very close to heart (episode 11)


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mohan and megha marriage happen in a temple… after finish all rituals..

mohan room
megha sit in bed… mohan enter room.. megha stand and mohan sit in bed look megha said i’m only sleep in my bed.. i have no objection u to sleep ur wish.. megha take one pillow and bedsheet go to sleep sofa.. but she uncomfortable to sleep.. so put bedsheet on floor and sleep.. mohan look silently..come stand near megha said i’m don’t have any feeling about u.. u said k to marry him…but u not trust me na.. so u sleep in floor.. megha don’t speak any word.. take pillow and bedsheet put on bed.. mohan simile..

In morning..
mrs.bhat.. knock room door.. mohan open door.. mrs.bhat.. give coffee cup to mohan and simily touch hand with mohan cheek.. mohan put coffee cup on table and turn to see megha wear dull color saree.. mohan ask y u wear dull color.. i don’t like dull color…so y wear this saree.. mohan give one new saree to megha.. megha doesn’t accept his saree said u and me relation only for mom and dad.. so u don’t give any compliments about me and gift also.. mohan feel bad.. throw saree on bed and leave room.. sametime some guests come mohan house.. mrs.bhat. come mohan room look megha wear normal saree.. mrs.bhat.. go to her room and return mohan room give beautiful desiner saree to megha.. megha said i’m k with this saree.. mrs.bhat.. daughter is look good but u wear this saree ur mother feel happy.. megha take saree on hand.. mrs.bhat.. look bed in another saree.. mrs.bhat.. take saree and combined with that saree said it’s good.. u wear this saree.. megha think i’m not accepted saree to give mohan.. mohan…

all guests look megha said she is very beautiful.. mohan doesn’t see megha speaking phone to manager.. vasu ask mohan.. megha aunty look good na.. mohan turn to see megha and said she wear that saree.. but she give big lecture..
mohan cough.. megha give water to mohan and said sorry.. mom told to wear.. mohan said i don’t ask sorry and no need ur explanation..

mr.bhat.. call mohan.. mr.bhat.. angrily shout mohan.. and said how u careless in work.. i don’t repeat same mistake.. mohan sadly leave room.. megha see mohan sad face.. and ask reason for mohan.. mohan said i think u forget ur lecture.. don’t interrupt my office work.. megha said so office tension.. mohan said u hear or not.. don’t act oversmart..

megha call manager and ask about problem.. manager said sir go to gova to attend bussiness meeting in tmrw.. but sir secretary meet one accident.. she only know all client details clearly.. so sir in tension.. megha said thanks.. u don’t said anything to mohan..

megha look mohan.. mohan ask what do u want.. megha think directly ask he doesn’t accept my help.. megha simile and go to kitchen and speak something to mrs.bhat..

all guests r leave.. mrs.bhat.. said mr.bhat.. i plan family tour tmrw.. mr.bhat said u pospond ur tour plan.. tmrw mohan go to gova for important business meeting.. mohan said ya.. mom.. mrs.bhat.. ask u go alone in gova.. mohan said ya mom.. why.. mrs.bhat.. said mohan u don’t go alone.. megha also come with u.. mohan said no.. mom..i don’t get flight ticket.. mr.bhat said i will arrange.. enjoy my son.. mohan look megha and go to room..

megha enter room.. mohan said sorry megha.. i don’t want to go gova with u but mom.. megha think megha and mrs.bhat speaking in kitchen… megha said it’s k.. mom and dad happiness is important to me.. mohan said mom vhh r feel alone if megha come with me in gova.. mrs
bhat said vhh r going to study tour tmrw.. u don’t worry..

in gova..
mohan introduces all business friend to megha.. mohan and friends r chit chat in near swimming pool.. megha in hotel room feel alone.. megha call raman.. raman attend call ask how r u.. megha said fine.. raman ask what about mohan.. megha said everything to raman.. raman wish her happy married life and sametime someone put hand on raman shoulder.. raman ask u.. megha said raman..raman.. raman cut the call.. mohan knock door.. megha open door and ask y u don’t take room key.. mohan show room key to megha.. megha angrily look mohan and turn someone hold megha hand.. megha think mohan.. so said angrily mohan leave my hand.. turn to see raman hold megha hand.. megha hug raman.. raman stay with mohan room and talk about meeting.. raman and mohan sleep in bed…megha sleep in sofa..

megha ask mohan i feel alone in room so i’m join with meeting.. mohan said other persons not allowed.. megha said i’m come with ur secretary.. mohan said no need.. raman said tell k.. mohan..u need secretary na.. mohan said k.. raman feel happy to see them.. meeting end clients said two companies presentation impressed all but i will select one company.. mohan interupt said u give contract to that two companies they r joined to complete ur work..clients discuss and said k..i accept ur idea and said contract goes to raman and mohan.. mohan hug raman..

raman ,mohan ask megha to come shopping but megha said i’m not interested.. raman said i want some kids things so come megha.. three’s enjoy shopping..

mohan home..
mohan and megha enter home.. vhh hug megha and mohan.. vasu call megha aunty.. harsha said don’t call aunty call mom.. harsh ask mohan… dad give my gift.. mohan hug hh.. and give toy train and toy pistol.. megha give vasu to tedy bear..

mr.bhat ask about meeting.. mohan said everything.. mr.bhat.. said sorry my son..i shout na.. i know my son.. hug mohan.. mohan look megha.. mohan take one ladies hanback to megha.. mohan think that incident.. megha give wrist watch to mohan.. mr.mrs.bhat ask my gifts.. ur gift super.. ur don’t give any gifts… mr.bhat ask mohan u forget me na.. mrs.bhat ask megha u forget me na.. megha give lord krishna statue.. mohan give book..

mohan hit hand in wall..

Credit to: sunc

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