Moment of Life..
Moment of smiles
Moment of tears
Moment of anger
Moment of sadness
Moment of love
Moment of friendship
Moment success
Moment of jealousy
Moment of… Death…but all these moments are beyond moment of yours…it is you who chose to live this moment or leave it..
But the Most beautiful Moments are… Of YAARIYAN… ”
This book is about the YAARIYAN of your life.. “moment of YAARIYAN “by me your favourite author…..
ARVI ” – reading the book Ragini Gadodia smile and keep her favorite author book in her luggage and look outside of train.. Peacefully and smiling sadly after leaving her hometown Udaipur.. But happy too.. For her future.. Getting a schlorship in CSL University is dream of every student in India.. From 100000…students only 10,000 student get the seat.. And she is along them after the hard work of two years she grabbed the schlorship.. Well her dream was different.. Becoming a fashion designer but all her dream shattered by her father death.. Heart attack and then her mother illness.. And Now she is going in same college to study and become Engineer.. It’s fate..
“Ragini why don’t you eat something ” ask Arjun gadodia her twin non identical brother.. He was continously staring at her sister.. He knows their family problems have made them shattered but he and Ragini is going to make their future.. CML university.. His dream… His dream of becoming lawyer.. His dream to give a better life to his sister and mother.. And he is determined for this… He will do it!!
Ragini smile – Arjun I am not hungry… But why this train is not moving yet?
Arjun frown – don’t know what is happening?.. But we will reach Delhi in few hours.. Now eat something.. I will check what is happening.. Saying this he walk out of his seat to outside the station ” Nagra station “…he look around to know what is the problem.. When he bumped into someone..
“What the “said angrily Arnav Singh Raizada looking at Arjun who is also angry at same level..
Arjun said angrily -” can’t you see and walk!!
Arnav barked – ” How dare you to talk to me like that it was your mistake …!! And dare you to say anything to me then see what I will do!!
Arjun – I will.. And you are not any prince who is shouting like you have purchased this public space!! So just apologize to me!!
Arnav stiffened and was about to bark back at the man who make him to again remember his past.. That how his uncle throw him and his Di out of Sheshmahal and they have to come to Kota with his Nani.. But now he is going to get his everything again.. After all he got the schlorship in CML university.. He will take care of his Anjali di.. And become successful Man..
Arjun – What happened don’t you know how to say “sorry “!!
Arnav -You!!
” Arjun why you are fighting with him ” ask furious Ragini coming out of train after watching the scene of her brother and his antics he can never agree on his mistakes but by looking at another man she can easily say that he is same stubborn.. Then Arjun..
Arjun – Ragini why you come out.. Go back I can manage here!! Said eyeing angrily at Arnav.. Who is equally looking him angrily..
Ragini signed – Sorry young Man.. But my brother is like this only!
Arnav smirk – you are right and I think you should make him learn some lessons..
Arjun looks at him – And you should learn to apologize Prince Charming!!
Arnav frown and walk away…. But stopped and turned to say – Why not Devil! And left inside the train with his luggage..
Arjun- you!!
Ragini grabbed his hand and said – Arjun please stop it… Just go inside train can leave in any moment..
Arjun nodded and walk inside the train..
Walking towards their seat RAGINI and Arjun get shocked by seeing Arnav seated opposite of them…
Arnav look up – you here…
Arjun smirk – it’s my seat opposite of your… Prince Charming..
Arnav mock – looking like my day is going to bad after getting face again of devil..
Ragini pissed off and said – Can you both please stay in peace.. Saying this sit at corner seat beside window Arjun sit beside her glaring at Arnav who was also glaring at him angrily…
“Excuse me.. Can you move my seat is at corner.. “ask Siddharth Khurana.. Looking at Arnav..
Arnav stood up to give him space for setting at corner seat..
( well yes all don’t be confused in this train seat are parallel.. Four seat are opposite of four seats face to face.. And in between there is table attached with windows..)
Siddharth was gazing outside of window then being annoying by bore he took out his favorite author book “YAARIYAN of Moments by ARVI “..and started reading.. Only to lost in his past where his Mom ask him to leave the house.. He is middle class family.. But adopted son of Raj and Simran Khurana.. And their real son..Kabir bhai is everything for them.. So by shouting at him they said they can’t take care me now because I am nothing less then their burden.. But now he will show them he can live without them by his own.. His biji (Dadi) has given him some money for his future.. And Now his future is in CML university… Grabbing a schlorship was too much for him but he did… And then the destination is Delhi for him..
” hey you also read this novel? “ask Ragini surprise by opposite man who was also reading same book of her favorite authors..
Siddharth come out of thought and said – yeah.. It’s my favorite authors book.. ARVI..
Ragini smile – Mine too!!!
Siddharth and Arnav look at her with surprise..
Arjun shook his head and said – Ragini.. Why you are so much excited just for this author…
Ragini frown – just shut up Arjun.. I know you also like reading my favorite novelist book… Her book of crime and mystery… So don’t poke your nose !!
Arnav smirk at Arjun.. While Siddharth amused by Ragini..
Arjun – whatever… It’s just a novel..
Siddharth – no.. It’s not just a novel it’s truth of life.. That this novelist write.. Like always in every edition of the novel and I loved it…
Arnav ask carelessly- but Novel are the fiction not truth and they write for fame.. So why we take it seriously?
Arjun agreed – yeah prince is right.. It’s just for diverting mind.. We should not take it seriously!
Arnav look at Arjun.. Surprise by his agreement but didn’t show up..
Ragini and Siddharth look both of them with anger but then ignore..
Ragini – so you are going to Delhi..?
Siddharth nodded – yes.. Well I am Siddharth Khurana.. Going to Delhi for studies..
Ragini – sorry I just didn’t introduce me..
Siddharth – I have alreasy heard from your brother… Ragini! Said smiling a little..
Ragini smack her forhead and said – yeh.. Arjun is like that only well I am Ragini Gadodia.. Same purpose going to Delhi for studies..
Arjun – you both are looking like long lasting Friends Ragini and Mr Siddharth.. Said sarcastically ..looking at their lovey dovey introduction..
Arnav chuckled.. And said – over protective brother..
Arjun snapped – I heard that!
Arnav – better!!
After some time of Silence …train stopped at Nihara station…
Sanskar Maheshwari walk inside the train to look for his seat spotting the seat he came and sit beside Arjun..
All look at him then again resume in their thoughts..
Sanskar look around.. He was glad that finally he is out from that haunted house.. I mean.. His joints family… Who always behind his career wanting him to settle in his father sweet shop and permanently be in that small village.. But now he is free and he runaway from his house and now going to Delhi getting scholarships in CML university of games kota is tough job for him but he was glad that he got it and now to Delhi…
Sanskar look at Arnav and ask – can you tell me when we reach Delhi after getting annoyed sitting silently bore on four hours!!
Arnav look at time and said – just three hours more..
Sanskar – thank..
A beautiful 20s age…. Swara Malik walk inside the MALIK mansion laughing and pushing her friend …her cousin ….her temporary boyfriend.. Laksh Mathur… Who is equally annoyed by her.. And running inside with full speed only to stopped at living room… Froze on the spot…

guys its my another ff cocktail.. Well I just hope you all enjoy and if you have any confusion then ask it!!! This story is about ” friendship ” …..

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  1. Sumeeta

    Another suspance story.loved it.1st part is awsum

  2. AnuAnn

    Happy to see you with new ff … Bt plzz try to post ur remaining 3 ffs… Excluding its not revenue but love.. Hope this too w’ll be full of suspense

  3. Divyanshri

    wow…. new story….. awsome episode…… please post ur other ff…..

  4. Megha123

    Nyc concept

  5. Awesome nice concept continue soon

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  8. Make arnav wid ragini
    I love these 2

  9. Wow its nice dear I like it soo much interesting but Yarr I want ” its not revenge its love- swasan”s next part post it soon dear u m waiting

  10. Abirsha

    Awesome dude…. I first neglect it as i thought its a ragini ff….. No offense pls bcoz i m swara fan…. But when i clearly watched d images in picture i had a doubt that it might b ur ff…. So when i read it i was happy….. Pls upload all ur ff dr…. Pls pls

    1. AnuAnn

      First I too think the same.. Bt later by seeing image I got a dbt… It may be aryna .. So before reading it firstly I confirm it and I’m right

      1. Abdul hafiz(uma).

        Same pinch dear.Meine bhi esai socha.Then pic dekha aur confirm hua ki aryna ki story hein.Bcz vo hi esi pic set kar sakti hein.

    2. Sumeeta

      Ya i also thought same that it must be raglak i ignore it twice.but when i saw vivian nd ravi ,i thought it may be arynas i was reading it next time

  11. Abdul hafiz(uma).

    Another ff, yapiee.The name of ff is very cool.Keep going. And post your other ff also.

  12. Jiya

    Just now i came to know that its ur ff. I’ve seen swara malik name prominent in ur 1st part and then thought to read thinking it to be urs. But I’ve no time aryna.
    This ff is different from ur other ones nd wow sid ragini sanky arnav nd my crush arjun all are gonna study in same campus and sid is Ravey dubey na?
    Wohoo! Now sammie is not arrogant girl. Impressive!
    But plz show bonding between arjun asr nd swara plz.
    And its swasan ff?
    One more thing where is revenge? Nd i think after revenge’s ff u’ll start RIVALS but no, plz continue that.
    I’ve nt read revenge’s last two parts now i’m gonna read it. See u.

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