very close to heart (intro)


A story intro

Mohan : A sweet person but not simling in a single minit( bussiness man )..nbtnmkk

Vani : mohan daughter 5 yrs old

Megha : very nice girl and keep simling on face ( her husband death in heart attack – only lived marriage life in 6 months )

Harsha & Harrish : megha’s sons ( twins )

Vasuki ( vasu ): high fever murmuring sometning

Mohan : he feel restless checking fever level and calling vasu..vasu..and take her to the hospital

Dr: give injection to vasu..shout badly with mohan and tell take good care for child

mohan : speechless….and ask take to home

Dr : morning only discharge

Mohan : (vasu in mohan lap sleeping ) tell vasu to i’m not a good father na ..not a good mother also..

mohan also sleeping…

In rining sound mohan wakeup and pick the phone manager says that sir today interview .mohan replay that you conduct.

manager: sir..your pa post only na

mohan : no pblm u select a female candidate completed in…mba..any degree

manager : k..sir … disconnect the phone call

Mohan : ( remember something ) call manager and says that u select eligible candidate in three i will select one

manager : k..sir…and pray inside mind give colors to my boss life

Precap :
Megha is waiting in mohan office room near for interview ……..mohan entering….mohan……megha meet vani………sorry…….hars play garden.

Credit to: sunc

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  1. Nice intro


    wow………. kunal is my most favourate hero………. love him to the core….. and i m jumping up n down. i m really so happy. thanks a lot for this ff………. i m crazy about NBTNMKK……. ACTUALLY EVEN I THOUGHT WRITE A FF ABOUT THIS BUT SINCE I M IN CLASS 10 AND ALREADY WRITING 2 FAN FICTIONS I DIDNT………. TOO GOOD OF U DEAR…….

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