nice loved it…. Aryna i have sent message to u in telly update pls c it and reply to that via message dr….

  4. Nice

  5. Nice! continue soon 🙂

  6. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Now main game is started. It will be fun to see. Waiting for nxt.

  7. Sumeeta all of ur ff swara malik is same.but their story nd way of life is different.nd this part is just superb.concept is superb

  8. AnuAnn

    Oh!! One more shade of swara malik.. I loved to see different shade of swara from your ff

  9. Deeksha

    Nice dear.. U have a new one….. Hope u continue ur old one also… Waiting for playback ff… Pls aryna continue it…. And not only that the previous one which u have in the name of twinkle also…. Mom her name is swara.. Dark secret…. Also…. Pls

  10. Jiya

    Wow Aryna! Now u’re showing a calm but mastermind swara,again beyond my mind girl!♥♥
    But its short. Where is revenge ff? Plz post it. I’m eagerly waiting for Sammie’s birthday blast plz my mystery queen!???☺☺

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