very close to heart (episode 6)


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megha new houseowner evily see megha.. megha doesn’t understand his intension.. megha friendly with him… but he try to advantage…. sametime mohan go to harsha school… meet harsha and ask address… notedown address from harsha school diary….

megha house
door bell rings.. megha open door and see the houseowner… houseowner enter house and told i’ve headache..plz give one cub coffee.. megha prepare and give house owner house owner touch megha’s hand… megha doesn’t take seriously… houseowner ask megha noother in home.. megha reply mom going to temple… house owner said u look very beautiful and very sxxx. megha face turn red.. megha said i will ready to go market so leave house.. owner hold megha’s hand.. megha eyes r fill with tears.. megha struggle with owner and beat with food stick.. owner runingly leave house.. megha lock door and cry her..door bell rings megha take food stick open door and ready to beat her mohan hold stick and ask what r u doing..megha see mohan.. suddenly hug her.. mohan in shock..sametime mom come home..look her and cough her and megha go inside wash room megha put water on face… mohan enter room with hars&harish. mohan ask reason for mom y megha is crying… mom said i’m going to temple… i don’t goto megha room and megha hug mom told everthing… mohan here her conversation… megha change her topic look mohan.mohan said i leave… megha said today u stay with him.. mohan surprisingly look her.. megha said harsha harish happy to play with him.. mohan reply i take luggage from hotel and come.. mohan ask water from mom… in night mohan doesn’t come.. megha told mom he is not come..he stay in only 5 star hotel.. how could be stay in our house.. mom ask megha u worry about mohan or owner.. megha reply i’m not worry about anyone..sametime owner arrive megha house… megha mom open door see the owner shout her and owner come inside house fall megha feet ask sorry..mohan enter house similingly…mom understand mohan will do that…

in morning
houseowner wife said megha u vacate house immediately… megha ask two days time.. ow reply ur guest beat my husband.. i give time vacate immediately… megha look mohan (mohan inner voice: she shout him.. put cotton on ear…) megha come near to mohan said thanks.. megha go to search rent house but not available.. mohan convince mom said come to my agree..megha come home look all luggages are packed..megha said no house are available i ask ow two days .. mom said no need… megha ask what r u saying… mom said i’m going to m..mohan interupt said i arrange house any problem.. megha said thanks..

mohan house
home phone rings mrs.bhat attend hall speak something…. and told maid to prepare extra food to four persons and buy icecreams and choclates… clean two rooms…maid said mrng clean guest room.. mrs.bhat no need guest room clean leftside rooms and mohan see mrs bhat ask reason for her happiness… mrs.bhat told amar shout she is not come my house if u need amar wife i will go out…sametime they r come..megha look house and told no need big house …house rent r high..mohan similely said come stop mohan said u only come not anyothers.. megha shockly see theirs and ready to leave vasu hold harsha and harish hand take inside house..
and introduce grand pa and grand ma… megha said i’m leaving and one time give blessing to my sons…mrs.bhat crying..ready to bless her and mr.bhat.. stop mrs.bhat.. don’t give blessing to her child..mohan ask y…u don’t ready to accept but mom accept so mom give blessings… mrs.bhat look mr.bhat and ready to…mr.bhat.said take amar sons inside room.. mohan happily hug mr.bhat..megha bend to touch mr.bhat leg..he move and said i only accept my.grandsons..not u..u r not a part of my family…u stay this house only my grandsons mom and not my daughter in law… mohan said no.. u will give all rights to megha.. megha said mohan i’m happy and my sons are having many relations..
mr.bhat said mohan megha only stay with guest room.. megha said k..

2 days after
meagha mom said i’m going to my house.. mohan reply no mom..u go megha feel said no..megha have relations don’t feel alone…and ur father definetly accept megha… megha here her conversation… and hug mom..

mr.bhat.. insult megha…

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