very close to heart (episode 9)


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mohan eyes fill with tears… mohan come inside room from washroom…megha look shock.. mrs.bhat also look.. she try to change a topic.. mohan said i hear everything…tell me mom… u know na…

mom reply what i know… mohan hug mom and said mom i’m mentaly distrubed thinking of amar.. if it’s continue suspences in matter i’m going to mental hospital… mom said u wrongly understand me and megha conversation… mohan hold mom hand put hand on his head ask tell me mom… mom cryingly sit the floor and megha also same state ..megha told whole story…… fb….

mohan go to gova in bussiness meeting… amar go to meet megha… megha and amar speak about their marriage… amar come home and told everything ( megha and amar relation) to mrs.bhat.. mrs.bhat told everything to amar… mr.bhat said i’m already fix girl from amar and mohan.. mrs.bhat.. amar loves a girl deeply the girl name is… mr.bhat.. said i ‘m not interest to hear her name… mr.bhat loudly call amar… amar… amar come look mrs.bhat… mrs.bhat nods her head and amar understand… amar look mr.bhat..and said she is very nice girl.. mr.bhat.. said if u want to marry this girl to break all relations to me… and mr.bhat look mrs.bhat.. amar call dad what r u saying… mr.bhat said don’t call dad… amar come near mrs.bhat.. and told mom.. mr.bhat said me and my wife are not different… if u want ur family to break all relation to this girl… amar angrily leave home with bike…

mrs.bhat ask y u angry with my son.. mr.bhat ask ur son means.. i’m don’t have any rights na.. mrs.bhat said i don’t mean that… mr.bhat said i love my two sons same…i’m not have any parcelity… and continuously said i fix girls are sisters.. they r don’t break amar and mohan relation.. mrs.bhat said u think wrong.. noone to break my sons relation.. mrs.bhat convinces mr.bhat.. and mr.bhat agree the marriage half heartely.. sametime amar told megha my parents not accepted our love.. so u and me marriage.. i will fixed with next month.. megha said ur parents and my parents are not accepted na..i don’t want to marry u.. amar hold megha hand.. and said my monu help him our marriage… megha leave to home… megha accept her parents decision.. megha parents fixed megha marriage with some guy..

after 2 days…
mrs.bhat told amar ur dad accept ur marriage… amar doesn’t hear anything.. (amar hear sad songs via ear phone).. mrs.bhat.. go to clean amar roon.. see invitation card shocked… bride name is megha.. mrs.bhat come call and ask amar about the card… amar doesn’t give any response… mrs.bhat call mohan and said come home in 2 days.. mohan ask any ptoblem said no.. mohan reply mom i will try to come but i think my schedule in gova work one week… mom said ok..take care.. mohan feel something wrong… call amar.. amar in bar fully drunk so not attend mohan bar amar meet friend his raman.. raman take amar to his hotel night amar tell everything to raman… mrs.bhat call.amar..raman attend call and said amar is with him in hotel..

in morning..
mrs.bhat go to meet amar in hotel… amar see mom and doesn’t speak anything.. tears roll down cheeks… raman said mom i’m in important meeting.. raman leave to room… mrs.bhat hug amar and said i’m speak to megha.. she is understand come.. amar and mom ready to leave room some noise coming from opposite room… amar knock the door.. mrs.bhat said come.. don’t interrupt other matters… amar and mom take 5 steps one person open door… mom hear some missing words journalist… article…spoil image… monu…. kill my hand.. amar also hear.. amar call police and said something.. police said anyone tell something daily… go do ur work.. amar said he is speaking to kill means u.. amar unknowingly said i’m monu… take action..

In reception amar give room key..collide with some person( he file a complaint and doesn’t know he is the person ).. amar asks sorry..but that man hold amar holar.. man phone rings.. attend call and speak something… throw a phone angrily in floor said journalist monu i will kill u.. amar look his face… sametime mrs.bhat faints.. amar take mrs.bhat to hospital..

hotel manager shout that person doesn’t see his face…see the face ask forgiveness from touch his feet… and reception phone rings.. receptionalist attend call.. man said i’m like to speak mr.dinanath.. person give one slap to hotel manager.. and said i’m dinanath..speak phone.. police said i have monu phone number… dinanath note the phone number on paper…

In hospital..
mrs.bhat have conscious.. and said amar call mohan and tell don’t come home.. amar ask reason mom said ur brother is journalist monu..amar is happy and said mom u don’t affraid he is not do anything my brother.. amar continuously said mom did one ask what mistake… amar said i’m try manythings to impress megha but megha not impress.. my friend said megha is a big fan of journalist monu.. no one see monu.. so i do some drama with old newspaper store.. owner trust i’m monu… megha also trust i’m monu.. i think i’m telling the truth after marriage…my brother is monu.. mom sweetly slap his cheek.. sametime nurse tell one accident case need b+ blood group… amar hear and said my blood group is same… mrs.bhat leave hospital and speak megha to phone and said tmrw come my home with amar..

amar said megha my mom try to convince my father u don’t worry.. my mom definetly convince my father…. my father convince ur family… megha hug amar and said i need icecream… amar go to buy a icecream… amar phone rings… megha attend call give shock expression.. amar come with icecream.. megha eat icecream and ask amar today u go hospital.. amar said ya..megha ask u give blood to anyone.. amar said ya.. megha said i have important work and leave go to hospital meet doctor.. doctor said i don’t tell anything about patient..megha told i’m amar fiancee.. doctor said something.. megha told don’t tell man knock door.. doctor said come in.. megha shockly see amar.. amar sit next to megha.. doctor look megha said amar u have some health problem.. megha ask anything serious.. doctor said no.. and take some medicines regularly it is cureable… amar ask how do u know doctor… doctor said if u give blood na.. suddenly u unconsious… so i check ur whole body.. amar in sad megha hug amar said our bath… and ask how do u know i’m in hospital.. amar give megha phone and said u take my phone..megha see amar simile..

sametime dinanath goons see amar and megha and take photo.. amar drop megha a home…some goons kidnap.amar and hit badly… amar hit goons and goon stab a knife on amar chest and amar call megha.. megha phone rings… megha take amar to hospital.. doctor said something megha crying loudly and call raman said amar and my family doesnot accept our love… raman interrupt said come my home… megha said thanks.. amar put hand on megha shoulder said mom see him this state.. i can’t imagine.. megha said come …. they r going to raman house…

in raman house
megha break her and amar phone and said ur mom try to convince ur father but ur father doesn’t convince…. so i take one decision this week my marriage… amar dorsn’t accept first..raman convince amar accept… sametime dinanath goons search amar..and mohan arrived home.. mohan ask mom about amar.. mom told 2 days amar phone switch off.. mohan leave office..megha parents enter mohan house and tell ur son kidnap my daughter.. and continuously speaking ill about amar.. mr.bhat fix mohan marriage with menka.. unknowingly same marriage hall… amar and megha marriage complete… megha and amar consumate their love… after 3days amar get one phone call from hospital.. amar pick call tell megha suddenly take phone from amar hand tell call my number.. amar ask what r u doing.. megha blabbering.. amar have tension.. amar try to take pen from shirt pocket.. megha wrongly understand and ask u have chest pain sit and give water.. amar ask what r saying..i have chest pain na i don’t have any pain in chest.. why u ask… megha give tablet to amar..amar throw a tablet on floor.. megha cryingly pick tablelts give amar.. amar look megha eyes feel pain in her eyes.. amar said u tell reason i eat tablets or poison.megha put hand on amar mougth said u have heart problem.. amar don’t speak anything to leave house and megha hold amar hand amar turn look leave…

amar enter room see megha sleeping on bed.. amar wake up megha..and give tight slap to megha.. megha ask reason amar put medical file and said i know my parents accept our marriage… i think ur parents not accept our she do all things but u hide me from my health.. i die in two or three months tell me u know na… megha said i know i know everything… goons hit your whole body u already have small problem in heart and these attack create big problem in your heart.. u know i already have heart problem but marriage…i will do big mistake.. sametime amar phone rings.. amar attend call mohan said where r u i try to call in one week… mom said u go to worldtour… i miss u come early.. amar meet mohan.. and don’t tell about marriage.. mohan also don’t tell about him marriage… these day feb 14… amar feel bad… amar chit chat with mohan whole day… amar come home with bandages on hand… day passed… in half anniversary celebrated… amar have chest pain..amar similely said megha i will told one truth.. megha doesnot see amar face.. megha busy with put mehandhi in hand.. amar said u want to see monu… megha said i don’t want to see monu… i’m only see amar.. but megha put meghandhi on hand monu name.. megha show hand on amar.. amar doesn’t see monu.. continuously said my brother is journalist monu.. megha said this is not jokking matter.. amar said god promise.. my brother is monu.. megha spoil mehendhi put water… (monu name is clearly in megha hand)…all friends are come to wish them.. amar have heartattack.. amar is death… fb…end..

mohan ask mom u know everything before amar death… mom said no… i know everything 2 days before..fb… mrs.bhat. come megha to take some dresses to wash… find one diary read know full story.. come megha room hug megha..and ask sorry…fb..end… mr.bhat hear all…. and blesses megha god will give all happiness return ur life… mohan ask sorry to megha.. i said u r the reason for my brother death but reason is me….plz forgive me.. mohan said first meeting i ask u know me.. but u said u don’t know… megha said i only hear ur name monu.. i don’t see ur photo… another reason is amar said my brother face always simile is fixed one… i don’t see ur face in simile first time…mohan leave room..

mohan drinks more thinking of amar in garden… mohan enter house see in.dark… mistakenly go to megha room… sit on bed next to megha.. look megha face lovingly..put hand on megha’s cheek.. megha hold mohan hand.. mohan try to take hand from megha to more closer to megha… he feel something strange in closeness… mohan repeately put hand on cheek..and kiss her forehead… and hug megha..drink effect said i give all happiness in ur life… try to put leg on floor.. leg slips… sametime megha slightly move other side of bed.. mohan also sleep on same bed…

in morning
mrs.bhat.. come megha room look shock… ask mohan what r doing here… u wakeup early… and look vasu pack megha things in bag…fb… in morning megha head on mohan chest..mohan left hand on megha head … right hand megha waist… vasu come room.. see mohan and megha closeness and take photo use mohan phone..slowly come near mohan kiss her on cheek.. mohan wakeup..tell good morning..and ask y u morning come my room.. vasu said i’m come only see megha aunty… mohan said go to her room.. vasu simile… mohan ask y r u similing go to ur aunty room… mohan feels pain in hand try to straight shockly see megha… mohan try to take megha’s head.. megha hold mohan shirt tightly… mohan slowly remove hand and put pillow on side… megha hug pillow.. mohan try to remember.. mr.bhat call megha..fb..end.. mohan said megha stay with amar room.. vasu try to wakeup megha.. mrs.bhat said she take sleeping don’t distrube..


mr.bhat decide to remarriage on megha… megha and mohan have an eyelock..

Credit to: sunc

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