very close to heart (episode 7)


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harsha and harish very close with mr.mrs.bhat.. sametime mr.bhat keep distance from megha… mohan feel happy see vasu happiest face…

in night
megha look amar photo sadly… mohan enter room with vasu, harsha and harish.. vasu hug megha..and tell i don’t have sleep so tell story.. megha tell story are sleeping.. megha stop the story put blanket on kids.. mohan ask tell story i don’t have sleep.. megha give sleeping tablet to mohan.. mohan simile… megha ask y r u similing go to ur room sleep… mohan take vasu from bed.. vasu hold harsha hand and harsha hold harish hand.. sametime mohan and megha smile..megha said our childs sleeping cutely… mohan look megha.. megha said sorry my child and ur vasu… mohan said no problem… harsha and harish have equal rights same vasu..

in morning
house fully decoarted with flowers and lights… megha in kitchen ask mrs.bhat today which festival… mrs.bhat said today my aniversary… megha touch mrs.bhat. feet..mrs.bhat give blessing to megha…

in night
megha ready vasu as princess ..sametime mohan ready megha’s sons kings…
all guests are arrive.. megha in room hug amar photo… mohan give gift to mr.mrs.bhat and touch their feet… vasu give gift and mr.mrs.bhat hug her… harsha look all scenes and ask megha to grandpa gift… megha said i don’t buy any gifts go and take blessing from ur grand pa and grandma… sametime mohan enter room with harish and give gift boxes to harsha hand and told go… harsha happily goes.. megha said thanks… mohan look megha.. y u.wear simple dress.. megha said i’m not feeling well…so i’m not attend the party.. mohan go to mohan room and take something from cuboard and enter megha room and put dress and jewels on bed and said get ready come party don’t execuse..
megha said no need.. i have jewels…dress.. mohan said i’m bought this dress only for u and this dress colors matching with kids dress… i don’t compel..

in party mohan speak to his bussiness partners…one partner said today ur face is over glowing.. what the reason… mohan said no… sametime megha said mohan.. vasu eat more icecream… mohan said what ‘s ur problem.. she like it so eating… mohan give another one icecream… megha take from mohan hand and said u the only reason she don’t hear anything… mohan and megha fights end.. one partner said she is the person only ur success behind… and call megha as mrs.mohan… mohan said no u wrongly understand she is my brother wife.. another partner said ur dresses colour are matching so… sorry sir.. megha look mohan sherwani color and mohan look megha saree color.. mr.bhat hear all coversation from behind the pillar

couples are dancing.. vasu ask mohan to join dance.. mohan said i don’t have partner.. vasu give megha hand to mohan.. megha said i don’t know dance.. mr.bhat. see them.. sametime all guests are parising food taste.. megha said i’m hungry and leave mohan hand… and take one plate serve food.. to feed vasu harsha harish … mohan take kulab jams in one bowl… mohan feed kj to vhh… megha having cough mohan go to take water.. sametime mr.bhat.. insult megha and said if u need my happiness leave that place.. megha put plate on table and go to room.. mohan come see food plate and think she has go to kitchen drink water…

one guest speaking to mr.bhat and tell next month my daughter marriage.. ur party food taste is very good.. mr.bhat said thanks…guest said i think same cattering person i book my function.. give that person phone number.. mr.bhat..ask phone number from mohan.. mohan said dad last minit cattering person cancel order… mr.bhat ask who prepare all foods and sweets… mohan said megha.. guest said call her girl i speak to her… mohan said she is not coming u go.. guest said i give extra money… mr.bhat.. angrily said u give money to my daughter in law… she is mr.bhat.. daughter in law… megha hear the words tears are roll down both cheeks… megha fastly walk step come mr.bhat.. near and said i don’t need anything..these words only enough… mr.bhat..eyes fill with tears… he go to him room and lock door see amar photo… and told i’m not loving same as mohan na… in your death i’m not celebrating my aniversary… today i see my amar in my grand children face.. mohan knock door… mr.bhat open door..and tell i’m very fine.. and feed sweets to megha…


mr.bhat said megha don’t tell anything to mohan… mohan hear conversation in shock

Credit to: sunc

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