very close to heart (episode 5)


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mohan look megha face and said accident is not happen …plz told truth..if u not told i will findout my way… mohan and megha leave temple..
……..mohan will try finding truth……..

after 3 months…
megha shopping dresses in shopping mall. a misterious man take meghas photo with phone and leave place.. mohan also shopping the same mall with vasu… mohan many dresses choose vasu but vasu doesn’t like it… megha come same place see vasu..megha select dress to vasu… vasu like it… mohan and megha doesn’t see eachother…vasu said mohan aunty choose my dress..very nice na.. mohan ask which aunty… vasu reply harsha mom.. mohan ask sure..u see harsha mom.. vasu reply of course… mohan search megha full mall doesn’t see her.. ..fb… megha and mohan leave temple.. megha vacate house to another house … mohan go to megha house look house r locked..ask neighbour where about megha.. neighbour said they r suddenly vacate house in night…) mohan (inner voice : i will find it..tody i see na.. i will find u..)

In mohan office…
mohan call raman… raman phone rings… raman wife attend call and said raman is busy and call him later..raman take phone from wife’s hand.. raman wife ask y u somuch tensed.. raman reply my heart saying megha is in problem but i don’t know reason… raman wife ask raman.. reason mohan… raman said i did big mistake… i think mohan will help megha overcome her past but mohan push megha to a past… raman wife reply u not did any mistake… raman said i told megha’s past to mohan… raman wife said everything have been decided by god..god will give happy life to megha…raman reply u don’t know mohan is amar brother…. raman wife hug raman and concern her…

mohan said himself definetly raman know about megha so he ignore him..sametime mohan phone rings… name display editor..
mohan attend call tell i’m not mood in writting article and try to cut the phone call editor said plz come to meet one time in evening restaraunt…editor cut the phone call.. mohan said himself y editor want to meet him..any problem..i will not go to meet him..fb… mohan told i’m interesting in journalism..not i want become a journalist….mr.bhat.. said i ‘m not accept…
mrs.bhat ask mohan u want become a journalist na..u go to prove urself at same time u full fill ur dad wish…u know na ur dad ambition is you win best achiever award in bussiness..i know my son balance these two bussiness and him goal.. mohan sadly reply try ma..
mohan work in a journalist part time and write article mention his is name is monu .. readers are not know mohan is monu… in amar death mohan doesn’t write any article and only concentrate in bussiness…. mohan doesn’t use monu mail id also.. ( working purpose mohan use these id )…

editor phone call distrubte mohan mind and mohan reminds something in amar’s death after 3 days mohan receive call from editor..editor said u dissmised..mohan ask reason.. editor said u not concentrate on job and check ur mail… mohan throw phone and frustration occupy his mind and thinking some matter.. doesn’t check him mail.. suddenly mohan open monu mail id unread mails two in mail box.. one mail received from editor another one name see mohan shock noneother than amar… mohan doesn’t open mails think how do he (amar) know my mail id..first open editor mail… msg is ur article is not completed..u miss something important… i know ur brother death… ur brother death is not an normal death …. u miss the matter behind the person only responsible for ur bro death … u come my home sharp 2 o clock..i will give some evidences… be carefull… mohan immedidately open amar’s mail no body msg.. 5 attachments of parents aniversary function video… mohan close laptop and immediately call editor… phone is switched off.. mohan go to editor house..doesn’t find no one… mohan return to home on the way seeing old newspaper shop..and go to shop search articles and find it one article..same month mohan write 3 articles…shop owner ask what article u want.. mohan tells name.
shop owner said journalist monu.. first u said journalist name immediately i will give article.. follow him.. shop owner enter one small room mohan also enter room see full monu’s article..mohan thinks shop owner his fan.. mohan take purse and give money to shopowner… shop owner see amar photo in mohan purse.. and tell u also monu fan… mohan ask u know monu.. shopowner reply ya.. show amar picture to mohan.. mohan is in shock… who told these guy is monu.. sir u see na that room only monu sir article collections.. monu sir directly give articles to me… last 7 years sir not come…mohan ask u know monu sir wife.. ya sir i see her but don’t speak to her.

mohan in car think about shopowner words… why amar use my name… but how he know i’m monu….ya amar only called me monu but noother person in name like..
i don’t told anyone including mother to i ‘m monu… how he know… my question only answer know megha… ya only megha is know….

megha enter own house…

Credit to: sunc

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