very close to heart (episode 12)

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mohan and megha enter room… megha go to washroom and vhh enter mohan room and hug mohan vasu sit on mohan lap… hh hold mohan hands.. mohan said i miss ur similes… vhh said i also… mohan switch on the tv.. in tv one boy said i love u to girl.. girl simile and hug boy.. vasu said dad change channel these boy very bad.. mohan ask y u said like these.. vasu said my teacher told these is wrong words… mohan ask what.. harsha said ya dad.. in our school one boy told one girl to i love u.. teacher punished the boy… harrish said teacher told boy is bad boy.. why… dad.. girl is good girl.. . boy is bad boy… vasu said girl is always good… vhh fighting… mohan similing look fighting… mohan suddenly said i love u.. vhh shockly look mohan… vasu said don’t say dad.. mohan said i love u is not bad word… u in mature u know the meaning of word.. harsha ask dad i’m in ur age and said i love u to anyone girl.. i’m good boy na..vasu said i’m also said anyone boy to i love u..

mohan simile and hold vasu and harsha ears.. harrish simile look megha come out from washroom… h and go to hold megha hand and drag near mohan.. ask dad told i love u… mohan and megha look shock… vasu said ya.. dad u mature na said i love u to my mom.. megha (in mind voice wrongly understand the situation.. mohan create the situation to said i love u to me…).. said no.. go to ur room and finish home work.. vhh hold mohan hand and said dad u lie to them.. love is bad word.. mohan feel bad said no.. mohan look megha eyes and said i love u.. megha turn her face and cry.. vhh give kiss to mohan and megha cheek and leave room.. megha try to speak.. mohan put giftbox on megha hand.. mohan said open…megha open giftbox and look small chain with pendon ( letter M).. mohan ask u like it na.. megha said ya.. but m means.. mohan said mrs.mohan bhutnagar u…

megha interrupt said i don’t like it and throw gift on bed.. mohan in schock… megha getup from bed and take pillow from bed.. mohan hold megha hand.. megha look mohan angrily and said u don’t have rights to touch my hand.. mohan leave megha hand and ask what’s problem.. megha throw pillow on floor and leave room..

in dining table..
mohan look megha but megha doesn’t look mohan.. vhh said dad told i love u to mom.. mr.mrs.bhat smile..

in room..
megha arrange all clothes on cuboard.. mohan put cloth near megha cloth… megha arrange mohan cloth with some gap.. mohan look silently.. and take chain from bed and put to megha jewels and said u need to wear… megha take pillow and throw floor.. mohan ask y u sleep on floor.. megha said u break my trust.. mohan confusingly look megha and ask what… megha said i love amar.. and love amar only.. mohan simile said u wrongly understand vhh told love is bad word.. so i tell i love u.. megha said k.. pendon m.. m means mohan na.. mohan said m means mrs.mohan bhatnagar megha.. megha.. megha said u tell lie.. mohan take one rope and spilt room and said this my side.. u don’t come this side.. megha cry..

megha work in mphan office (mohan pa )..
mohan and megha doesn’t speak smoothly and each and every word to consider double meaning and fight.. day passed..

after one month..
their fight continue… in office manager said something to mohan and related to megha
mohan angrily shout manager.. manager said i trust madam sir but i’m not trust rohit.. mohan angrily go to megha cabin.. mohan look shock.. but megha doesn’t see mohan.. sametime rohit hold megha hand.. mohan angrily call megha and said take file come my cabin.. megha take hand from rohit hand but rohit hold megha hand repeatly.. mohan come cabin and hit hand on wall.. hand bleeding.. megha come and see his blood in hand and take firstaid box to apply medicine on hand.. mohan doesn’t ignore.. he looks her eyes.. megha eyes fill with tears.. time passed… luch time.. mohan doesn’t hold spoon he feel pain in hand.. mohan close lunch box.. sametime megha enter with her lunch box put in table

mohan surprisingly look megha.. megha go to washroom and clean her hand and come to feed with her hand with food to mohan.. mohan doesn’t ignore and eat it.. rohit see their closeness evily..

megha hug mohan… megha look surprisingly…. megha put head on mohan chest to sleep…

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