very close to heart (episode 8)


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In morning
mohan take towel go to washroom.. heater is not working… and go to megha room noone there.. mohan go to washroom… sametime megha enter room look amar photo said uncle accept me whole heartely and take amar photo kiss see megha happiness and ask sorry to megha.. megha turn to see mr.bhat.. and ask y u ask sorry to me… mr.bhat.. said amar told me he love a girl.. he want to marry a girl and i’m not accept ur love marriage..i don’t see ur face but i hate u.. i thing u the only reason but i’m not right…plz accept my sorry na.. mohan hear conversation happily… megha said no need to ask sorry i did one mistake… mrs.bhat ask what mistake u daughter in law not do any mistake.. megha turn her face in window side and said i’m not save amar…mrs.bhat. said all things are happening by god..u don’t take blame on your head.. megha said mohan sir many times ask about me and amar marriage and amar death.. mr.bhat. said u no need to give explanation to mohan… mr&mrs.bhat.. ready to leave megha hold mrs.bhat hand and tell aunty 5minits i put head on ur lap.. mr.bhat..leave room..

mrs.bhat sit in bed and megha put head on mrs.bhat..lap and said i feel relax mom.. megha continuously said howmuch years hide all matters to mohan and uncle mom… mrs.bhat..cryingly hug megha said my one son is death if the reason know my other son life also danger… amar told everything to u na..megha said ya mom.. amar told everything in his last breath time..amar last rituval finish.. nextday u search me na.. i know.. i know my pregancy in day of amar death … my parents not accepted so i’m going to my friend house to stay… in that time i meet that person he blackmailing me..if i’m telling anything related to amar death he will kill me.. i’m not affraid to death mom but my amar child in my tummy mom.. mom hug megha said don’t cry and i’m searching u many places but i’m not find her…in phone mohan said i’m come with amar wife..i’m flying in the sky inside heart…very happy but i don’t show that time.. how u meet mohan… megha tell all flash backs… similingly hear mrs.bhat..

mrs.bhat ask u meet mohan in ur marriage. megha loudly simile… same time mohan sit in washroom with small stool hear their conversation and think she definetly told something i get clue from amar death… mrs.bhat ask y u smile loudly.. megha said mom u know na mohan marriage also happening the same marriage hall na.. mrs.bhat..face turn sad..megha doesn’t notices tell fb..

raman and all family members are waiting for groom (amar).. sametime mohan arrive.. they r wrongly take mohan inside hall.. i don’t see mohan face.. pandit start rituval… raman’s father fastly come and said groom (amar) are waiting outside hall. raman ask mohan who r u… mohan said i’m a groom… mrs.bhat said i don’t believe that ur marriage are happen.. unknowingly i bless bride and groom for good life.. i saw my amar marriage and happily kiss on megha’s forehead..

mr.bhat call mrs.bhat.. mr.bhat hear.. mrs.bhat said take rest… don’t stress to think anything… megha said mom i think i tell everything to mohan… mom put hand on megha’s mouth… mohan think mom know everything… mom hide all matters to me and dad..mohan in shock..


mohan in drunken state…. kiss megha…

Credit to: sunc

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