very close to heart (episode 2)

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raman tell some details about (amar) accident.vasu meet raman.2mints vasu very close with raman.raman said mohan i’m going to megha house so late i will go.
vasu told mohan something…

megha house:

Megha prepare lunch in kitchen…door bell rings..megha mom open the door and shocked ( with simling face expression).
Raman enter house ,take blessing from mom.vasu ask raman where is megha aunty.megha come out of kitchen see mohan and vasu.megha hugging vasu with give one kiss to forehead.vasu see harsha and introduce herself.megha told vasu to go play with them.

megha ask mohan anything important sir…

mohan reply no…raman…(megha see the same time raman)

megha : raman…how r u?

raman: fine…what about ur sons..

megha indro. her sons to raman and give juice to all of them.vasu ,hars&hari play hide and sick.harsha collide with raman . raman juice accidently flow from mohan face.

raman: sorry..i’m sorry..

mohan: it’s k…where is washroom..

mom: take..mohan to washroom and give towel to him..

mohan washed his face and come out of washroom, seeing room wall shockingly..
raman enter the room and see him

raman ask that y u shockingly see amar photo…ya u don’t know na..these is bro..megha’s husband…and see amar photo raman said amar these is mohan …my bussiness friend..megha’s boss..

immediately mohan reply’m ur naughty brother monu…

raman give shocking expression on face..what r u saying…brother monu..

mohan said u r same as like my brother na..ur brother also my brother..

raman said (simlingly) ok..but…monu ( megha enter same time and said lunch ready come raman…sir come )

in dinning table..all of them chit chat and sweet nok jokes…including mohan.mohan don’t eat anything..face shows so much angry ( eyes change in red color).
all ready to leave megha house

Vasu said mohan sometime play with harsh & hari…plz give permission dad…dad..

mohan said k..ur wish…they r same as like ur brother k..( vasu runs to hug har&harsh , said dad told ur my brothers..harsh & hari r happy see megha..)

megha said k..accept her…ur sweet sister..

mohan said megha i will pick vasu at 5pm

mohan & raman leave the house….

mohan drop raman at airport..stop car in some isolated place and tears coming from eyes…crying loudly…rashly drive car…suddenly apply break…said megha i will not leave easily and i will give same pain to u..shout megha..megha..

mohan: (megha house) megha…megha…

megha come ..said sir..u told pick vasu in 5pm..any problem sir…

mohan reply u r my problem…u megha..
u r not only my problem…u r big problem in my family..u r aman of my family…

megha reply ..stop it…enough…enough…

mohan don’t stop speaking..continously speaking ill about megha…loudly said u kill amar…my ..

megha immediately slap mohan hard…mohan pick megha’s neck in right hand tightly..megha cryingly said plz leave me..leave me..

megha mom hear megha crying voice..she will come and see two off them position..shockingly..

mom : ask megha why r u crying..

megha reply no…no problem mom…

mom see mohan hold megha’s hand with kerchief..(kerichief color change red )..what’s pblm in megha hand ask mohan.

mohan : look megha ( fb)..mohan right hand in megha’s neck..left hand to crush hadly megha’s left hand…(megha cuttng some vegitables in room..door bell megha take knife with left hand..)
so knife cutting meghas hand..mohan look megha’s hand…leave her…suddenly take kerchief in pocket to roll megha’s hand…megha looking statue.(.fb end )

megha said take first aid box mom..

mohan don’t speak anything leave from the house…megha call mohan..mohan..

precap : megha look some photos in mohan cabin shocked……mohan take megha’s son alone to some big house…

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    i think amar s mohan’s bro. interesting continue……….

  2. I think mohan aman are brothers

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