very close to heart (episode 10)


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In police station…
mohan enter police station and speak inspector about dinanath… inspector ask proof… mohan give some files.. inspector look files and said u go.. i will take action.. mohan leave police station…

police call dinanath and said mohan give proof against u.. dinanath come police station and ask file.. inspector search file and doesn’t find it.. inspector said dinanath proof is missing.. dinanath slap inspector to give wrong information and said journalist monu is dead..constable simile (..fb.. mohan give proof to inspector and leave police station collide with constable.. constable said sir plz wait outside i will come.. mohan wait outside the police station and constable come said inspector is not a good person and said something.. mohan rushley go inside police station.. inspector is not in chair.. he stand near window look outside to speak dinanath in phone.. he doesn’t notices mohan.. mohan take file from table and leave police station silently….)

In mohan house…
sametime megha’s parents come mohan house… mrs.bhat ask who r y… megha’s parent introduce theirself… mrs.bhat call maegha.. megha come hall see her mom.. megha’s mom hug megha but megha doesn’t hug mom and ask why u come my house… mrs.bhat hear her conversation and said megha take ur mom to ur room.. megha silently come to sit sofa in hall.. megha’s mom said mr.mrs.bhat.. i will tell u one thing u don’t take wrong.. mrs.bhat.. said tell..i don’t take wrong… megha’s mother said megha feel alone so.. she is not happy..mrs.bhat.. said megha is not feel alone.. u wrongly understand and she is very happy with here… megha said my mom and dad (mr.mrs.bhat..) with me.
I don’t feel alone.. megha’s father look megha’s mom said k.. my daughter is happy..i am happy.. i leave.. megha’s mother said no.. i bring proposal to megha.. mrs.bhat.. ask what proposal.. megha’s mom said marriage proposal.. megha immediately said getout of my house or i will throw u outoff house.. megha’s eyes fill with tears.. mrs.bhat.. said no need to marriage.. meghais happy.. megha’s mom ask mrs.bhat.. megha is ur own daughter u take this decision.. megha said i tell u na aunty is my mom and uncle is my dad.. don’t create scene.. leave me.. mr.bhat.. said my daughter agree her mariage.. i and my wife have no problem to agree her mariage.. mrs.bhat said no.. megha look mr.bhat eyes fill with tears and understand megha’s mom word hurt mr.bhat.. so megha said i agree to marry any guy but my mom and dad (mr.mrs.bhat) select a guy.. megha’s mom said i bring one proposal.. rohit… megha ask rohit… megha angrily hold mom hand throw outside house.. all are look stunned.. megha’s father bless megha and ready to leave.. megha cryingly hug her father.. father ask her grand children.. megha said they r going to school.. mr.bhat show photo on phone.. father ask which one.. mr.bhat. said twins harsha..harish.. he ask to send my phone.. mr.bhat.. send photo to father’s phone.. sametime mohan enter house.. megha introduce her father to mohan.. mohan bend to touch his feet.. megha’s father think somethings and similingly bless mohan..

all sit in sofa.. megha hide her tears from mohan.. mohan ask u feel happy na ur parents come.. megha said ya..i’m very happy..tears roll down her cheeks.. mohan wrongly understand she cry in happiness.. mr.mrs.bhat.. go to room.. megha look mohan face and ask y ur face sad.. any problem… mohan said everything to megha and said i don’t know how i will punish dinanath… megha said u think to slove a problem in business way… it’s going to fault.. u try to slove matter a journalist.. mohan nods his head..

In night..
mohan in cough see water bottle is empty and go to take water in kitchen and take water to go room and cross mrs.bhat.. room hear mrs.bhat. crying sound.. mohan knock door.. mrs.bhat.. hide her tears.. mohan ask reason for her crying.. she said ur father said i’m not looking good.. i’m fakely crying.. ur father accept i’m very beautiful girl in world.. mr.bhat.. fake simile nods his head.. mohan similingly hug her..

In morning..
harsha and harish call vasu name loudly.. vasu come hall and vhh(vasu-v,h-harsha, h-harish) call mr.mrs.bhat.. megha also come and look tv similingly.. megha eyes search mohan.. mohan come megha said thanks with eyes reaction.. mohan nods his head and said no need.. mr.mrs.bhat.. hug mohan.. vhh hug mohan and megha..

mrs.bhat.. going to shopping in mall.. see megha’s father.. megha’s father and mrs.bhat.. speaking something.. megha’s father call mrs.bhat to near coffee shop..

in restaraunt they order coffee.. megha’s father said u search good guy for megha.. i don’t have any doubt but.. mrs.bhat.. said tell anything.. u like any guy tell.. i convince megha.. megha’s father said ya.. i like one guy… mrs.bhat.. ask tell his name… megha’s father said mohan.. mrs.bhat.. said good name.. give his adress..mohan.. she realises and ask mohan.. megha’s father said ya.. ur son.. mrs.bhat.. he doesn’t agree.. megha’s father said u remember megha’s word… fb… megha said i agree marry any guy but one condition my sons are with me only after marriage…fb end… mrs.bhat.. said i will try my level best to convince my son and daughter..

In mohan house..
mrs.bhat.. tell everything to mr.bhat.. and mr.bhat.. said this will happen i’m very happy but mohan past.. mrs.bhat said i think megha only give all happiness return to mohan life.. mr.bhat..agree..

mohan room vhh enter and hug mohan and ask come to play with him.. mohan agree mohan phone rings.. mohan attend call.. mohan speak to manager..mohan angrily throw phone on floor.. vhh hold mohan hand and said come.. mohan angrily shout vhh.. vhh cry loudly and go to megha’s room.. megha consolve vhh.. megha play game with them.. megha give home work notes to vhh and finish home work i will come in 2 minits..

megha go to mohan room.. sametime vasu go to mr.mrs.bhat.. room..hh do home work in megha’s room.. mr.mrs.bhat.. doesn’t notices vasu.. mr.bhat put megha and mohan photo (joined) in one frame..vasu see the photo.. sametime mrs.bhat see vasu and hug her.. mr.bhat.. put photo hide on pillow and hug vasu.. vasu ask mr.bhat.. to juice and mr.bhat said mrs.bhat.. to prepare juice and vasu said two off them go to prepare juice for me.. mr.mrs.bhat.. go to kitchen.. vasu take photo leave room.. same time.. megha ask reason for mohan anger.. mohan said computer vireus attack all files delete.. one important quotation send client tmrw only last date … i don’t have hard copy.. what will i do.. megha said first sit silently and ask client details mohan said.. megha said i will help her.. u don’t worry.. vasu in outside mohan room look inside.. megha see her and call come inside.. vasu come inside and hug megha.. hh.also come mohan room.. megha said i will take juice to all you play with mohan.. megha look mohan.. mohan nods his head..

megha enter kitchen see mr.mrs.bhat.. prepare juice and megha said i will help her.. mrs.bhat said no.. u go to take juice to kids.. megha take apple juice glass.. mrs.bhat.. said kids not like.. megha said apple juice glass is mohan.. mr.mrs.bhat.. look eachother.. sametime.. vasu show photo to mohan and mohan doesn’t see clearly the photo.. mohan take photo from vasu hand and put drawer and closed.. megha come and give juice to all.. all sit in bed and drink juice… day passed…

In night..
megha help mohan to prepare quotation.. mohan complete quotation.. vhh slept in bed.. megha sleep in sofa.. mohan look megah face lovingly… megha doesn’t feel comfortable to sleep.. mohan sit close to megha and put megha head on his shoulder.. mohan also sleep…

In morning…
mr.bhat enter mohan room… see mohan and megha.. megha hold mohan hand..
mr.bhat.. put glass on floor.. mohan wakeup see mr.bhat.. and try to stand.. megha also wakeup and feel awkward .. megha wakeup kids and leave room..

mr.bhat.. start to speak mohan and said megha’s mom speak about megha’s marriage.. mohan look shockingly… mr.bhat.. said everything to mohan.. mohan (inner voice: so megha sad in this matter…) ask what about ur decision.. mr.bhat.. said ur mom and me take one decision.. u agree.. i feel happy… mohan said i accept… guy will lucky to get megha.. mr.bhat.. said the guy is u.. mohan said what do u mean.. mr.bhat.. said i will think u and megha are perfect match.. mohan said no.. mrs.bhat enter mohan room said something and said u agree this marriage.. vasu feel happy to get good mother.. mr.bhat.. said i agree vasu my grand daughter for ur wish.. mohan said i agree.. don’t speak anything related to vasu..

mrs.bhat speak same matter to megha and megha also agree… mohan and megha thinks past memories…day passed…

after 3 days..
mohan and megha marriage happen in simple way..

mohan hit his hand on wall..

Credit to: sunc

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